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Skullcandy SGHEBZ-17 Dwayne Wade Hesh DJ Headphone (NBA Heat Colors)

  • Style. Sophistication. South Beach. Paying homage to the Heat’s “white-out” tradition at big home games, Skullcandy delivers a headphone worthy of Miami’s fashion forward mindset. Brushed white suede with subtle embroidery across the top of the headphone make this a design any DWade fan will crave. Skullcandy...doing our part to help you be as smooth off the court as DWade is on it. Blissfully contribute to the demise of your hearing as you blast your music through the Skullcandy Hesh Headphones. The Hesh Headphone's earcup uses a monstrous 50mm power driver and a sound-boosting dome shape to produce studio quality sound at an affordable price. A soft leather headwrap and earpads make non-stop rocking comfortable, or at least until you need to recharge your iPod. When you're on the subway, adjust your music's volume with the in-line control to hear what stop you're at whether you understand what the garbled voice says over the intercom is another matter.

Recent Reviews

  1. Mheat122134
    Wasn't too bad
    Written by Mheat122134
    Published Dec 9, 2012
    Pros - Very mediocre mids? Looks?
    Cons - Pretty much everything else
    Decent mids I suppose but everything else wasn't good. Snapped apart for me in a month though........
    1. Rhymenoceros
      Rhymenoceros, Dec 9, 2012


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