Skullcandy Hesh Headphones Brown, One Size

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Blast the few brain cells you have left with the Skullcandy Hesh Headphones. Skullcandy gave these phones an eardrum-pounding 50mm power driver and a sound-boosting dome shape for skull-shattering clarity at a ridiculous price. The supple leather headwrap and earcups make the demise of your hearing a soft and pleasurable experience. Adjust the in-line volume control to hear what the old dude babbling to himself on the back of the bus is saying, then turn the tunes back up when you realize his end of the world routine is a little stale.Product FeaturesMaterial: [Headwrap] leather; [Earpads] touch leatherDriver: 50mm Input Connection: 3.5mm gold-plated & 6.3mm adapterCord Length: 4ft (1.2m)Weight:Recommended Use: Your listening pleasure, going deafManufacturer Warranty: Lifetime

Latest reviews

Pros: design - resambling the louis vuitton logo, visually pleasing the champagne taste set, good sound
Cons: quallity of product, regardless any potential audio qualities, the sliders are made out of plastic that broke to soon after purchase, + short cord
I was pretty excited after purchasing this sexy looking headphones, to than get seriously disappointed after only a few months and under minimal pressure while putting them on the slider broke..
It's made out of plastic and without any internal reinforcement to support it. It was very disappointing, especially after realising that the shop I've bought them from was closed down as well.
So I ended up with barely used broken very expensive headphones! Anyway, as the breakage was high enough, I still managed to still use them, while having to be ultra gentle while handling them not to make the broken slider come out.
That was working until last night when the same slider broke at another place much closer to the ear pad.
In order to be able to use them, I had to employ some tape and bracing to be able to still use them, and now the sexy headphones look anything but presentable, are sitting lopsided on my head and don't cover the ears properly anymore!!!
All in all wasted money!
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