Skullcandy x Mix Master Mike Mix Master Headphones - Reviews
Pros: detachable cable, designed is nice, lows and midrange are accurate and well balanced, somewhat comfortable, many dj features, many accessories
Cons: somewhat poor build quality, highs are rolled off, no label which ear cup is right or left, "fingerprint magnet"!
First i want to start off by saying that i would NOT refer myself as an audiophile, i just started getting into the "headphone game" and learning slowly about audio and headphones and how it works. I used to be a "bass-head" and thought thats all that mattered in a headphone, well recently i realized thats completely untrue. So i'm slowly moving away from bassy headphones and trying to get closer to neutral sounding headphones. That being said here is my first review of the Skullcandy Mix Master Mike.
These headphones have a very interesting design to them, their design is very unique, its not generic at all whatsoever. The entire headphone is mainly constructed out of plastic, that being said they did seem to be somewhat fragile, and i did handle them very carefully. As i said before their design is very unique, but there is one flaw. These headphones in glossy black are "fingerprint magnets"! this is my biggest complaint about these headphones, so if you're somebody that doesn't like their headphones getting dirty, these aren't the headphones for you, well in this color, every other color should be good. Now the comfort on these headphones are pretty good, the ear pads are contained with memory foam (which is very soft ^.^) its actually very comfortable, BUT since these are dj headphones they will have a tight clamping force against your ears, which will cause a shorter time of listening due to the tightness of the clamping force, also the ear cups are not breathable so your ears will get hot and sweaty in a warm environment. Also there is no indicator which ear cup is left and which is right, so at first i did seem to have a bit of trouble how to wear them.
These Headphones have some very nice features, it comes with two audio cables (one apple device, and one dj coiled cable), it comes with a quarter inch adapter for home equipment like amps, turn tables, etc. There are two audio inputs on the headphone so you could plug the cables on either side, and you could "dazzy chain" multiple headphones, which means when you plug an audio cable into one audio input on the headphone, the other input acts as an output so you could plug another set of headphones into that input and listen to the same music from the same audio source. Another feature is that there is a mute button on one of the ear cups, so you could mute your music, "IT MUTES YOUR MUSIC, IT DOES NOT PAUSE YOUR MUSIC". The headphone is foldable, and it can fit into its carrying case for portability. The last And my personal favorite feature is that the ear cups can swivel 90 degrees, when one ear cup is turned, that triggers a mono signal in that same ear cup, that means that the ear cup that is turned acts as a cross fade, you could hear all the audio that was mixed in to the song, in that ear cup.
Now what is a review with out how the headphone sounds, well first off this is an artist endorsed headphone so i was scared if the sound wasn't going to be well, because most artist endorsed headphones today are not very good. So when i took a listen to these headphones i was extremely shocked. These headphones are phenomenal, instrument seperation was exceedingly well. But it is a very aggressive sounding headphone, which means is that this headphone performs very well in hip hop, dub step, techno, electronic, music like that. But it does perform well in other genres as well, its not the best but its pretty good. The Bass is very tight, its not emphasized at all, this is why it can perform on other genres. The low ends and mid range are very well balanced but the highs do seem to be rolled off a bit, the highs don't work as well as the lows and mids do. But surprises me because most headphones usually have very good lows and highs and lack midrange. But thats not the case for these headphones at all. But overall I am happy with the purchase and i do think that $300 for this headphone is right where it should be.