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Designed specifically for use with Shure PSM systems, Shure earphones deliver the incredible sound and performance that ear buds and other headphones can't. Don't go In Ear without them. SCL Sound Isolating? Earphone models use award-winning earphone technology from Shure. All SCL models deliver professional caliber sound for live performance environments and will work with personal music players. The SCL5s feature dedicated high-definition tweeter and woofer drivers couple with an inline crossover to deliver exceptional audio: precision highs, natural mids, and full bodied bass with clarity often difficult to detect with traditional stage wedges or studio headphones. The choice for discriminating professionals.

Latest reviews

Pros: Wide soundstage, nice highs and lows, very lasting build.
Cons: Oxidation of cable, could sound a bit cold and can use a bit more bass.
Solid construction for earpieces. However after close to 2 years of usage the canal duct which the silicon sleeve sits on came loose from the main earpiece, not totally but loose enough to affect the quality of sound, especially bass. Wire was durable, however it oxidizes easily, and the oxide seeps into the main earpiece from the memory wire, which I think may compromise the integrity of earpiece in long run. Lots of micro phonics though.
One of the more neutral iem I have came across. The bass is tight, controlled, not boomy and goes right till the end. The highs are not overly sibilant, just right for me. When compared to UM2 and UE tf10, it lacks an edge around the 200hz region. Could be the cause for bass being not boomy. It will definitely come as a surprise to someone new to iem due to lack of presence of the so-called 'bass' they are accustomed to. However this also result in a very detailed and transparent sound, especially from mid frequency to high frequency region. Instrument separation is excellent, and the best part here: sound stage. It has an unbelievably wide sound stage, very much more than tf10 and UM2. The music sounded very much alive as compared to UM2. In short the order of widest sound stage will be SCL5 >> tf10 > UM2.
Isolation/ Comfort
Feels great after getting used to it. Isolation is top-notch. More comfortable than UE tf10. Accessories wise was quite standard, comes with a few pairs of silicon sleeves with different sizes and there was yellow sponge form, the olives and triple flange as well. A hard case, plane adapter (if I never remember wrongly) and a wax remover for the earpiece completes the set.
Hope this helps!
A friend gave me a very beat up pair. I sent them in to Shure who replaced them for about $140. I play bass guitar and love tight clear bass which the E5's deliver flawlessly. I use them to listen to FLAC's with a Rockboxed Sansa e280 that has an extra 16gb micro SD card. The EA410M gray soft flex sleeve earbuds that came with the E5's are comfortable and sound just about as good as when I use them with custom molds.


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