Shure SE215

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  1. Fuzaken
    "Great Price to Performance"
    Pros - Good mids, decent bass, great build, removable cable, isolation, comfort
    Cons - May not fit some people, removable cord socket can get flimsy,
    These were my first entry level IEMs which I purchased after growing sick of the horrible sound of iPod earphones, bundled earbuds and $20 buds from electronics stores

    And I must say, it was more than well worth the money, still working perfectly albeit with some wear and tear on the wires, but nothing major. The sound quality for the price is awesome, matching and even surpassing some that are twice the price that I've auditioned.

    All in all, if you're looking for your first IEM, these are a great place to start :)
  2. jakobdam
    "V-shaped and a little closed"
    Pros - Powerful bass, good resolution, good value for money, nice fit, excellent sealing
    Cons - Lack of mid-tones, sound stage too small (in your head sound), some users have issues with cable weldings
    First, we must remember the price point. In Denmark, they compete with the likes of Beyer Dynamic MMX-101ie, Sony XBA-2, Creative Aurvana 3, AKG K-350 etc...
    Accessories supplied in the box:
    The earbuds are all of a pretty good quality, and they make a really good sealing, which can be hard to come by. The transporting case is nice too.
    Sound signature:
    Clearly V-shaped, but it's not like the mids are without detail. Indeed, resolution is very good even for the mids, but the signature is very minded to the broader population, which means that unplugged, choir-works, jazz and classical, will sound too fullfilling. Fx. Palestrina's Pope Marcellus Mass sounds like there's some instruments playing, instead of just voices. 
    Sound stage:
    I'm listing the SE215's sound stage as a negative, but truth to be told, you'll have a hard time finding anything significant better in this price range - especially if they have to be mainstream and generally easily available. One of the benefits of the Shure SE215, is that you may find a local shop from where you can buy them. Many of the top performers in this price range, can only be ordered from Asian countries, and troubles with customs may arise. Back to the sound stage; it's kind of "in your head", but it could be worse. It's not in any way can-like, but it's hard to place instruments and singers in unplugged music.
    Bass is very solid with a solid thumb. It's not fast and it could be tighter, but the resolution is pretty ok, especially given the price. They're bass-happy though, so for those of you that wants pump, but are unsatisfied with Beats/Dr. Dre, these SE215 will be a perfect alternative - as they're delivering the powerful bass you want, but with more clarity and way better overall tonal response.
    This is where I find SE215 lacking. Midtones are too far gone; they're there of course, but I prefer a more midtone-forward approach. The resolution is pretty good though; the midtones are just not loud enough. Transition from bass to midtones is pretty fluent, which is good. To put it another way; most songs with prominent singers, will sound like the lead singer is standing in between the band, rather than a step in front of them. 
    The trebles have a peak in the lower treble end, and they sound detailed with a little sparkle. Not much, just a little. More sparkle could've been nice - I'd have preferred that, and more airy feel created by the trebles would definitely also have been preferred.
    So, the SE215's are of course not perfect. That'd be too much to demand, given it's price tag. Are they best in class? No, that'd be to stretch it a bit, but they're certainly among the top tiers in this class, and way above average. If you're unlucky to get a pair with faulty cables, the cables can be changed quite easily - but I didn't have any issues.
    The sound quality is sure to delight people who're used to Beats Audio, Sennheiser at USD 100 or lower, and the like. If you come from midend over-the-ear headphones, you'll be happy to know that bass and lower midtones can pump well without sacrificing too much resolution, but if you're used to highend products, you'll probably feel that the SE215s are too much "in your head", with a general lack of mids and a lack of airy feel.
    If you're willing to pay a bit more, I heavily recommend Sony MDR-EX600 as a mainstream and easy-to-get in-ear alternative; it has all the benefits from these SE215's, but they give you that nice LARGE sound stage, and more mids - for only few dollars more.
    But if these matches the upper limits of your budget, I can easily recommend them. Even more so if you usually use your mobile phone or another kind of portable player, and you primarily listen to techno, dance, rock/heavy and less dynamic and song-centered styles. 
  3. devaeron
    "what now?"
    SGS2 with MIUI Rom music player
    Go Vibe's Vest
    Dacport LX + Objective 2
    put these iem's into sgs2 and already doing nice
    give some portable amplifier/dac, in this case i'm using govibe vest and she's already doing great
    put some better amplification and dac, and my ear says that she's a marvelous player
  4. Swordrabbit
    "Really a good headphone"
    Clear design,and good quality.
  5. Tangster
    "Good introduction into audiophile IEMs"
    Pros - Relatively inexpensive, great isolation, excellent soundstage and mids, good bass, detachable cable
    Cons - Some issues with the cable(below)
    1. Quite cheap (I paid £69)
    2. Soundstage is fantastic at this price
    3. The detachable cable is a great addition at this price point and ensures a much easier repair if the cable fails.
    4. The provided foam tips are incredibly isolating and not exactly cheap if you try and buy them separately!
    5. Wonderful for vocal music, mids are very good.
    6. Surprisingly bassy, it's not overpowering, but it's certainly there and is quite detailed. Possibly too much bass for some.
    7. No sibilence in the highs.
    1. The cable to earbud connector is fragile. Don't take the cables off without good reason.
    2. No memory wire for the section of cable that goes over the ear, while whatever they are using is decent, it's not great and pretty much ensure I need to have the cord keeper zipped up to my neck to keep the earbuds properly hooked in.
    3. Highs roll off a bit too sharply for my liking.
  6. Oeufdepoire
    "An excellent set of IEMs"
    Pros - Isolation, comfort, sturdiness, sound
    Cons - Soft case, connections oxidize and this causes sound to cut
    Everything written here is totally subjective.​
    Review updated a year and half after purchasing the IEMs.​
    I'm reviewing the clear version,​
    but it doesn't change anything, excepted than my review is more visible here​
    (by the way, the clear and black version of these IEM should be put together into one "SE215" category).​
    - They isolate very well with foam sleeves. Be careful when wearing them in town, look around you, they prevent you from hearing the cars.
    - Over-the-ear wearing makes them keeping in place very well.
    - Comfort with silicon tips is perfect. Really.
    - Memory cable is practical.
    - They look very, very nice. Even the cable is nice-looking.
    - Detachable cable can be handy (even if it's not useful to me).
    - They are very surdy.
    - Foam tips isolate more than olives, but are less comfortable.
    - Demands time to get used to and to find the right tips.
    - The cable is a little stiff.
    - The sound isn't boxy as it is with closed-back headphones. It's nearly as airy as on my Grado's, excepted than the seal gives a little impression of closedness.
    - Highs don't sound bad at all, as I could read on many reviews.
    - Bass are gorgeous.
    - They seem to profit very much from the use of my AD823-based CMoy, but maybe it's only a placebo effect. Anyway, even if it all came from the placebo effect, building said CMoy was the right thing to do. Drums sound better, and soundstage sounds a little wider.
    Pics (enlargeable) :
    900x900px-LL-c2ac981a_Packaging.jpg 960358405LL.jpg 900x900px-LL-d3546053_Sleevesearphones.jpg 793916728LL.jpg 173339213LL.jpg 1644331290LL.jpg 900x900px-LL-64f6469e_Earphoneplug.jpg 900x900px-LL-7ab45c21_Jack.jpg 1521181811LL.jpg 1632375447LL.jpg
  7. bigmandan
    "SE215's... WOW"
    Pros - Price, sound quality
    Cons - roll-off on the highs a minor annoyance with some types of music
    1. Really nice bass.  Not overbearing
    2. mids are great.  Never heard vocals so clear before on IEMs
    3. highs are okay, roll-off not too steep.
    4. very comfortable
    5. nice selection of sleeves
    6. nice carrying case
    7. comes with a cleaning tool!
    8. excellent price/performance ratio
    Overall a great buy, and I would highly recommend these IEM's for everyday use.
  8. Davis4Ever
    "Solid Entry Level Sound"
    Pros - Price, Bass, Isolation
    Cons - Cord, Soft Case
    My first "Pro" set of IEM's. I guess I am only 2 days into this set of Shure 215's but I have enjoyed every note of my music experience. Sound Isolation is great, although I am comparing to mass market IEM's (Bose, Griffin, Apple IEM's). Price is by far the best part, at $99 I really don't think you can challenge this IEM for value. I was also impressed by the Bass. It doesn't get muddy and can kick a bit with the right playlist.
    I noticed that the case seems to be a touch too small for all this cord, and it's a soft case where I would prefer more protection. The cord is VERY long. I appreciate a longer than normal cord, but this thing has to be almost 6 feet long.
    Overall I am very happy with these IEM's and I can't wait to hear how they sound after 20-40hrs.
  9. Codefox
    "Love them"
    Pros - Isolation, value, comfort, overall sound, nice bass
    Cons - Early units may have defects (resolved now)
    I'm just going to say now that I'm not nearly an audiophile.  So my evaluation of earphones is pretty limited to what sounds nice to me.  I used to have a pair of Shure SE210s before moving to some Monster Turbines last year.  While I discovered that I loved the sound of the Turbines, I was really missing the incredible isolation of Shure.  Since I travel heavily for work, isolation is something that's really important to me!  Then, of course, not long after I got the Turbines the SE215s came along.  It was like the best of both worlds.  The warm, full sound that the dynamic drivers give and the awesome isolation of the Shures.  Actually the isolation on the SE215 is even better than the SE210.
    As for the sound, I can say it just sounds so smooth and warm.  I recently got a pair of S4s so I actually understand a little better what is meant by sibilance and these don't have it.  To my ear there's very little difference between these and my Monster Turbines which is a good thing.  They just sound fun to my ears and I can listen for hours without fatigue.
    They take some getting used to with the thick wires but I can put them in very quickly now.  There is no microphonics to speak of because of how they have to be worn.
    Overall, I just love these.  After I got them, while I still like looking at all the other earphones out there, I've really lost my desire to buy anything else for daily listening.  Given their low price and fun sound, I think I got a real steal!
  10. Ossi09
    "I'm in love with them! "
    TERRIFIC HEADPHONES!! Love them! you have to give them a few hours to let them record themselves to get use of the best quality...overall they are fantastic! The sound quality is amazing!