SIMGOT EW100 DSP Universal IEM


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Pros: Fluid and correct frequency response due to Harman 2019 target
DSP effect on 100% of the time
Fun 3D expanded soundstage
Small, coming-in at 2 grams each in weight
Spot-on timbre
Cons: Maybe purists could challenge to DSP response due to correctness?
Redcarmoose August 24th, 2023


SIMGOT reintroduced the EW100 IEM
Only they took off the ear hooks and added an onboard DAC/Amp. Now to summarize this change, they kept the price of $19.99 exactly the same, but changed from the 2016 Harman Target and did some fancy signal processing to get us a new improved 2019 Harman Target. My guess is the IEM housing and driver is exactly the same? The cables of the EW100 DSP are attached so you can’t put the original EW100 on the DSP cable and try it. But really the two IEMs look the same, so my guess is they are doing the new tune with signal processing.

The original EW100P:

Trying both through my Apple MacBook Air:
The original EW100P playing through the 3.5mm output was fine, but still represented the sound tuning I only gave it 3.0 stars to the original for. Meaning it didn’t matter what you hooked it to, the tuning while nice, it wasn’t my thing. It was too midrange forward as well as not holding any specific character to make it unique. Using the DSP EW100 with a laptop was adapted with plugging the USB-C into a USB additional plug. Also it works great simply plugged directly into a USB-C tablet or USB-C smartphone.


The first clue that you get that this is different comes from the outer box. So many IEMs today are simply added to a bag, or put into a box that doesn’t fit them. Here SIMGOT has tailor made a special box for the EW100 DSP. Inside the box you get the IEMs themselves, a user-guide and warranty information and S/M/L silicone ear-tips.



DSC_0174.jpeg different  copy.jpeg

New EW100 DSP box next to SIMGOT EM6L Universal IEM:
Screen Shot 2023-08-12 at 12.12.23 PM.png

Introducing a dual 10mm LCP diaphragm the EW100 is incredibly small. With removing the ear-hooks the fit is fine and some would like even better than having the ear-hooks. Due to weight of only 2 grams each, the EW100 DSP easily stays in place. As noted here in the photographs we see an air-vent directly on-top of the driver and one underneath. There looks also to be an added vent on the nozzle as shown in photographs. A screen of wire mesh is formed directly under the nozzle-lip, with an additional screen made of tape. If you look really closely in the second photograph, a second screen can be seen.



Above: Note add-on for USB-C to USB (not included) for laptop use.


The two EW100P and EW100 DSP are identical except for ear hooks, cable terminations (3.5mm v USB-C) and of course the permanent DSP cable.

User experience:
The amplifier gets incredibly loud, way louder than you would ever want. And while only one time the balance was off.............I think it was the MacBook not the EW100 DSP that caused such confusion, needing a computer restart. Meaning after using the EW100 DSP for a period of weeks and weeks, I never had an issue with it working perfectly 100% from my Samsung A8 tablet, or a laptop. And while maybe not quite as resolving as say something like the 7Hz Salnotes Zero wired from an audiophile DAP. There was more FR balance here, meaning there were actual lows, which the Zero is known for not having a lot of. And later in the music section I will go into a few songs to describe how I hear them, really there were so many relaxing times I enjoyed with the EW100 DSP. Of course it had its limitations, except it was easily something that could do it all, simply throwing it into a bag with the tablet and away you go. Meaning it’s definitely better than the DAC/Amp you get with most tablet or laptop devices, and while close to the same as the Apple products, I could not help to think there was actually stage DSP processing that was making the stage bigger than the Apple products and of course the 2019 Harman was (warmer) smother output as well.


SIMGOT EM6L Universal IEM $109.99:

Laughingly, you may ask why I’m comparing these two? Probably because they came out at the exact same time and from the same company. Also they share the same target response, on paper. Obviously the technicalities are way, way different. I mean the EM6L uses 1DD and 4BAs to sculpt a more convincing reality. Deeper and more textured low end, and more detail in the highs, filling out a broader stage, still………you totally can tell SIMGOT was aiming for the same destination. Also one of the main differences seems to be actual Digital Signal Processing. Meaning there is a total character going on with the EW100 DSP that is inescapable. It’s correct sounding, but at the same time you can tell the stage is made bigger than what would be if the digital effects were off, only there is no way to change any of the DSP settings, and you can’t take the cables off to try the DSP/Amp with any other IEMs. What this leaves you with is a slightly more synthetic but enjoyable idea of playback. I’m not a guy to really ever use EQ, so it’s surprising that the purist audiophool in me doesn't take offense to this DSP solution. Again it really makes you wonder if they did anything to change the original EW100P or simply let the DSP do it all with the EW100 DSP?


7Hz Salnotes Zero Universal IEM:
This is an interesting comparison because in a way it tells us everything. Meaning the Salnotes Zero is priced the same, plus you can access an audiophile DAP. Besides that remember I like the EW100 DSP from the processing on-board amplifier included better than the EW100P from a DAP. But it really is still 50% of one thing 50% of another. Because of the fact that the Salnotes Zero really does have something. It’s special and the reason why I’m always bringing it back for comparisons. Now we expect the bass to be different here, where the EW100 DSP is promoting an effect driven exotic sounding extra hyped-up lows, the Zero is almost anemic in that department. Yet we must always keep in mind that the EW100 DSP is not everything. Meaning there are still many compromises to the sound. It’s big, but only so big. There is only so much an entire $20 rig is going to get you. If they say FR is 80% of being happy, then really this is one device that is proof of that. Because always with EW100 DSP, you are saying “the FR is great” and it is, though also it has its ($20) limitations, especially in the technicalities department.

The fact of the matter is that the 7Hz Zero is actually better at delineating elements and into tone texture and imaging. But we are using the Sony WM1A, ISN G4 cable and the usual wide-bore silicone ear-tips. So it’s a different amplifier.


TANGZU Wan’er S. G Universal IEM:
Amazing the Wan’er S.G was somehow closer to EW100 DSP playback, but still also almost won-out due to sounding more powerful with the Sony WM1A amplifier, making a slightly bigger sound. Though somehow I am hearing the TANGZU Wan’er having slightly less timbral accuracy than the EW100 DSP? Really it's 50% one way, 50% the other, yet the wired IEMs sounded slightly more real, yet the wired soundstage was smaller on both the Zero and Wan'er S.G?

Comparison conclusion:
This is slightly confusing. As when I first got the EW100 DSP it was such an improvement in tuning from the original EW100P that I was amazed. Now when the pedal hits the metal and I go through sound demos I ended-up learning a lot. Mainly what I learned was how much the DSP function affects the sound. Where the TANGZU Wan’er S.G had way less bass expansion in comparison the the EW100 DSP. And if you know the Wan’er S.G it is known for its bass, yet the stage with the EW100 DSP was bigger, yet slightly synthetic. Also the same goes for the 7Hz Zero……as it was holding incredible imaging, but again the 7Hz Zero was not processed. So it was slightly more real, except depending on your style of music you may not care. All this comes down to the fact that I heard way more DSP influence when doing side-by-side comparisons. It is only then that you really start to realize you do get this bigger stage, but also the music is more convoluted and farther from the natural source, like using an audiophile DAP and the 7Hz Zero or Wan’er S.G.

Screen Shot 2023-08-24 at 3.17.06 PM.png

Ludwig Goransson
Oppenheimer OST
Gravity Swallows Light

44.1 kHz - 24 bit
Here is the thing. Once you figure out the fact that the DSP is making everything bigger, you somehow hear it on everything. And it’s not a bad thing, due to there being amazing imaging and elements that are simply bigger than you could normally get with a $20.00 ear-phone. It’s just you both notice it and get into it. Try to imagine hearing music played through a home stereo sound system in home theatre mode, as it is just like that. Sound effects all have a slight processed airy sound. Bass is bigger but somehow on the outside and slightly more sloppy, but holding deep involvement none-the-less. Here at 00:11 the strings are big with the explosion sound falling out to both sides. Actually the synth deep drones at 00:49 have an ambiance to added ambiance. Everything is bigger but not as direct or as clear. The puff of air at 02:47 is big, and surrounded by other synth sounds, then the violins continue to show their forms.

I mean really hearing this soundtrack is what the EW100 DSP is about. Making all you listen to bigger and at the same time slightly softer. When the bass hits it’s surrounded by synthetic textures of smoothness and ambiance, really home theater sounding. I can see these coming in use on the go to make gaming or YouTube videos sound enhanced.

Screen Shot 2023-08-24 at 12.41.44 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-08-24 at 3.17.06 PM.png

Ludwig Goransson
Oppenheimer OST
The Trial
44.1 kHz - 24 bit

The bass hits at the start, though deep it is also slightly soft and more congealed with the song as a whole than other (audiophile) ways to hear this. It is at the same time slightly muddy, yet entertaining. I mean it is very analogue sounding and I could see someone enjoying the outside deep bass washes..............coming from way out, being a way of being distracted if in public. The slight tempo instruments here are smooth and in no way showing any sibilance or even firmness. This really makes everything easy to listen to and digestible, no matter what it is. The stage is wide, bigger than regular playback. Yet the tone is totally correct, it is this timbral accuracy that seems to work here?


Entertainment from a tablet or laptop. Entertainment from a phone. No fears of stuff ever not being loud enough. Except this experience is slightly softer, every aspect of it is a step back then a step outwards into the stage. A bigger stage than these little EW100’s would have you guess. That’s their little secret. To tell you the truth I was slightly confused at the start. One because the tune, this 2019 Harman target was miles better than the original EW100. I focused in on that and while I knew the soundstage was bigger, I didn’t know why or how at the start. You see, this is my first DSP IEM. And (two) later when I compared the EW100 DSP to the 7Hz Salnotes Zero and TANGZU Wan’er S.G…….it struck me as to the old style clarity of the Zero and War’ner..............and in the end the DSP process was uncovered for what it was. This stage was way bigger than what normally you get with a $20.00 IEM. And while there is a small price to pay for these benefits, stuff still sounds relatively real, or at times better than real…….if that makes any sense?

SIMGOT went and pulled a fast one. They took a certain style of playback (OG EW100) and put an on-board DSP Amplifier Signal Processor in front and permanently placed it there to change the tone and imaging outcome. If you only knew how curious I am to try this on other IEMs, only it would take dismantling the whole affair to do so.

What you get is a one-stop solution to going out and about. No need to use the amp inside your phone, tablet or laptop…..simply plug-in the DSP and go. And this style of home theater fantasy sound is basically forced on you no-matter-what. It’s not audiophile in the purest is also questionable how audiophile the 7Hz Salnotes Zero or Wan’er S.G are in their pure form? There is a tempting guilty pleasure here. And any guilty emotion found starts to dissipate the longer you endure this pleasure. And really despite the un-realness of it all, the SIMGOT EW100 DSP is fun, regardless of the fact that it’s about the farthest I have been from the source in a while? Only FR is correct and timbre is exactly right, and most of all……..the EW100 DSP is not boring at all…… I guess you could say I’m all in?



Original EW100P

General Information

Brand: Simgot
Unit: EW100 DSP
Sensitivity: 122 dB/Vrms
Impedance: 32ohms

SIMGOT website doesn't support beyond Chinese mainland purchasing.
You can search the IEM model name to place order on platform such as Amazon, Aliexpress. Or you can ask earphone shops in your country, if your country is authorized by SIMGOT.


I want to thank Fia Lam from SIMGOT for the EW100 DSP review sample.

These are one person's ideas and concepts, your results may vary.

Equipment Used:
Sony WM1Z Walkman DAP MrWalkman Firmware 4.4mm
Sony WM1A Walkman DAP MrWalkman Firmware 4.4mm
Samsung phone USB-C
MacBook Air USB
Samsung A8 tablet USB-C
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The sound is processed so? It is like home theatre surround sound, basically. Lol Remember that?
Haha..can you answer my question above though? Whether a person with iPhone 8 could use the DSP cable with it ok? Or maybe you don't know?
Yes, a Lightning to USB Type-C should do the trick. I don’t have one and have never used one, but after researching the subject I’m about 98% certain it will work. They not only transfer a charge, but music and streaming video, if I’m not mistaken?