Shure SRH840

  1. Matthew-Spaltro
    For the money paid you can not go wrong!
    Written by Matthew-Spaltro
    Published Feb 23, 2014
    Pros - Great for the price. Comfort is above average for me. Does not require amp but will probably improve with one.
    Cons - Exposed wiring. May not be comfortable for everyone. Heavy on the head. Might not be good for fast or aggressive music.
    Keep in mind I am using a sony discman model number D-E456CK from late 1999 as source and no amp to speak of except the one in the discman itself.  For classic rock like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd no problem what so ever but for aggressive stuff like Opeth's still life album or an Iron Maiden or even Judas Priest album you may want to look at a different can anyway.
    But also keep in mind I don't own an external amp currently or even have one at my whim at the moment.  I personally think even a decent enough cheap amp {around $200} will do wonders for the sound by opening up the low bass and evening out the mids.  I do not personally believe that an external amp will do nothing for the sound however that may just be my opinion I could very well be wrong.   But I don't think I am mistaken in any way.
  2. newton2105
    One of the best values in its class
    Written by newton2105
    Published Feb 8, 2014
    Pros - Fantastic sound for the price, mostly neutral but with a nice, warm midrange that's good for vocals
    Cons - Will be a bit bass light for some, very heavy, exposed wiring on headband
    These headphones are a great bargain for anyone wanting a very good monitoring headphone that delivers great SQ across the frequency spectrum.
    This is not the most fun sounding headphone since it is designed for monitoring, so if you like your music with a decent bit of coloration, then you should look elsewhere.
    That said, it is not completely neutral.  It does have a somewhat warm midrange that makes it fantastic for listening to vocals.  Overall, for the price you pay, these cans offer a decent amount of detail and an overall balanced sound that should please audiophiles who are on a budget.  Bass is accurate and tight, but a bit on the light side.  As others have said, they can be a bit sibilant on some recordings.
    Impedance is 44 Ohms, but it is fairly easy to drive from a laptop or mobile devices/MP3 players.  
    The only niggles with this great pair of cans is that they are a bit heavy.  That's not to say they're uncomfortable (they are fairly comfortable), but they have a good deal of mass.  Overall they have a very sturdy build, but I didn't like the exposed wires above the earcups.  Thought that was a bit of an oversight on Shure's part and could lead to damage if you're not careful.  But if you treat your audio and tech toys with reverence and care (like I do), you should be fine.
    After 2 years of using them, I would highly recommend these.  They have a very good reputation both here and elsewhere online.  For the money, you cannot beat the clean, detailed sound these offer.
  3. Brainiac777
    Written by Brainiac777
    Published Jan 31, 2014
    Pros - Sound Quality, Price, Build Quality.
    Cons - Comfort, Wires sticking out, and Headband
    My first cans, at $185 was a pretty good steal considering they weren't even on sale. After comparing them to my $20 Sony earbuds, they sound amazing! I mostly listen to EDM with a lot of dubstep and trance, with specific songs with female vocals and they are amazing. Just the right amount of bass and I can't really tell that these are revealing. The headphone didn't feel heavy in the hands but after extended use on the head, the weight it noticeable, so noticeable in fact that I am going to mod it with a new headband, removing the rubber piece and replacing it with an aftermarket one.
    Link to Replacement Headband:
    Link to Headphone at $174 with free shipping (Anywhere in Canada I think):
  4. kgleason
    Good for electronic, alternative Ok for Hiphop
    Written by kgleason
    Published Jun 3, 2013
    Pros - Wire, electronic music, alternative music, rock music, price
    Cons - hiphop, rap, high snares( rap music), alittle heavy
    I bought these headphones primarily for listening to Hiphop/Rap music. Theyre not bad for hiphop but definitely electronic and alternative come off as much clearer ( more comfy then beats, sound doesnt leak but beats do sound better with rap music). The music comes out clear, clearer than Beats By Dre Solo Hds. Bass is good, deep,  can handle it well, I suggest customizing the bass with the itunes equalizer . The highs can be alittle scratchy at first. High snares can come off as really annoying though ( Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar, i cant even listen to that song in these) In all, these headphones sound great and I am going to purchase an amp soon and believe that will help. I use the Shures for my Ipod Touch and Macbook Pro. They work fine with both, gold tipped. I have used them before with recording equipment and the music does come out significantly better than the standard ipod jack, very adjustable fits any head.  Is it worth it? Worth it- if you record music, into alternative, rock... Not worth it - want to listen to rap/hiphop, have a small head
    1. ScaryFatKidGT
      Had a pair of these and thought they were pretty light on bass
      ScaryFatKidGT, Jun 4, 2013
  5. Kramerftw
    Very Good sound quality, Very Good Isolation with very low sound leaks,Bass is very acurate but not powerful (imo), Comfortable earpads, but too heavy
    Written by Kramerftw
    Published May 5, 2013
    Pros - Very Good sound quality, Very good isolation with little to no leaks, Accurate bass,comfortable earpads, removeable/coiled cable. amp not needed.
    Cons - Very heavy headphones, bass is not powerful enough for bassheads like myself, poor aesthetics.
    These are very good headphones. If you don't need "basshead bass", just accurate , crisp bass , then these are for you.
    Although they are comfortable around the ears, they are very heavy, not too big of a deal imo, the quality of sound and overall design of the headphones makes it alright.
    Amp is not really required due to the low ohms on these too.
    I opted to return them tho, as the bass was not powerful enough and they were too heavy.
    if they had basshead bass and werent so heavy, they would be perfect.
  6. ST1G
    Exceptional sound for the price.
    Written by ST1G
    Published Feb 3, 2013
    Pros - Highly detailed and very well balanced sound, good isolation, decent soundstage for closed cans.
    Cons - Bulky and loose headband, not comfortable for big ears.
    Bought them for 200$ couple of years ago. In terms of sound - nothing comes close for the price.
    Bass is gentle and rather lean, but very accurate and when equalized can get very deep.
    The mids are warm and delightful while high are crisp and clear but nor overdone. As the title says the sound is extremely balanced, although personally I prefer a darker, deeper color overall.
    Sound leakage is quite minimal but they are too bulky and do not sit tight enough on the head for day to day commuting. 
  7. Mattjh90
    Great headphones for value
    Written by Mattjh90
    Published Jan 17, 2013
    Pros - Smooth, amazing mids, tight bass, very neutral, detachable cable
    Cons - can be uncomfortable, pretty big
    Ive had these headphones for about 2 weeks now and they are starting to break in quite nicely. I do use a nice DAC and Amp to help power these cans. They are only 44ohm headphones so they dont require much to power but a dedicated source can really improve the sound of the headphones i've found rather then playing them straight off the device. 
    Highs -
    Sound very nice, the treble is sweet and has a very nice and neutral sound to it. They can be a tad bright but that can be a good thing for some people. 
    Mids -
    Is where these cans shine, the vocals are amazing. I have a pair of beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 80ohm and i love those for heavy bass like dubstep type music but these put them to shame when it comes to mids. The dt770s are a great headphone dont get me wrong but in most of my everyday listening, i pick the shures over the dt770's. the mids are very forward and enjoyable to listen to
    Lows and bass -
    tight bass, not over powering. The bass is present and can have a nice boom to them with an amp but not like the DT770's. The bass is very clear and does not bleed into the sound spectrum. I still enjoy dubstep and rap and heavy bass songs on these headphones but if you want a super boomy sound they wont be at the top
    a few cons -
    they are heavy and at first i didnt like how they clamped on my head so tightly but they do ease up and are nice to wear for a long period of time. 
    They are VERY bulky, they look and sound GREAT but they are a tank.They do fold in which helps for transport but they are not a small item. 
    Overall - 
    I really really enjoy these headphones, they are very easy and not fatiguing to listen to for long sessions. They have a great sound for less than $200, i am still breaking them in completely but as they stand right now i really love them. They pair well with a SS amp and a good DAC. I use Schiit Audio Modi and a Fiio E9 to power these.
  8. saxophone
    Best Pair I have Listened With
    Written by saxophone
    Published Aug 19, 2012
    Pros - Detachable cable; Neutral sound; Great isolation; Beautiful range
    Cons - Had headaches at first but headband adjusted to my head; Coiled cable slightly too long; Cable on left side
    This pair is perfect for listening, especially after broken in. The first few days were hell, but after that, it was blissful. I cannot go a week without picking these up and listening to something.
    My set up is a Fiio E6 and I also have a L3 line-in for my iPod Classic (6th Gen). While I would love to upgrade from these headphones, I don't know how much better I can get while being able to detect the difference (luckily for me, I suppose [​IMG])
    Anyway, there is a reason these are so highly rated throughout the community. Don't just take my word for it.
    1. saxophone
      I wrote this review a few months ago, and I have a lot that I would like to amend. They're great, but not the best. Also, they are comfortable once you get used to them. Prior to that, the pleather gets kind of annoying. When I wrote this review, they were my only real pair of headphones, and so they were incredible...absolutely incredible. They still sound fantastic, and they are always great to go to for a reference. I know exactly how things sound on them, so if I want something to compare with, I use them. Even though I have my issues with them, I am pretty sure that I will use them for the next 3 years or so as my go to portable/transportable pair. They are fantastic for what they do. I am glad I invested in them.
      saxophone, Mar 3, 2013
  9. billyhightech
    Good bang for you $$$
    Written by billyhightech
    Published Jul 9, 2012
    Pros - Great all around performer
    Cons - Not the most "open" soundstage
    I really,really like these cans. Using an Android based smartphone as my source unit (FLAC,OGG and MP3s via neutron MP) these cans really sound solid. The highs are very detailed without being overly bright. Bass is not overwhelming,but solid. If its on the track its there,if its not its not. Simple as that. The mids are very open and clean,but lack that little warmth (think Grado house sound). Where thats a good or bad thing is up to you. I personally like many cans that other people claim have a dry sound (like Etymotics). I got a really good deal on these (B-stock from headroom) and couldnt pass them up. For $200 there may be other options you might want to consider,however.
    1. egosumlux
      Sure, I am expecting my v-moda M-80 arriving the next 2 weeks I only read very benevolent reviews from these so I I am more than excited

      egosumlux, Jul 11, 2012
  10. morethansense
    Worth their (significant) weight in gold.
    Written by morethansense
    Published Mar 2, 2012
    Pros - Weighty, firm clamp, massive earcups. Shure sound, replaceable one-sided cable, great build quality. So cheap.
    Cons - Weighty, small fit, little design niggles.
    After burn-in and listening to them for a hundred hours or so, plus live mix time this is my perspective on their audio.
    Coming from Sennheiser HD280 Pros and Shure SE215s, these seem to be amazingly balanced. 
    They have the incredible Shure warmth and vocal clarity, but still extend their highs extensively. I have always found problem frequencies in all the other headphones I use, like the HD280 Pros have the weird 200Hz lump which is a constant annoying humming espesh during live sessions, biggest turn-off for me. But the SRH840s seem to be perfectly matched to the system I work with. Boominess when there is, sibilance when there is. Simply great monitoring cans for a large-ish system.
    And the detail! Basically, if I can hear the string slap in the third minute of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite and hear pages turning throughout the masterpiece, I am completely satisfied.
    The soundstage is OK. It's not amazing and a tad forward at times which you'd least expect, but those incredible highs help spread it out.
    The cans do well above average for most genres but there are times you wish you had something more like the Beyerdynamic DT880 Pros or AKG 701's with a lot more air and breath to them simply because they're open, but then again, these ARE meant for professional use, and open cans would be damn annoying when you're trying to PFL/solo anything live with 90dB of background noise.
    I seriously have been on the hunt for the best live monitoring headphone and can't find anything better for even double or triple the price.
    There is a lot of plastic on this can, but the back of the inner circle driver housing is metal, adding to that definition I mentioned earlier while the outer casing is plastic adding to that Shure warmth. The main headband of the phone is metal based, simply because plastic will never have the same kind of elasticity, but the frame that holds the earcups is pure plastic because of the rigidity required to hold the shape.
    I do have to complain about a few things though, mainly design-wise. Most significant is probably due to my big head. When using my HD280 Pros, dropping each side to its maximum length causes only the bottom half of my ears to be covered, but with the SRH840's I have to drop them down the whole way for them to perfectly cover my ears. Now you might ask, "then what's the problem?" As a Sound Engineer I am trained in my thinking to always have a little headroom for everything. Save some for a rainy day, that kind of thing. It's already at its limit and that leads to another problem.
    This one would the be smaller cables leading to earcup. Because the side lengths are at maximum, these smaller cables are almost at full stretch and I don't know how good the strain relief is, but if there was ever to be some serious snaggage, it could mean the death of the sound in the right earcup.
    These cans are also the heaviest, and the 4m of coiled cable doesn't help either. But it does fold away quite neatly, with the cable detachable. Too bad it doesn't fold flat.
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    1. thecansmancan
      thecansmancan, Apr 29, 2012