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Sensaphonics 2MAX

  • Sensaphonics 2MAX™ earphones are a custom-fit, dual-driver design optimized for use with wireless in-ear monitoring (IEM) systems. Designed to match the exceptional sound quality of our acclaimed 2X-S model, the 2MAX features higher sensitivity to get louder, faster, producing more output at lower volume settings. In other respects, the two models are the same: They are visually identical, use the same drivers and crossover, have the same maximum output level and come with the same packaging, cable options and accessories. The 2MAX is made from transparent, medical-grade soft-gel silicone and comes with our field-replaceable cable system. Custom colors and various cable options are available.

    The 2MAX is highly recommended for musicians using a wireless system for in-ear monitoring. For those using hardwired systems, we recommend Model 2X-S.


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