Skullcandy Uprock On-Ear Headphone S5URCZ-033 (Black/Black)

  1. adisib
    Could do worse
    Written by adisib
    Published Dec 23, 2013
    Pros - Relatively good sub-bass, improves with use, surprisingly durable
    Cons - Veiled and muddy mids and treble, pads get very dirty easily
    Audio Quality
    For people who like bass, it has a good but not overpowering quantity, but can lack in clarity and quality. However, it has a relatively good sub-bass for headphones within the price range. The upper mids / lower treble is very quiet. The treble is very veiled, which makes it difficult to cut through the bass. The audio is overall very muddy, and so these headphones would not be ideal for classical music, or music where the tone and timbre of the treble is highly important. Burn-in improved the sound quality and bass, but not enough to change those characteristics. I've heard removing the cover to expose the drivers better helps with the veiled sound, but I haven't tried it to know.
    Comfort and Durability
    These headphones are made of cheap plastic, not designed to be sturdy or long-lasting. They are lightweight and portable because of the plastic and on-ear design. The moving heads and adjustable height fits well enough, but the headphones were pretty tight at first. After being worn for a while, it no longer feels tight nor loose as the plastic bent and stretched. The ear pads are not uncomfortable, though they get dirty easily. These headphones can be worn for a few hours after being stretched without hurting much at all, no more than any other on-ear headphone.
    The headphones proved to be surprisingly durable. The cheap plastic does not crack, can be bent pretty far, and numerous hard yanks on the cable has not caused any problems (even when hard enough to break an audio port on my computer). The input jack end of the cable can be shorted out easily (and fixed with enough tape) if bent wrong, but hasn't been a problem with my repeated yanking.
    For people who want cheap headphones with good bass, these don't have the best quality but can be considered for listeners with a tight budget. These headphones can easily be picked up for $15
  2. SoundPon3
    Written by SoundPon3
    Published Mar 25, 2013
    Pros - Cheap.... Bass is ok
    Cons - No Sparkle whatsoever, bass drowns out mids and highs, comfort and build quality
    There's not much to say about these. They are cheap Skullcandys.
    I won these with an Ice-cream promotion.
    The Build Quality:
    These headphones kinda feel like a toy. The fake screwholes don't really do much and I don't think they make them look any better. The head band wont really suit people with large heads and while they are flexible, I'm scared about the fact that they might break. The cable is flat but plasticy and if it's creased than the creases stay for a while.
    The Sound:
    These sound pretty bad but then again, it's target audience is bass loving "Swag" teens.
    The bass is strong but not exactly what I would call tight. Sub-Bass is very strong but doesn't as natural as I'd like but I've heard worse.
    Mids and highs are virtually non-existant compared to the bloated bass. The Highs suffer badly and in the 8k+ area, they roll off quickly to the point where there is no sparkle at all. Any attempts to get anything results in minor Sibilance and not much improvement. Low mids are existant but it's probably because of the strong bass roll off.
    So in a way, Bassy and muddy.... not looking good
    The Comfort:
    For on-ears, they're kinda ok. After a long period of listening, they begin to hurt your upper ears and the pads are a bit too firm and instead of a cloth near the drivers, they have a cloth where it meets your ears. They still have cloth at the drivers, too but they are dense and thick and it has a bad effect on highs and high mids. I took the pads off and the sound actually improved a lot! [​IMG]
    My ears were throbbing with pain after about 45 minutes but I am used to HM5s so I'm used to very comfortable headphones
    Well they aren't worth the RRP over here, that's for sure.... I wouldn't even pay $20 for them which seems to be a regular price for these. Heck, Cheaper phillips or sony headphones sound better and are more comfortable
    This is my first review after coming to head-fi but you gotta start somewhere [​IMG]
  3. chumpas
    Written by chumpas
    Published Dec 13, 2012
    Pros - Inexpensive
    Cons - Not Audiophile Grade, Feels like a Toy
    I wanted nice headphones to use my iPod. I got them one day while walking around the mall with my girlfriend. The list price on this is $30, so I thought I was getting a deal by paying $13. They're not bad. They're just marketed at teenagers. The sound is bland, but it will get you through a day. I wouldn't recommend paying $30.00 for this. It's okay if you go on a trip and forget your gear and you decide to purchase a Sansa clip and this to listen to your music for the sake of having entertainment. Try to go somewhere where they are on sale though. Otherwise, just get gummies IEM.
    1. ender323
      Yeah, Skullcandy is on the same boat as Beats, and, in some ways, Bose. They are massively overhyped. Though honestly, nothing at the price range you are looking at will be "audiophile grade". Audiophile kind of goes hand in hand with spending obscene amounts of money on gear. Though as far as cheap headphones go-Monoprice 8320 IEMs. They are $8 and rival sound of most headphones I have heard under $50.
      ender323, Dec 13, 2012