Skullcandy S6HEBZ-WB Hesh Headphone, (White/Black)

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Skullcandy S6HEBZ-WB Hesh Headphone, White/Black

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New Head-Fier
Pros: look nice, in-line volume control, single-sided exit, comfortable
Cons: fragile, low sound quality, bass distorts, see more below
These are great. If you don't care about quality in sound or build.
I've had 2 pairs of these over the past 2 years. the first pair was replaced on warranty for the extenders for the ear cups coming off. The pair I'm stuck with for at least another week and a half have been taped together with electrical tape for the past 8 months. they break within just a few weeks.
The sound quality is ok if you're just looking for something to blast. the line between being able to hear what you're listening to clearly and having it melt your ears from being too loud is extremely thin. As a bass player, I like to listen to bass-heavy rock music. You can't do that too well with these. It sounds muddy, dull, and clicks from the drivers hitting the casing.
The earpads and headband, while very comfortable after a few days of wear, start to flake after a few weeks. The material on the earpads began chipping away almost immediately, and you can feel the plastic through the headband after about 3 months. If you decide to wear them around your neck when they aren't in use, the earpads rotate and at least partially disconnect. And they are a SERIOUS hassle to put back on every day.
Also, the cord in only about 18 inches long if you accidentally lose or break the extender, and then your Iphone or Zune or whatever you use won't get to your pocket, even if it's a hoodie with pockets 8 inches higher than your jean pockets.One last complaint that I have is that at the point where the speakers join up with the headpiece, the hinge tends to grab at even short hair.
So, in short, whilesome of the features are great, overall, they aren't worth it. Buy yourself a nice Sony or Audio-technica for the same price,


New Head-Fier
Pros: Makes you look cool
Cons: Low quality
I bought a pair of these sweet babies from a local computer shop and I was the awesomest looking dude in the office for 6 months...

When I took them out of the case and put them on my head I felt instantly cheated. They were cheap and felt like children's toys. You know those $9.99 plastic headphone specials you find in sale bins at the local grocery store? These were exactly those but they looked sweet so that's worth something.

The ear muffs on each side were very hard even though they looked like they were made of a non hard material. It was like having empty tuna cans strapped to the sides of my head.

I paid $150 for them (probably more than most ppl). Because of the price and the popularity amongst noobs, I thought they were going to have quality but nope, none, shockingly none. Complete plastic rubbish. The tuna can material lasted 3.5 months before it cracked so bad they were stabbing my face skin. The cans broke off each side after 6 months. I used 4 chopsticks and a lot of tape to piece them together enough to continue using them.

Whereas I was once the coolest guy in the office, I now looked like a total douche (google Robotech VF-1 to see why)

The quality of the audio speakers can't be compared to anything on For those of you who have $10 headphones you know how these sound.

If you're reading this because you are thinking about getting Skullcandy headphones, they're not 10% what real headphones are, they're fun for kids but thats it.


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