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Skullcandy SCS-SCBP3.5 Skullcrushers Subwoofer Stereo Headphones (Black Pinstripe)

  1. BronyMac
    Nice for Bassheads
    Written by BronyMac
    Published May 29, 2013
    Pros - My ears fit in the ear cups, adjustable bass, fold for portability, dual drivers in each ear cup
    Cons - flashy, inline amp
    As for the design, it is kinda flashy. really shows off the brand. That's what you get from older (and some newer) Skullcandy merch. I do like the fact that they fold for portability.
    My ears won't fit into many other headphones (either my ears are gigantic or headphones are just really small these days... Either way, these cans fit wonderfully. As for the plush ear pads, they feel great. My only complaint is that they get a little warm after an hour or so of listening (great in the winter months though)
    They are a great value for a cash-strapped teenager who just wants decent headphones for his mp3 player and laptop. DO NOT buy at best buy, though. They have the price up by around $20 from the MSRP and what other stores sell them for.

    Now, time to talk sound.
    Depending on where the dial is set, you can have:

    • a pair of tin cans
      a nice, flat sound profile
      strong bass
      bass that makes your entire skull rattle and impairs your ability to see straight

    it takes a little bit of experimentation to find where it best fits for you, and is dependent on the music you are listening to, as well. I usually turn it down for things like dubstep/rock/rap and turn it up for things like pop/classical/audio books

    As mentioned in some other reviews, the bass does bleed into the mid and high range frequencies, but (to my ears) not to the extent of some other, higher-end headphones
  2. seventhousand
    Skullcandy Skullcrusher Review
    Written by seventhousand
    Published Jan 14, 2012
    Pros - cable
    Cons - vocals,highs,lows
    First, i want to start off that it i got these with a warranty i got on some other headphones which i bought before i entered the audiophile realm. It seemed that when they were producing this headphone it seems that they only focused on medium frequencies and abandoned everything else.The bass can be pleasuring  rarely at times but most of the time they are either too excessive or too light and getting both drivers just right takes time.Although the cable on the other hand is built pretty good because the strain relief is actually molded onto the cable .The battery life lasts me about a week and it can sometimes add pressure to the cable if the battery is on(AA battery) but i am still suprised it has not ripped or broken after 3 months. They do come with some soft earpads but they do not have much cushion therefore resulting in uncomfortability in short periods of time. I would say it would be a good gift but only for people who aren't an audiophile at all,it also wouldn't be a good gift to a kid since the headband is very cheap plastic that bends with ease. In a way the clamping force is too strong but only at the back of your ears but it tapers away towards the front.it is synthetic material and not leather and they can get really hot if you live in a location with extreme climates. the soundstage is okay for a closed back headphones and the isolation is pretty good.This is with a portable media device^ but if you do have an amp i recommend you use them since they sound better with it. I think these should only cost $35 and i would recommend you look at the Sony Extra-Bass line, Grado SR60i, or even the Koss Porta-Pro.
  3. juggernaut303
    Overpriced is what i say.
    Written by juggernaut303
    Published Jul 16, 2010
    Pros - comfortable, totally awesome looking, somewhat portable.
    Cons - these suckers are big, feels cheap, bass is overpowering.takes a batter in the headphone cable?
    i tried these guys at a best buy, and all i can say is that the bass is not only overpowering, but not really good sounding to be honest.. the mids and highs are almost gone when you turn the bass boost on. and when the boost is off, it sounds like ipod earbuds because its only mids and highs. dont get me wrong these things look sick and make a sweet style statement, but for that price you can find sweet looking GOOD sounding headphones too.  just not a huge fan of skullcandy.
  4. GeorgeGoodman
    I would stay away
    Written by GeorgeGoodman
    Published Jul 15, 2010
    Pros - Big bass, light, portable
    Cons - Crackling sound most of the time, huge midbass makes some songs unlistenable, they broke.
    These have humungous midbass which is what sold me. However, their overall sound quality is terrible, the bass amp on the cord is heavy and cumbersome, and a driver broke after a few months of light usage. They gave me some good bass for the money, but everything else was very off.
  5. Yonler
    Well they do what they say... and nothing else
    Written by Yonler
    Published Jul 15, 2010
    Pros - Give you bass, portable and not to heavy
    Cons - the bass drowns everything else, not very comftarble over time
    I got these as a present keeping in mind that i love bass but even as i got these hedphones as my first pair of headphones i knew the bass was making my songs sound worst with the bass on... and if i turned it off the headphones werent anything special... The only good thing is that they come in cool colors and the good looks but besides that i wouldnt recommend them as a pair of overall good headphones.
  6. Herky151
    Written by Herky151
    Published Jul 1, 2010
    Pros - Bass
    Cons - Uncomfortable. Excessive Bass. The amp on the cord. They broke. Muddy sound
    I got these headphones as my first pair of real headphones after the really stupid ipod headphones, and they weren't a big improvement. I got them because I thought they'd be good.
    Well... First of all when I got them I found out that they had a massive bass amp on the cord thats about the size of 2 AA batteries because it has on in it. Secondly, they had no noise cancellation. None. Third of all, I couldn't wear them for more than an hour because my ears wouldn't fit in the ear cups. Fourth, after 3 months they broke, because of the thing on the cord, which pulled on it and broke it. So they still had the normal driver working but had no bass. And they sounded really bad, so I moved up and bought a pair of Sennheisers. I would suggest that someone looking to buy these, should instead invest it in a better brand.