ShoonTH ESEP-01BU / Explorer Zenith

General Information

  • Driver Configuration: 15.4mm Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-30kHz
  • Impedance: 150ohm
  • Sensitivity: 109db

Latest reviews

Pros: Smooth bass reproduction, Controlled treble, Fatigue-free
Cons: Cable is slightly stiff

ShoonTH is a Chinese company that produces iems and earbuds. In this review, I will be reviewing the ESEP-01B Ultimate ( ESEP-01BU ). I would like to thank ShoonTH and Penon Audio for this review unit. At the moment, you can get them on Penon Audio .

  • Driver Configuration: 15.4mm Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-30kHz
  • Impedance: 150ohm
  • Sensitivity: 109db
The ESEP-01BU comes in a brown package which sports the brand logo and name. There are specifications at the back. Inside the package, there are the earbud, pack of foams and cleaning cloth.

Earbud Build & Design

The earbud shells are made up of acrylic and sport a silver streak. The shells are black in color with vents on the outer surface. There are the brand logo in blue & red printed on the inside of the left and right shells respectively.

Cable Build & Design

The cable is made of silver plated OCC copper 28 AWG and it has 8 core. There is some stiffness. The cable above the y-splitter is braided while below the y-splitter, the cable has black and silver sleeve. The y-splitter has the Chinese character, 舜, printed on it. It has a 3.5mm straight gold plated jack with bronze-colored housing that sports the brand logo and name. There is strain relief.

Sound Analysis


The sub-bass has moderate quantity with fair extension. The sub-bass reproduction is impactful and delivers a full punch. The rumble is expressed naturally. The bass decay has moderate speed and the bass texture is rendered well. Each bass note is articulated with a smooth hit that packs some strength to inject authority. The mid-bass has apt quantity and the slam is delivered with satisfied body. The bass performance is soothing and satisfying.


The midrange is expressed smoothly with fair transparency level. The vocals reproduction is presented in a soothing approach and vocals are alluring to listen to. There is an emotional rendition. The lower mids has moderate quantity and there are no signs of dryness to male vocals . The upper mids has a little forwardness and female vocals are controlled with intimacy. The vocals performance is relaxing to listen to.


The treble is extended fairly with no sibilance and harshness. The crisp has moderate definition and there is slight sparkle. The treble has moderate body and it has a smooth presentation. The amount of air rendered is average. The treble is controlled well and it is able to ensure a fatigue-free listen.


The ESEP-01BU expands naturally and the width has a reasonable magnitude. There is slightly closed-in depth with sufficient space rendered. Positioning of vocals and instruments has moderate precision.


ShoonTH ESEP-01B Ultimate (ESEP-01BU) vs Simphonio Dragon 2+ (D2+)

The D2+ has more sub-bass quantity and it boasts a greater extension. The sub-bass reproduction on the D2+ has more authority and it has the ability to deliver a strong punch. The mid-bass on the ESEP-01BU has additional body and the slam is expressed with a weighted feeling. The bass texture on the ESEP-01BU is rendered in a smoother manner while the bass decay of the D2+ is quicker with more pace. The bass performance on the D2+ has greater impact. The midrange of the D2+ is more lively and boasts a higher transparency level than the ESEP-01BU. The ESEP-01BU has extra body with a smooth and intimate listen. The lower mids on the ESEP-01BU has more quantity than the D2+ which results in a fuller expression. The upper mids on the D2+ has extra forwardness and the boost gives a lively female vocals performance. For the treble department, the D2+ has a brighter presentation and it is more extended. There is extra sparkle to liven the overall excitement. The crisp has greater definition with more amount of air rendered. On the other hand, the ESEP-01BU takes on a smoother approach and it gives a relaxing listen. For the soundstage, there is natural expansion on both. The D2+ has greater width magnitude with a more closed in depth.

ShoonTH ESEP-01B Ultimate (ESEP-01BU) vs Astrotec Lyra Collection 32 Ohm

The Lyra Collection has more sub-bass quantity than the ESEP-01BU and the ESEP-01BU is able to extend slightly more. The sub-bass reproduction on the Lyra Collection is less clinical than the ESEP-01BU. The mid-bass quantity on the Lyra Collection is more and the slam is delivered in a fuller manner. The bass texture on the Lyra Collection is rendered with additional smoothness. Bass decay on the ESEP-01BU is quicker with more pace. The midrange on the Lyra Collection has additional lushness than the ESEP-01BU while the ESEP-01BU has better transparency. The ESEP-01BU is more revealing. The lower mids on the Lyra Collection has more body and male vocals are presented well. The upper mids on the ESEP-01BU has a little more forwardness and female vocals are presented with a higher level of intimacy. Next, for the treble section, the ESEP-01BU has the better extension and the crisp has a higher level of definition. There is greater amount of air rendered on the ESEP-01BU. The Lyra Collection takes on a smoother presentation and the sparkle is less. Lastly, in terms of soundstage, the expansion on both is quite natural. The width magnitude is greater on the ESEP-01BU and the depth of the Lyra Collection is more closed in.


The ESEP-01BU is a musical earbud that is able to provide a smooth bass reproduction, intimate midrange and controlled treble. It ensures a fatigue-free listen with good engagement. Moreover, the soundstage provides an open feeling. The ShoonTH ESEP-01B Ultimate delivers an enjoyable sound.

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