Shanling CD 300 Top Loading Vacuum Tube CD Player

General Information

A masterpiece of sonic excellence, the Shanling CD
300 offers a stunningly outstanding musical portrait in
an elegant and classy design. This top loading
behemoth of a CD player is 19 By 15 by 5 and
weights over 30 pounds (shipped). It is a true dual
mono design with separate power supplies,
upsampler, DAC and output buffers for each channel.
The result is a warm, rich, and detailed soundstage
with subtlety and finesse. Yet it maintains the energy
and dynamics of solid-state circuitry that are needed to
maintain your favorite musics energy and spirit.

The oversize power supply for each channel
contributes to the response, stability, and quiet
operation. A robust Premium damped Philips CDM-
transport and CD7 II servo system joins forces
with Burr-Brown 1794 D/A converter chip and SCR4192
upsampling chip which brings out the full high-
resolution potential. A single ended balanced output
design brings forth midrange, deep bass and detailed
high end with incredible dynamics and accuracy,.

The tubes in the output amplification stage consist of a
Electro Harmonix 6922 tube per channel. The
Shanling CD 300 reveals the wood of the grand piano
and subtle nuances in the pluck of an acoustic bass.
With its sophisticated dual mono technology, it
redefines the spirit of music.


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