SHARPER IMAGE Noise-cancellation Headphones with SRS WOW Technology

General Information

From The Sharper Image -

The Sharper Image has created this "quiet place™" professional quality noise-cancellation headset. The hadphones have soft, memory-foam padded leather earcups. Dual subminiature microphones pick up low-frequency noise and then "quiet place" advanced integrated electronic active antinoise circuitry is engineered to neutralize that noise.

Now incorporated into these headphones is SRS WOW® technology that restores the original audio data lost during the recording and compression process. It also shapes a maximized bass response using sculpted filters and driver physics to go beyond the low-frequency limitations of the speakers. It creates a deep, rich bass performance with maximum response and thump.

Enhanced audio is delivered by high-quality neodymium magnetic stereo speakers with 40mm drivers for the most uncompromisingly rich, full stereo sound. And as an added feature, our unit is designed so in the rare event the battery goes dead, it still functions as a stereo headset (just without noise-cancellation). What's more, with our unit you get continuous volume control — right on the headset — which is great for boosting the audio output of battery-powered devices like laptops or MP3 players.


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