The Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbud Silver 11mm has a streamlined alloy casing and is fully...

Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbud, 11mm - MacSilver

  • The Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbud Silver 11mm has a streamlined alloy casing and is fully loaded to provide Direct-to-ear high fidelity acoustic sound!

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  1. seaskimmer
    Fantastic build, poor sound
    Written by seaskimmer
    Published May 29, 2011
    Pros - Solid build quality feels very sturdy and durable.
    Cons - Worse than usual skullcandy sound.
    I purchased these Skullcandy's to use when working out and stuff since I needed something that I wouldn't mind breaking. I ended up buying these B-stock FMJ's for 20 bucks since they had minor scuff marks on the driver housings which I just rubbed off.

    I really like the build quality found on these. The housings (aluminum?) seem to be pretty thick and seem like they could take some abuse. The cable is nice and soft with a clear/silver look, kinda like the cables found on higher end IEM's. I think the strain reliefs could be a bit longer though.

    Now for the worst part... the sound. I was expecting some heavy bass from these IEM's so I could get pumped up while working out. The bass was definitely lacking on mine with overpowering mids and little treble. Perhaps it might of been because I had b-stock? After burning in for ~30 hours, the bass tightned up and gained some more presence but the strong mids remained there.

    Overall, I would rate these as decent, after all they are Skullcandys. They would definitely appeal to the teenagers out there who want something flashy sticking in their ears.
    1. Alghazanth
      LOL check out some of the amazon reviews on these things, freakin hilarious.
      Alghazanth, May 29, 2011
    2. iceshark
      Could have been the fact that they were B-stock, but who knows when we're talking about Skullcandy's here.
      And a piece of advise, never take advise true-to-heart when you read reviews on Amazon.
      iceshark, May 30, 2011
    3. seaskimmer
      Lol Amazon reviews. I would rather take advice from a deaf person regarding headphones than trust amazon...
      seaskimmer, May 30, 2011


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