Skullcandy S2SYDA-008 Merge Earbud Headphones - Black/Chrome

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  1. KodaO
    "Extremely Impressive Budget-Fi IEM's"
    Pros - Great Sound Quality **When EQ'd**, Seal well (Unlike other SKDY buds), CHEAP, Bass is quite present for an SKDY earbud.
    Cons - Slightly Recessed Mids, Highs are still a bit over-emphasized, build quality is a bit sketchy
    Upon initial listening with these buds, I was rather unimpressed as I heard the rather familiar bloated mid-bass, sharp highs, and lack of mids that SKDY's old line carried. Then I realized that I still had my source EQ'd to Vocal Booster. Changed over to R&B and wow, night and day difference. The Merge are greatly influenced by an EQ, with the R&B setting completely bring the sub-bass to life, bringing out a bit more of a mid-range emphasis, some more bass impact, and very mellow highs. They now sound similar to the XB500's, which for 25$~ isn't bad at all IMO.
    Good little Basshead Budget IEM. :3