General Information

For resistance: 16-1000 Ω
Output power: 300 Ω per channel 230mw, 600 Ω per channel 100mw.

Distortion: 0.02%

Frequency response: 12Hz-150kHz

Gain: 24dB
Power Supply: AC24V

Size: deep: 127 × High: 35 × W: 97mm

GW: 1.1KG

Color: Black

Package configuration:

SAP-100 amp 1 set

AC24V transformer 1

Akihabara Q304 or Q401 signal line 1

Configuration instructions:

1: AC24V AC110V or AC220V transformer can choose to enter. Please specify when buying the input voltage, not indicated in accordance with AC220V input delivery.

2: Akihabara Q304 or Q401 signal line. Q304 3.5 plug the lotus, you can connect a computer or MP3, etc.; Q401 is the lotus of the lotus, you can connect DVD, decoder, and so on. Please indicate the time of purchase, did not indicate the random delivery.

SAP-100 amp is manufactured using Texas Instruments TI ultra-low-noise amplifier chips senior OPA2604AP (commonly known as the king of op amp) + high current levels after the expansion of Toshiba's audio stream on the tube A1358/C3421 amplification to drive headphones.
Featured fever imported high-quality components. Power supply filtering is partly based on imported electrolytic capacitors Rubycon / Panasonic capacitors / PHILIPS high-speed rectifier diodes / Japan ALPS power switch. The audio part of the ERO uses imported German and Japanese chemical ASF top audio electrolytic capacitors.
Resistance almost all use of American military regulations DALE metal film resistors and Japanese audio special ALPS potentiometer. There are 24K gold-plated RCA input custom socket. Op amp with a gold-plated military grade amplifier blocks, user-replaceable your favorite amplifier.

SAP-100 amp is to use the aluminum chassis. Panel is using a unique CNC carving, sandblasting oxidation drawing + dual-channel technology. Very beautiful. Solid aluminum with a high knob, feel good.

SAP-100 amp custom-made all-copper transformer, there is a large diameter cable output.

SAP-100 amp can be connected to CD, DVD, MP3, PC (computer), high-definition players and other sources. For a variety of popular music, classical music.Three sections of the sound balance. Resolving power, speed, dive and so very good.

SAP-100 amp will have a buffer of about 5 seconds, then plug in your headphones. Connected computer, the voice of the computer transferred to your maximum, minimum volume of the amp under the headphones.


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