Siemens Directear Direct Ear Set 810 Personal Wireless Tv Listening System

Average User Rating:
  1. Zahra
    Cons - Awful
    Are you kidding me!  It is now 3 hrs that I have been trying to purchase this item from the web site.  If it is unavailable it should be clear on the website, please delete my name from the website
  2. Diane Dale
    Pros - long lasting
    Cons - none
    We purchased this headset in 2002 for my hard of hearing husband.  We purchased it with an extra battery.  It has just now 10 1/2 yrs later needing the batteries replaced as they won't hold a charge.  it is still a great headset and he hears the tv at least 50% better than with his hearing aids. 
    the wireless range is good as long as you are right in front of the system.  if you get behind it or go to another room it doesn't work.  I would recommend this to anyone!   [​IMG]