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    • Driver: Low Voltage Electrostatic Dynamic Driver
    • Cable: Detachable MMCX
    • Frequency response range: 20Hz - 30 KHz
    • Sensitivity:104dB/mW
    • Distortion:<0.8%
    • Impedance:18Ω






Recent Reviews

  1. RikudouGoku
    Shuoer Tape Review
    Written by RikudouGoku
    Published Nov 26, 2019
    Pros - Extremely detailed sound
    Tight,powerful and fast bass
    vocals lifelike and clear with very balanced male and female vocals
    unique look
    nice case and storage box
    VERY good price
    Cons - Shell Form
    mmcx connector
    QC issue that can be fatal
    EDIT: Cable 175 is this cable: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000158772005.html
    from @Hakuzen´s amazing list of cables: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/resistance-of-cables-pics-comments-and-links.907998/
    Introduction: There have been reports of people having QC issues with the Tape, but I still bought it knowing it might also be affected. As some of you might know, I have been buying a lot of iems in only a year since I joined the Plagu… I mean the hobby called Chi-Fi and this will be my first Full review so If there is something important missing then I apologies. As packaging goes, I believe it is better to watch a video of it so I will just leave a video of someone else unboxing it. As for my few comments on the packaging, the cable is nice but I didn’t try them (more on the reason for why later), the case is very well made but the Tips looked like trash so I didn’t even bother trying them.

    : They feels like they are made of metal, they have metal filter for wax guard and no sharp edges. Very good impressions so far, BUT the MMCX connector is really weird since they didn’t make the typical clicking sound when connecting to a cable as others do. For this reason, I am very hesitant on changing or trying out different cables with them, as there is no indicator for when it is inserted enough or too little. Feels like I can just accidentally damage them if I were to force them in more or they might detach if attached too lightly. Luckily, I have others iems with MMCX connectors so I just inserted them with the same amount of force I do for them. The MMCX connector is the only problem with the build of the tape.

    Fit: Weird fit, have to adjust them from time to time. Not a good iem if you move around much. No problems otherwise. They are on the small side so people with big ears might have problems with them but for me they are the perfect size, just that the shape of the shell could be better.

    Comfort: Quite comfortable actually for a weird shape as this, nothing to complain as I can use them for a long time without discomfort.

    Isolation: Below average, with no sound playing I can still hear people talking and cars moving. With music I can’t hear anything (but that is usually the case with iems). Not recommended if you need good isolation.

    PROBLEMS (IMPORTANT): Before moving on to the sound I have to warn you that there has been reports of people having QC issues with the Tape. I will leave a link to where people have discussed about it.

    Setup: Fiio M11, cable 175 ( 4,4mm balanced), Spinfits CP145.

    (here comes the subjective part)

    Lows in general: songs that do not have powerful bass isn’t boosted and feels very natural, on songs that have powerful bass it is amazing. Supreme combination of soft and powerful bass. Entire low spectrum is tight and fast in general. With a focus in Sub-bass. This is my ideal bass, absolutely perfect with nothing negative about it.

    Sub-bass: Oh boy this is the best part of the tape, Powerful, tight and fast. The sub bass digs low and has good extension. There is almost no rumble, making it very tight and the speed is amazing no bleed into the mids at all. Bassheads that like powerful,tight and fast bass should love it. But if you want powerful rumbling bass then you might want to look elsewhere.

    Mid-bass: Punchy, tight and fast. Just enough mid bass to not being dull and not boosted so much that the mid-bass feels like sub-bass.

    Mids in general: very balanced between male and female vocals but leaning just a tiny bit on the brighter side due to the boosted 3k affecting high pitched female vocals. 99% of my other iems have a female focus with male vocals a bit behind, but on the Tape both seems about equal which is amazing. Instruments is very natural and lifelike.

    Male vocals: Is better than female vocals by just a bit due to the boosted 3k making some female vocals a bit shouty, but this can be the same for male vocals that are either screaming a lot or high pitched.

    Female vocals: beautiful and emotional, females with high pitch can be shouty especially on high volume but it is not sibilant.

    Highs: very crisp and extremely detailed, the problem comes with electric guitar on some rock songs where it is around 3k that can be a bit too shouty and almost sibilant. This happens on Drowning Pool-Bodies and breaking Benjamin-Blow me away where the electric guitar gets very shouty. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you only listen to rock like those two) it is only electric guitars that gets sharp or shouty. Violin and other high frequency instruments do not have this problem and instead sound natural and lifelike. For example, Gothic storm-kronos sound very natural and epic without being sharp or shouty. Sibilance is not a problem.

    Soundstage: Just average soundstage, good enough for music but pretty bad for gaming (overwatch) as it was hard to hear where exactly everything was.

    Comparisons (very subjective):

    Some keywords I use: Powerful>strong>punchy, sibilant>shouty>sharp

    Tin Hifi P1: Mids and Highs in general is better on the P1 except that male vocals don’t sound as good as on the Tape and female vocals is more boosted making them more of the focus. Female vocals sound better on the P1 and male sound better with the Tape. Highs is more detailed than the Tape but not by a lot. Tape is absolutely destroying the P1 in lows no contest really, you might like the P1´s bass more if you prefer bass light. Soundstage is bigger on the P1. (P1 tested with Fiio M11 not enough power compared to my desktop setup but it wouldn’t be fair otherwise, can however say that on the desktop setup the mids and highs are definitely better than the Tape but the lows still destroyed by Tape. Not a portable iem really)

    Moondrop KXXS: very similar sound profile in general to the Tape, but honestly the tape is destroying the KXXS in every way except soundstage and it being a more relaxed. I would describe the Bass on the KXXS as being pretty fast (not as fast as the Tape), tight (Tape is tighter) and strong/punchy and the highs are lesser in quantity to the Tape. Everything is less detailed too, honestly wouldn’t buy the KXXS and take the Tape instead.

    Blon 03: basically, the same as the KXXS but I can definitely still recommend the Blon 03 and the Tape since the blon 03 is very cheap and offers a more relaxing sound compared to the Tape.

    Audiosense T800: I seriously dislike the T800 more for every iem I gotten after it, not only can´t I handle the sibilance in the highs the bass is too boomy and slow. Due to the highs being so boosted and sibilant there is a lot of details. Mids is recessed. The shape is too big for me and to top it all of it is a VERY picky iem with only 9ohms of resistance, making this useless on phones and even my Fiio M11 a 450 usd dap has some hissing in the background. NOT recommended, if you like U-shaped iems and can handle the sibilance then maybe it is for you but not for me (there are dampers you can buy and modify the T800 which according to people should tame the highs)

    TFZ No.3: almost everything that I said about the T800 is the same on the no.3 except that it is not a picky iem and can be driven of a phone, it is not sibilant but it is a warmer sounding iem, and the bass is powerful and average speed but it is boomy. It is much more U-shaped compared to the Tape, where mids are recessed whereas the mids on the Tape are forward when needed. Highs quantity is similar on both but the Tape is much more detailed. If you are a basshead that likes Powerful and boomy bass then the no.3 gets the recommendation if not then Tape all the way.

    Conclusion: This is honestly my favorite iem of 2019 and I hope that mine survives the dreaded QC issue, otherwise this should be in everyone’s collection if they call themselves an audiophile. Looking forward for more iems to use this kind of driver.

    Thanks for reading and if there is anything wrong feel free to tell me.
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    2. Kenneth Galang
      Just a note that not everyone will understand what cable 175 is since that number does not come from the manufacturer. Good review though!
      Kenneth Galang, Dec 2, 2019
      RikudouGoku likes this.
    3. Krassi
      Very nice review and i can confirm that cable 175 and spinfit like tips (whirlwinds in my case) work amazing on it and no need to eq anything.
      Krassi, Dec 3, 2019
      RikudouGoku likes this.
    4. pointlineplane
      Thanks for the detailed review! I just got mine two days ago. Like you, I like the Tape's lows in general and dislike the stock eartips.
      pointlineplane, Dec 4, 2019 at 1:28 PM
      RikudouGoku likes this.


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