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Sennheiser X Massdrop HD 6XX

  • If you know audio gear, you know the Sennheiser HD 650. The company’s flagship from 2003 to 2009, this open-back headphone has shown serious staying power. Praised for its richly detailed, effortlessly enjoyable sound, it remains one of the most talked-about products on Head-Fi today—and is still widely considered among the best headphones under $1,000. So when we teamed up with Sennheiser on its first-ever community-driven design partnership, the HD 650 was a natural place to start. A new revision of the popular all-rounder, the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX has that same great sound plus a few updates, and a price that makes it even easier to love.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Not Yet
    Not for me
    Written by Not Yet
    Published Oct 13, 2018
    Pros - Speaker-like realism
    Cons - Soundstage, fit, mid centric
    I got these because I had the DT 880 and wanted soemthing that was darker while still being neutral and not too expensive. These were recommended to me as fitting that bill and also being similar to the HD650, so it would also give me a chance to hear what others people frequently reference. That is one of the main reason I bought them as well, they were something tons of others have tried and I could compare my opinion to theirs to get a good internal reference. I used them with the CEntrance DACport HD.

    Build Quality, Looks, Packaging
    They feel "cheap", as in lightweight and plasticy. But, I actually don't mind this at all, so don't think of it as an insult. I just wanted to mention that because I feel someone will equate that with not “feeling premium”.

    I think the headphones look ok. They are navy blue and black, however I think it would be better if they were all black instead. That would give them an aesthetic somewhere between a professional and midnight vibe. The design of the openneess also looks great and it kind of reflects light back though. I love looking into the outside when I pick them up every once in a while.

    Instead of coming with a normal carrying case or pouch, it comes with this this big box which I hate. It's not travel friendly ONE BIT, it has a cutout to place the headphones in which isn't even fully snug or designed well, and the box is prone to getting easily dirty and its hard to clean or the material comes off. I'm going to sell my pair and the box already looks a bit like hell, and I've barely done anything to it. Why? Just why?

    This is a tight headphone, but more than that, I'm not a fan of the earpiece shape. It’s like it's not circular enough. I'm not sure what, but it is a finicky shape and fit on my head with regards to positioning it forward or back or low or high. With these, I like to wear them slightly up and just enough forward to make it sound "right", as I find wearing it low sits on directly on my jaw bones and though it sounds a tad bit wider and treble-y, it's not in a good way, it doesn't sound like it was intended or designed to sound like that. The main problem is I feel like the back of the left headphone touches my ear too much or just fits in a way I need to fuss with. Not a pick it up and go headphone.

    Sound quality
    Overall, I would say that these headphones sound tall/tight, speaker-like, and warm.

    It has bass, but not how I expected. The sub isn't very much. When I think of dark or warm sounds, I would say dark is more deep and murky (black), and warm is less than black, it's a brown color, it's a tilt. This is like a medium brown, not too dark in shade. They have a little bit of a tilt to them but are not extremely bass heavy. Is it good enough for me? Considering I listen to a lot of EDM (not just the “genre” EDM, aka mainstream club hits, but electronic dance music in general), I would say it’s not enough for any kind of slam but it’s not bad. I was looking for something along the lines of neutral anyways. I would like more sub though.

    These headphones are all mids. I feel like the entire section is highlighted. It's present from the very first use. Something about this sounds speaker-like too, like it's similar to speakers, not a "headphone sound". This is a pro and a con IMO. It's good because it's more familiar and what I am used to in my mind, but also bad because it feels a bit off from other headphones I have experience with. Compared to my previous headphone though, DT880 250ohms, it sounds a mix of way more lively, aggressive, and “correct”.

    A bit rolled off, not really sure what else I have to say. It's just smooth, non-piercing, etc. I think I can hear part of the famous "Senhessier veil". Try songs like Hannah Diamond – Fade Away. That song has a quite bright female vocal and while it won’t take it away, it’s a bit less airy.

    Imaging is ok, not sure what else to say as it wasn’t something I tested or even stuck out to me when I was using them. Some of those "8D Nation" youtube videos sound ridiculously realistic and good on these.

    The main reason I'm selling these headphones. It's like an upright rectangle. The sound has "height" and tallness, but no width. I want to be able to distinguish different tracks in a song with ease and that is not possible with the HD6XX. Even songs like "Solo" by Clean Bandit (featuring Demi Lovato), the bass line gets shoved into the vocals on the second chorus, like merged. Stuff just becomes less intelligible. I think they are below average in this area and it's a big deal for me. I even did a little bit of research after to see if I was the only one with this issue, but I'm not. Even with cheaper headphones, I don’t find it this bad. I find they have that "forced" sound I hate so much as a result, like I am just shoving a speaker in my ear or have the volume too loud and I can't easily focus on or hear things as a result. I need to have a certain amount of space and LACK of perceived volume to be able to use them. It really is like sitting with my nose touching my computer screen and complaining that I can't make out what is around me or being mentally suffocated.

    I'm glad I tried these but they were a fail for sure. There was a small honeymoon period as I liked them for the things that the Beyerdynamic DT880 lacked, but as I got used to them, it went to crap. The soundstage is way too small and fit needs work. I would like something less mid-centric, sub-bass increase, and with a lot more separation. Before this I had the DT880 and these headphones really could not be anymore opposite. The Beyerdynamic has soundstage and comfort (!!), however it sounds synthetic and unnatural at times. The HD6XX has more realism and balance, however the fit and soundstage are nowhere near good enough IME.

    I will try the Audio Technica R70X next or the AKG Pro 712.
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  2. wu6u3
    Great Soundstage and clearness headphone
    Written by wu6u3
    Published Jan 8, 2018
    Pros - Clearness, CP high, beautiful voice, good sound stage
    Cons - A little bit tight
    I bought HD 6xx in Nov 2016. Before I got this, I already got ATH AD1000x, ATH M50x, and Massdrop X AKG K7xx. So I will compare HD 6xx to these three headphones.

    Appearance and package:
    The package is way better than Massdreop x AKG K7xx. There is a nice box and soft sponges. On the top of the headphone, there is a beautiful Sennheiser logo. Wire is detachable. I know there is some upgrade wires for this but I didn't buy it.

    It is quite comfortable when I put it over my head and ear. It covered all over my ears and the soft velvet(?) is pretty comfortable. It is a little bit tight but not as tight as M50x. I won't feel uncomfortable for several hours. Compared to ATH AD1000x and AKG K7xx, it is tighter than those two.

    I have run for more than 100 hours since I got this.

    The sound is clear and beautiful!
    The Music style I usually listen are classical music, Japanese Pop and female singers, such as Beyonce and Celine Dion.
    The voice of violin are bright. The sound stage for symphony are excellent. The dumb and cello are thick and firm. It also preforms great in low frequency.
    The female singers voice was crystal clear and bright! The sound stage are deep and broad.
    Male singers, like Josh Gorban, are also good.


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