Shure SRH 440 Professional Studio Headphones

  1. compubomb
    I would say pretty damn good
    Written by compubomb
    Published Dec 2, 2012
    Pros - Great Mids/Bass/Highs
    Cons - Very Very long burn-in
    I own an m-audio Fast-Track USB Sound card which I use. I bought both these headphones & the sound card for work. My initial reaction to the headphones is they were cheaper than some of the others, but better sound and comfort than the other DJ style headphones. Plus they fit my budget, so I picked them up at the Guitar Center. So after using these guys at work for almost 2.5 years, after not listening to them for a month or so, what I noticed finally is that they have completed the burn-in process. The music, especially the mids/base finally feel like they have smoothed out and not as punchy as before. When i compare the base with these vs my HD600's, they are starting to finally come within range, before the base was very punchy, but not smooth. Also the head-band takes a very long time to relax, as when you buy these, it feels like putting a vice on your head, but with some considerable wear-usage, they are finally relaxed enough to wear for long periods of time.
  2. ahujasid
    Written by ahujasid
    Published Nov 9, 2012
    Pros - Great sound quality, Rugged
    Cons - Bit uncomfortable, exposed wires
    The mids and highs are amazing. The soundstage isn't very wide but it's pretty good for closed back headphones. The response is almost flat with a bit of a "bright" sound signature. They get uncomfortable after about 30 minutes of listening.
    The sound quality is great. You can clearly hear each instrument separately. These sound absolutely great for closed back headphones.
  3. demize
    Shure SRH440
    Written by demize
    Published Apr 9, 2012
    Pros - Good sound, great bang for buck
    Cons - A bit uncomfortable for extended use
    These were the first high quality headphones I ever bought. I love their sound, although it could certainly be better when it comes to the treble in some songs. The only issue I have with them, really, is that they're a bit uncomfortable for extended use -- they're like a vise on your head.
    1. Xinze
      That would warrant a -2 on the comfort scale?
      Xinze, Apr 10, 2012
    2. demize
      Well, two things here. 1) I'm looking at the scale as out of 5 rather than 10, and 2) I phrased that wrong, they're quite uncomfortable after a while. They can start to hurt your ears and the top of your head after probably an hour or so (maybe more, I'm not sure) of use. They're very sufficiently padded, but their weight and strength overpowers that after a while. Don't get me wrong though -- these are great headphones and the comfort isn't really an issue unless you're using them for long periods of time.
      demize, Apr 10, 2012
  4. gregoire
    Too uncomfortable for me
    Written by gregoire
    Published Jan 4, 2012
    Pros - Rugged
    Cons - Painful to wear. Heavy
    Bought these based on the good reviews. Tried and tried but they were just so uncomfortable i sold them. Way too much pressure on the ears, plus the headband never sat well either. Most uncomfortable cans i've ever tried on. Shame, as they sounded pretty good.
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    2. JK1
      The SRH440 is a studio monitor, it is not an extra bass headphone like the Skullcrusker. Perhaps you would prefer the Sony XB500 or JVC HAS600 (or even the JVC HAS4x?) if you want something with extra bass.
      JK1, Jan 5, 2012
    3. gregoire
      @JK1 Yes the price in the UK is about £80. I replaced them with a set of DT770s for £133 - big improvement in comfort and sound.
      @sweetkorea Yeah glad its not just my head. I was really disappointed with the fit of these cans. $40 is a great deal though - 1/3 of what i paid !
      gregoire, Jan 5, 2012
    4. krisarj90
      In India it costs $120. Amazon + shipping would be more
      krisarj90, Sep 20, 2012
  5. xtian2900
    Shure SRH-440
    Written by xtian2900
    Published Oct 9, 2011
    Pros - Sound like a charm!!!, very noticeable quality and balance, excellent sound pressure, good quality, zero leaks
    Cons - Too heavy, I'm worried about the small cords up the cans
    Shure SRH-440
  6. gelocks
    Shure SRH-440 mini review - Great Starter Cans
    Written by gelocks
    Published Aug 29, 2011
    Pros - Great sound, Detachable cable, Removable/replaceable earpads, Good build quality and foldable
    Cons - Heavy, Not very portable, No flat response
    Note: I wrote this almost 2 years ago! :wink:
    Last year, after using open Sony cans that served me well for
    what seemed to be a lifetime, I decided that it was time to look
    for new cans, ones that would let me get lost in my world while I
    was at work and to use for recording ideas that sometimes hit my
    head. The search was long and hard. I read hundreds of reviews
    from different sites, different types of headsets (i.e. in-ear,
    closed, open, etc.) and in the end I still did not know what I
    wanted. Enter Shure:
    Now, this company is no stranger to the audio business. Anyone
    that has seen ANY concert knows their presence since the SM57
    is one of the most-used microphones ever. It seems they are

    gathering a strong presence also in the earphone business,
    something I did NOT know of. When I looked at the SRH series, I
    felt in love. Then I read some of the reviews and it was a given, I
    Now, remember on that first paragraph when I said I wanted new
    headphones to use at work/home? Well, I bring back that note
    because these cans are BIG. Really big! Also, these cans are
    HEAVY and these cans make use of a 10 foot long COILED cable!!!
    Trust me, you wouldn't want to use these while walking in the mall
    or wherever... get some cheap in-ears for that.
    * Transducer type: Dynamic neodymium magnet
    * Driver size: 40 mm
    * Sensitivity (1kHz): 105 dB
    * Impedance (1kHz): 44 Ω
    * Max. input power (1kHz): 500 mW
    * Frequency range: 10 Hz - 22 kHz
    * Net weight (without cable): 181 g
    * Length of cable: 3 meters
    * Type of cable: Detachable coiled oxygen-free copper
    * Plug: Gold-plated 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo mini jack
    Package Contents
    * Shure SRH440 Professional Closed Back Headphones
    * Replacement ear cushions
    * Threaded 6.35mm gold-plated adapter
    * Detachable Coiled cable
    * Travel pouch
    Even though these are intended for musicians, and they even
    mention the word "MONITOR" when describing these, they do not
    have a flat response, meaning there is some "coloring" when
    listening to music and that does not a good pair of monitors
    make... but that doesn't mean they don't sound AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    And that's the best thing, you get immersed with the sound they
    Let me start by saying that I'm no expert. I'm no musician (at least not good! :wink:) nor an
    enthusiast! I'm just an end user with very distinct tastes. I can
    listen everything from Chopin to freaking Dillinger Escape Plan but I
    want them to sound good :p and believe me, these pair sounds
    great. Pop in the "****** Buttons" and you'll hear every effect,
    every beat perfectly! Put on some Underoath, Killswitch Engage,
    etc. and you'll hear every bass line more clearly, every lick sounds
    tasty and that's what's important. Definitely the sound is
    what puts this headset on the map! The only negatives with the
    sound... vocals and bass!! I mean, the whole mid-range is kind of weak, but
    other than that the balance is quite good.
    *UPDATE* After a few more hours, mids settled in quite Ok. Maybe it wasme
    getting used to the cans.
    *UPDATE_2* Replaced earpads with Shure 840 ones and sound changed for the
    better. I can actually enjoy them EVEN more now as it sounds fuller, even the low-end
    enjoyed a bit of a boost.. so I recommend getting a pair of 840 pads (they are more
    comfortable too!)
    Sure, the headphones do have its cons, but overall, these are the
    best pair my ears have had the pleasure of hearing (and I've had
    some Seinheisers, Grados, etc... they are all good, but they also
    have their differences and if you give me some SR60s, I'll pick the
    Shure did enter the headphone arena with a bang! Love
    the sound produced by the SRH-440 and the design is good (I don't like the
    exposed driver cables though). Being closed earphones, you can indeed use
    them for recording on a studio but be aware of the slight coloration.
    The best part about all of this, that I had not mentioned, these cans only cost $100
    bucks. Heck, if you go to, you'll probably find them
    cheaper now!! (they were a hundred when I bought them like 6
    months ago!!)
    So if you are looking for great closed headphones and are on a budget,
    my vote is for the Shure SRH-440 and no other. If you are looking
    for great headphones, are on a budget, but you don't record, or don't care for
    tonal balance, then get the Grados SR60s. If you don't like open/close and are
    looking for in-ear ones... then do whatever, I don't really care for
    those! hehehehe :p
    1. Hexidecimal
      Great Review. Though I do walk around with mine on, never thought they were as heavy as everyone else does.
      Hexidecimal, Aug 29, 2011
    2. bcasey25raptor
      Hexidecimal, I have the Shure SRH840 and I bring them with me everywhere. They aren't bad as portables and I don't have any weight issues. Considering these are even lighter I don't know why people complain. I think people care to much for trivial things.
      bcasey25raptor, Aug 29, 2011
    3. gelocks
      You get used to it. After 2 years of using them, I hardly noticed them (except for the cable).
      Same thing with the 940s now. :wink:
      Thanks for reading.
      gelocks, Aug 30, 2011
  7. Hexidecimal
    Great Starter Cans
    Written by Hexidecimal
    Published Aug 25, 2011
    Pros - Neutral, Great Balance, Awesome unamped
    Cons - Light on the bass without an amp
    For reference, I am using these with the SRH840 Pads, powered through a Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty Titanium & Behringer Xenyx 1202FX Amp/Mixer.

    So lets go!


    First off, Comfort. A lot of impressions said they felt these headphones were heavy, or the headband was painful. I've been wearing mine hours on end since I got them and I haven't experienced any discomfort with the headband, or the weight though to be fair I am used to wearing a PC Headset most of the time and they usually run heavy. Also the SRH840 Pads make a huge difference in the pad comfort. The memory foam makes them squishy and feel like they're not even there.


    Isolation: Again the 840 Pads help with this, but they isolate outside noise to the point my wife has had to come to the top of the stairs in the office and pound on something before I can hear her at all. She was not pleased she had been screaming up the stairs and I couldn't hear her.


    Sound Quality: AMAZING. This is my first pair of professional headphones but they are so crisp and crystal clear it's hard to believe. The Highs and Mids ring true even over the ample bass. I know there are a lot of people who seem to feel this set is lacking in the bass department. I am not a basshead, but I have listened to several bass heavy albums (the Dubsteb Saved My Life mix CDs, Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday, The Marshall Mathers LP, Dre - 2001) and there was plenty of bass to go around.


    They also fair very well with quieter pieces (Iron & Wine - In The Reins, Crosby Stills Nash & Young - So Far, Andrew Bird - Live in Montreal). With Andrew Bird - LiM I could actually hear as he hit the pedals to start and end loops of violin pieces. I could hear every snicker and whisper from the audience. I could even hear him quietly counting time to himself between loops. I'd never been able to hear that on any set of speakers or headphones I own.


    They're also a great set for rock (Foo Fighters - Wasting Light, Incubus - If Not Now, When?) Vocals shine through heavy guitar with no distortion and no single part drowns out the other. Every aspect of the music seems perfectly balanced at all times.


    Overall I couldn't be happier with these headphones, and can't wait until I can afford a pair of phones that will make these sounds bad. Thanks again to the community here for helping me make a great decision, and I'll be updating this with impressions through my Samsung Epic 4G w/ FiiO E5.




    My FiiO E5 Arrived, and I'm listening to the 440s with the amp right now. I know the E5 is a very entry level amp, but even for the 20 dollars, the little nudge in volume and bass that this amp gives really makes these cans shine even more. Mids and Highs are more defined, and bass has that added THUMP that seemed to be missing before. I'm glad I picked this up as a starter amp, and I'll certainly be picking up the cmoy omap2227 amp I want asap! If a starter amp like this helps, I can't wait to hear a decent amp power these cans. It just makes me want the 840s that much more. Soon...




    Edit: So after some more listening I think I'd revise this a little. They're definitely a fantastic set of of full cans but they certainly have a specific purpose. I've found them to be most enjoyable with acoustic & vocal pieces. They suit rock music okay, but I don't think I'll continue to use them for anything with an emphasis on bass (Dubstep, Hip Hop).


    The bass response is very sterile, or dry I guess would be a good way to put it. It's there, it just isn't impressive, even with the extra pads.

    1. rawrimevil
      I think it's mostly the distance from the driver to your ears that gets most people. They sometimes press against the upper tips of your ear and it hurts after long listening sessions.
      rawrimevil, Aug 29, 2011
  8. peskypesky
    really liking these for the price
    Written by peskypesky
    Published Apr 6, 2011
    Pros - good sound, low price, solid construction
    Cons - heavy
    I've only had these for about a week, so take that into consideration.
    Sound: love it. Robust, musical and nicely balanced. Not quite as good as my Grado SR80s, but not outshined by the Grados either. I've really been enjoying listening to several types of music with them: classical, rock, jazz. They seem especially good for classical choral music.
    Construction and Design: They seem pretty well-made, but only time and use will tell. The design is pretty ho-hum. Not ugly, but nothing special either.
    Comfort: They fit pretty well, but the weight gets to be a bit much after an hour or so of use. I definitely feel the weight pressing on my head. I wish they were lighter weight like the ATH-M30 and ATH-D40fs sets I have at work.
    For the price these are pretty nice headphones. I am pleased with my purchase.
    1. JK1
      I haven't seen anyone here compare this with what it should be compared with, closed monitor headphones similar in price. These include the Sony V6, Sennheiser HD280 pro, and AKG K240 monitor.
      JK1, Jan 4, 2012