Skullcandy Riot Ear Buds Black/Black, One Size

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  1. Pingupenguins
    Pros - Quick easy good value
    Cons - poor quality won't last long.
    I had these and they lasted a month. Turned them into Skullcandy for store credit and bought myself a second pair of Titan's. :)
    Anyway Riots offer better audio quality, style, durability than Ink'd. I originally bought these using Skullcandy's warranty plan after buying a pair of Ink'd before. So I only paid $3 for shipping. These also offer a aluminium housing as opposed to only plastic. I have found that both the Ink'd and Riot have problems at the jack where after caring use they still lost one side of audio after a month. Though the Riot lasted about 1 and half while the Ink'd lasted 3 weeks. 
    Moral of the story, Riot is a great value you can keep sending them in on Skullcandy's tab, but take the leap of faith and get Titan.