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General Information

When all you want to hear is your music, Skullcandy's exclusive noise eliminating sleeve makes it happen. Smokin' Buds deliver the frequency range and fast response found in full-size headphones in a direct-to-ear package all the while isolating you from external haze.

Latest reviews

Pros: Dirt cheap, good fit, sweet bass
Cons: Break easily. lacking in highs and mids
These were my first phones that didn't come with an iPod, and I will say that when I got my first pair about three years ago, I was amazed that music could sound so good. After a few years of experience, I think I'm a little more qualified to write a review.
First of I will say that I would reccommend these to anyone as their first IEM or headphone on a budget. I mean I can get as nitpicky as I want but they sound good, as I do love bass over anything else. From a more professional standpoint, the bass is in no way warm. It's there, but it drowns out the mids and trebs. For me, not a good deal . . The isolation is sweet with a good seal as for all IEMs. I sleep with these in, so the comfort is good. 
The only downside is I have been through three pairs and am on my fourth. . . My first pair lasted about 6 months when the right ear went out. I sent in the warranty and got half off on my second pair. My second pair last a month . . then my third pair lasted the longest at about a year, and now my most recents ones are still going strong. I have heard other complaints about the right earbud going out, but to be honest I sleep and roll around with them in . .. so they would probably have lasted much longer had I taken better care of them. In any case, good IEMs, and worth the $20 or so bucks


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