Shure SRH240 Professional Quality Headphones (Black) - Reviews
Pros: nice detail, cool design
Cons: the headband not comfort enough for long period
first look = wow cool design. after burned  = impressive detail. bass is enough. and overall (for me) this is very nice cans under 100 dollars. need amp to lift up the bass.
Pros: Sound clarity, durability, looks, versatility
Cons: the bass is way lacking...
I bought these headphones a while ago, and even though I can't make a full detailed review about sound reproduction and all, I can say that these srh-240 offer good value for lower class headphones. They have good trebles and ok mids, it's when you're going to the bass that these are lacking. Also, they are ok when it comes to comfort, however, more than 7 hours straight, your ears will start to be hurt.The plastic cuff are quite hard and tend to irritate the surrounding of your ear... But about the sound, i haven't tried with an amp, and the sound coming out from a zune player is everything but customisable... So for the mids & bass, somebody would need to operate a real test perhaps with a proper amp, and then give feedback on the sound...
But overall, I'd recommend them, Shure is a great brand, and these entry-level headphones offer good value for the price!