Skull Candy Lowrider Headphones (Black and Silver)

General Information

You always say, "...when we cross that bridge..." Are you referring metaphorically to consumption, the bridge between creation and destruction? If so, you should buy a dozen colors of Lowrider headphones right away. Your wardrobe needs candy paint to match all those sneakers. Don't be slippin'.

Latest reviews

Okay. I found these off the internet, they came in perfect condition. They had been the best I'd had since 2010. They were poor. The sound quality was grainy and the headphones were UNCOMFORTABLE! Then, they broke, the next day after I'd bought them.
Pros: Light, Portable, Cheap
Cons: Everything Else
I was at a local target and saw that these headphones were priced at only $15 so I decided to try them and see how they were.

To be honest I didn't expect anything spectacular or even anything approaching on good based on what I hear about Skullcandy as a company(especially around here). So after giving them a shot here are my opinions.

I felt that the comfort wasn't terribly bad.

The pleather ear cups were rather soft(I say were because after about a month of light use they have gotten quite hard) 

They are very light as they are made completely out thin of plastic.They fit easily in a bag/backpack. 

They start out comfortable because of their lightness, but make my ears hurt with slightly prolonged use(30min-1hr)

Bad. They are on ear headphones that provide very little isolation. It's easy to hear someone talking next to you unless you listen to your music loudly. 

Sound Quality:
Pretty bad. I'm not the best judge of audio quality but it's obvious(to me) that they have much to be desired.

I felt that listening to these headphones is like listening to music trough a thin wall. You will still hear the music but everything is slightly muffled.

I expected at least for these to have some bass(albeit over accentuated) but I found them to have rather poor muffled bass with a very narrow sounding range to it. 

Don't get these unless you can care less about audio, like the way they look, and just want something that is pretty cheap to replace your ibuds. 

At $15-20 you could do worse but can easily do better. 

And poor durability, the sennheiser HD 201 is the best at this price point.


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