Skullcandy Snoop Dogg Signature Skullcrusher Headphone (Black)

General Information

Forget about noise cancellation with these on your head!!! With the Crusher in-line AA battery powered bass amplification and industry first vibration subwoofer speakers, they will literally pump the music right into your head! You can adjust the amount of bass effect with the in-line control wheel. The Crushers are ideal for the Outdoors, Portable DVD, Bass heavy music and are the ultimate for any Gamer. Engineered to provide the ultimate home theater experience to those on the GO? . Designed to conveniently fold up, travel pouch, and complete with a home stereo adapter jack.

Latest reviews

Pros: Nice design, Comfortable, Noise Cancellation & very minimal sound leakage
Cons: Loud boomy bass overpowering the music making it hard to hear, terrible sound, vibrates and rattles on head, bad value
I was once a fan of Skullcandy, blinded by their mediocre sound by their good looks. Quite a while ago i decided i'd give the Skullcrushers a go, big mistake.
[size=14pt]I got the Rasta edition but no matter what skin you choose they will sound the same. Let’s start on the design: They are VERY nice looking headphones like most skullcandy headphones. The padding on the sides and the top of the headphones are VERY soft and comfortable, The only comfort issue is if you have them on for a while they start to feel a little awkward and this thing here this green thing is paper thin and you can feel the speaker scraping against your ear, it’s very awkward but you eventually get used to it, alright onto the review. [/size]
[size=14pt]When I first put these onto my head It felt like they were literally crushing my skull, So i suppose "skullcrushers" isn't just a name, they have a very tight clamp on your head but you eventually get used to it. [/size]
[size=14pt]I’m going to start with the good things: First off these hardly leak at all unless you have the volume turned up VERY loud which is a very good thing for me, they are very comfortable like I said… very soft padding, and they are noise cancelling, nice touch.[/size]
[size=14pt]Now there’s some negatives I really need to mention…. Where do I begin? Oh yeah, I’ll start with the sound quality, it’s terrible… The bass booster is the main problem, it requires 1 AA battery, lasts for about 9 hours, a AA battery comes with the headphones which is a nice touch but once you try the bass booster out I guarantee you’ll be disappointed it distorts SO much… I’m not even kidding and the vibration is so annoying, no matter how high or low you turn it to it’ll distort and vibrate… the vibration is completely unneeded, I don’t even think there’s any real bass, just vibration,distortion, loud uncontrollable booming sounds and a bit of crackling. You’ll be struggling to hear the music through the constant booming sounds in the headphones playing over your music, it’s just a distraction… when you turn the bass booster off they sound like a $1 pair of canalphones with the volume turned down really low. Don't get these, get some real headphones by Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica, Denon, Grado Labs, etc, etc..[/size]
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Ahh the blissful days when I thought these reigned almighty :wink:
Pros: Loud bass
Cons: Bad sound quality, Grainy bass.
I bought this headphone before I came to head-fi and I regretted it. These headphone are maybe ok for extreme basshead but they sound very very bad. The free ibuds that come with the ipod blow these out of the water in terms of sq and clarity, imo. 


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