Skullcandy SGHEBZ-16 Dwight Howard Hesh DJ Headphone (NBA Magic Colors)

General Information

Dwight Howard isn’t Superman. With 9 NBA records in 5 years, a Defensive MVP trophy, Three All-Star appearances, a Slam Dunk Championship, a Gold Medal, and at only 24yrs of age...he is THE Man. And now with his kryptonite-resistant headphones and earbuds, you can get your own superhero-esque listening satisfaction, minus battling pesky supervillains. Hey Clark Kent, Captain America would like a word with you. Blissfully contribute to the demise of your hearing as you blast your music through the Skullcandy Hesh Headphones. The Hesh Headphone's earcup uses a monstrous 50mm power driver and a sound-boosting dome shape to produce studio quality sound at an affordable price. A soft leather headwrap and earpads make non-stop rocking comfortable, or at least until you need to recharge your iPod. When you're on the subway, adjust your music's volume with the in-line control to hear what stop you're at whether you understand what the garbled voice says over the intercom is another matter.


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