Skullcandy Skullcrushers - Headphones ( ear-cup ) - black, checkers

General Information

Forget about noise cancellation with these on your head!!! With the Crusher in-line AA battery powered bass amplification and industry first vibration subwoofer speakers, they will literally pump the music right into your head! You can adjust the amount of bass effect with the in-line control wheel. The Crushers are ideal for the Outdoors, Portable DVD, Bass heavy music and are the ultimate for any Gamer. Engineered to provide the ultimate home theater experience to those on the GO? . Designed to conveniently fold up, travel pouch, and complete with a home stereo adapter jack.

Latest reviews

Pros: great bass well priced and a stylish design
Cons: not very comfortable
i have had many headphones that have claimed "best bass for value" but i think this one deserves the gold medal. they have a nice snug fit that cancels noise quite well and i think that they look rather nice. i listen to all kinds of music from opera to heavy metal, but these headphones aren't that great for rock and some types of techno but for hip hop, rap, and dubstep these headphones are amazing. overall they are great value for basscravers.
Great bass? Hmm, lots of vibrations and lots of boom boom doesn't mean that its good bass.
So they have a lot of bass, not great bass.
tell me to which headphone you compared this crap golds medalist..?
Pros: Pretty solid bass extension
Cons: Muddy Muddy Muddy
Muddy. Did I say Muddy? Muddy. Unbearable lack of comfort. 


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