Skullcandy Hesh Over-Ear Headphone S6HEDZ-118 (Black/Grey)

General Information

With 50mm high explosive power drivers, Skullcandy's HESH is locked and loaded to pummel your senses with pulverizing panoramic sound. You've been warned. Big cans with big sound. Features: 50mm power drivers; Soft leather-touch ear pillows; Travel bag. Specs: Magnet type: NdFeB; Frequency response: 20-20 kHz; Impedance: 32 ohms; Max input power: 100mW; Cable length: 1.2m; Plug type: 3.5mm gold plated

Latest reviews

Pros: Mildly comfortable
Cons: Sound was pretty bad, Easy to break, too expensive
I picked these up just because at that time these would be my first set of over ear headphones. I also liked them for their looks. Honestly I wish I hadn't bought them. Lets see why.
   At the time I bought them for $50. Looking back on it now I wish I hadn't payed that much. I feel like the headphones are actually worth around the $20 range. At $50 they do seem a little pricey but I guess Skullcandy thought that the buyer would justify the extra price for just looks. When you are like 10 then ya I guess they would attract you to buy them. But overall just not worth the money.
I had these for around 6 months. Keep in mind that these where my only pair of headphones at the time. At about the 3 month range I put these in my backpack along with my books but they where sitting on the top. When I pulled them out again, one adjustable slider piece that attaches the ear cup to the headband had broken in half.  The wire was still in tact so I just taped the cup and headband back together. Again keep in mind that these where my only headphones at that time. The tape held up for around another month or so and then the other side broke in the same place. I taped that side up to and kept listening for another month. I guess the wires finally wore out because they just stopped working. Let me add that they had never been mistreated or not taken care of. They felt very cheap and flimsy with low quality plastic. That's all they where made out of too, plastic. 
Sound quality
  In one word, bad. I mean, the whole sound was very tinny and I honestly felt like there was a TON of space between my ear and the actual speaker. There was little to no bass at all and the mids and highs where more noticeable but still fell pretty flat, You know that feeling when you listen to a pair of headphones and you just say " that just sounds really cheap", that's what these sound like. If you are at all used to some good or even descent sounding headphones then you will not like these.
  I am not going to lie here. They actually weren't too bad. They had reasonably soft cushioning on the ear and they felt pretty good. I don't think that they would drive me crazy if I had to use them on a flight for several hours or a car ride. Overall not too bad.
Noise cancellation
   This is probably just my head and I don't know if this has ever happened to anyone else but no matter what length the headband is at, the cups won't stay all the way over my ears. On both sides there was always a part of the cup that didn't cancel sound out. That means annoying everyone around you with your music but also you can hear all the annoying things around you as well. Let me tell you that can get pretty tiring after a while when you just want to escape the world and its noises and you just cant no matter what you do.
   If you are looking for a headphone that is cheap, durable, and have reasonable good sound, these are not good for you. However if you are looking for a pair of headphones that look cool, and will be comfortable enough for couple of hours of listening then these may fit in your category. Personally, I think there are some better options for you but If you really want these then just go ahead and get them. If you don't like them then just return them. My final point is that these headphones will ONLY work for you if all you care about is what I just listed. If that is not what you are looking for than these headphones just wont do it for you. End of story.
Pros: Cheap relative speaking
Cons: cut off highs, muffled loose bass
OK first off I had bought a pair of original Hesh headphones which were dreadfully bad sounding. They broke early and so I decided to make SkullCandy warranty them. Well they replaced mine with the Hesh 2's which were not any better sounding in my opinion. When you wearing them if you move at all you hear cracking noises from the lousy construction. They can get very uncomfortable too. Here is the problem today with many of these headphone designs. Its more about design then anything else. I guess if you use them for a play by play at a game or auto race or just as a laptop headphone they work alright. But music forget it. Sorry but SkullCandy as much as they say they are concerned about music and sound quality. I think they are all about style and marketing that to young people.
But I am sure most concerned about sound quality will already know that SkullCandy is not for them. I would never recommend them to anyone expect someone looking for basic passive noise reduction and vocal and or video media sound reproduction.
Actually the Hesh 2 was considerably superior to the original when I heard it, a bit lacking in treble for my tastes but the bass wasn't half bad, for a $60 headphone that is. 
But, mostly accurate.
Pros: Ummmm, they were easy to throw away?
Cons: Unblievably uncomfortable. Weird, Muffled sound. Break Easy
When I bought these 7 years ago because I thought they looked neat. I was wrong. My tastes have changed and I am no longer 16. I payed full $50 retail, because I was an idiot.
When I bought them I realized that they sounded AWFUL. I had owned many pairs of upper end Koss (I know Koss doesn't make high end) and entry level Sony HP's and these weren't even in the same league.
Sound: Just bad, it's not worth describing highs, lows or mids, they are all equally bad. You know what I will, Bass, if you turned it up loud it would rattle your head, flabby, bleedy and everywhere. Mids Recessed, weird and muffled. Highs: There are no highs. Like they intentionally removed them completely.  
Comfort, it's like having a humid clamp on your head. No cushion to speak of, just pain and heat.
Build, bad. Very bad. I wore them out while using them as little as possible because they were awful. It only took 2 months.
I know Skullcandy have come a long way but I will never purchase another pair of their headphones no matter how good. Prejudice runs deep for me and Skullcandy now. 


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