Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones

Shure SRH840

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  • Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones

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  1. Russell Folland
    "Had 2 pairs each have stopped working"
    Pros - Noise cancelling
    Cons - Stop working after minimal use
    I have had 2 pairs and both have stopped working, these aren't professional headphones and I'd stay away from them if you want to keep them longer than a year of professional use. 
    Spend your money on something better than these. Shame on you shure
  2. hemidesign
    "phenomenal cans for the price"
    Pros - outstanding sound quality
    Cons - not that light...
    I have had these headphones for a long time. I absolutely love them. First of all, they are crisp, but have a warm tone and fairly rich bass. If you're looking for something that is very sound-insulating and delivers a detailed, rich and warm listening experience look no further... this is a winner for sure! 
  3. haroldtheboss
    "artificial bass response, poor construction"
    Pros - very detailed sound
    Cons - bass is artificial, quality fragile
    Ok I have been using a pair of these for several years.
    I logged on because there are way too many positive reviews of these things.
    Firstly: everything I mix on these is significantly slanted to the top end. If I let myself go and just do what sounds natural then I totally mix down the bass. These don't have anywere near a flat natural response imo. You hear a much louder bass than is really present in the track.
    The sound is good, crisp and detailed all the way up however.
    Secondly: these are really not as durable as you would expect for the price range: after several years of moderate use these things are a sight to see:
    a) both sides have snapped at the flexible junctions above the speakers. They both snapped at seperate times and are now sticky taped together.
    b) the pads that go around the speaker bits were never tight enough and constantly falling off. They have been sticky-taped on now for several years.
    c) the minijack tip snapped off inside a laptop a year ago. I soldered a new jack on. Unfortunately the laptop socket was permanently damaged by the experience.
    d) the headphones never had as much grip as they should have - they are often falling off - i don't have a particularly small head. taping the junctions together with stickytape actually improved this problem
    ok so I have really tested these things and I don't think they are the quality that you really expect from shure.
    the main issue is the bass response however, i have really had to teach myself to unnaturally boost the bass a couple of dbs otherwise I endlessly mix with too much treble.

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