Skullcandy INK'd Earbuds S2INCZ-033 (Black/Black)

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Pros: Didn't pay for them, But they're cheap. Not bad considering 10 dollar price. Not yet noticed tumor like growths in my ear or brain tissue.
Cons: Muddy and sharp, all at once, weak feeling, poor isolation
My fiance found a pair of these on the ground on campus the other day...
I was reluctant to even put them in, as after browsing here and falling into a deep lust with Sennheiser products like my HD595's while appreciating what 20 or 30 bucks can get you in the IEM department (once you take a few minutes to equalize) such as my Fiance's CX-475's, as well as hearing a pair of skullcandy's once before for the ten total seconds I could bear it, I was pretty damn convinced this brand would give me ear/brain cancer. 

I had her guinea-pig them for me first, and before I let her hit play, I turned away from her and wrote a short list of all the shortcomings I predicted just from prior knowledge of the brand. things like being Tinny/sharp, and overall very washed out and terrible. She cringed immediately after pushing start, having just come from a pair of her Senni's (though I'm not sure which), and pulled them out 15 seconds later with a look of sheer disgust. I expected this, and decided, for the hell of it, to see how terrible they really were. 

Now, here's the crazy part. They were bad. I came on here with EVERY intention of reaming these little things so hard you might instantly assume someone wearing them is actually doing so in an attempt to plug the fecal matter and keep it from leaking down their ears and neck.... I found myself wishing I could locate the person who dropped them and both congratulate them on tossing them, then telling them what TERRIBLE taste they had. 

But then not 10 seconds before I began typing this, I decided to look on google quickly for a price.

I was expecting 20-50 dollars. These little things sell for 10.
That's actually less than I paid for the pair of known-to-be-garbage tier Sony throw-away buds at the drug store, which I bought for when I was working the bin changes in the grain elevator (It was FAR too dusty to bring ANYTHING I actually cared about there).

That now being said, I view these things with a tad-bit more respect. By comparison to anything that is in any way remotely decent, they are STILL garbage, however they are MUCH better than what you'll find in a typical drug-store, dollar-store, or supermarket for the same price.  washed out, yet still sharp sound, don't seal well, feel kind of flimsy.... All the problems and shortcomings you expect of any other kiddie-level or "Came in the box" earbud, but with noticeably (and for the price level, I suppose I can choke out the word) "clear-er" bass.  For ten dollars, you can't really talk down on them. 

If you need a pair of disposable headphones, why the hell not? I'd use them in dire emergency... I'd wear these for a week before 10 minutes of a pair of Beats, But I'd still probably choose my S3's phone speaker over them if it's a viable option. 
I suppose they're best suited to middle-school children who can't yet care for nice things, and want to look "Edgy", "Goth", "Hardcore", "Punk", ect...
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