Sima IM-120 I-Mix Digital Audio Recorder and CD Player

General Information

I MIX is a revolutionary new way to store, organize and listen to your music. This audio shelf component keeps hundreds of hours of music on the internal hard drive - whether it comes from new CDs or your old albums or tapes. Take your old records and tapes that you can't find on CD and store them in the I?MIX. Now, at the touch of a button, you can listen to your music on this "Digital Jukebox" any time, in any selection order.Installation is as easy as a CD player or cassette deck. The I?MIX supports standard analog stereo cables (for recording from your records, tapes or tuner) as well as an optical digital output (TOSLINK). View real-time information - hear and see what's playing. Easy-to-read, backlit LCD screen on the unit provides song information and playing status. The innovative 2-way IR remote has an LCD display that provides easy-to-use menus for recording, searching, editing and set-up, as well as an alpha/numeric keypad for entering data.


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