Skull Candy Smokin' Buds Earphones Black Rubberized - Reviews
Pros: Deep, thumping bass, Clear sound, More than loud enough, Nice inline mic and controls, Great value
Cons: as with lots of skullcandys, the cord fell apart at the plug.
These are definitely great sounding and well priced ear buds. I've never really had a pair that sounded this nice before and I only paid $40 for them. If you're into Dubstep, Trap, Hip-Hop, Rap, or other music like this, then you will definitely enjoy these buds. They have very nice low end performance that actually makes your ears vibrate a little and also have clear and pristene highs. For me, bass is the most important part of my music and I can say that these definitely deliver. Hits are hard and punchy and sustained bass is clean and solid. There is no muddiness at all to these. 
My only complaint:
I bought these in September 2012 from RadioShack. Thank god I bought one year warranty (which I don't normally do) or else I wouldn't have these still today. Around march of last year, I noticed the rubber around the plug was starting to loosen. This didn't alarm me that much and I thought it was only a small nuisance. Around July I noticed that the sound was a bit wierd...I played with the cord a little and it went back but later that day the sound went to total garbage unless I forcefully pushed the cord inward toward the plug. Luckily, as I said, I had warranty. I went in and got them replaced and the new ones even came with warranty too.
Bottom Line:
I recommend these, but only if you can get at least a one year warranty within a reasonable price.
I've heard these and they're all around terrible.  Unbalanced, veiled sound.  I sincerely suggest the author try competing earphones from audiophile oriented brands as opposed to a 'lifestyle brand' that spends all it's time and money on marketing to a specific demographic.