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Sennheiser CX 200 Street II

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Pros: Isolation is really good, comfortable, sound is good in terms of bass and treble and detailed for its price.
Cons: Mids are somewhat robotic, really small soundstage.
Everybody knows Sennheiser. They are doing great job at delivering good sound for all prices. I am doing this review with price factor in thought.
First of all it is suprisingly detailed sounding headphone for me. I mean i am not audiophile or i didnt try much of audiophile gear but, they can race easily with px 100ii in terms of detail in my opinion.
It have a signature that bass is forward and treble is a little bit forward compared to mids, sounding bright.
Only thing i didnt like with sound is mids. They are some kind of robotic sounding and bad in terms of quality.
Lets talk about isolation, you can even use it on libraries. It is really well in terms of isolation. For the comfort, i can easily say i can wear it for hours without even noticing them.
As for desing, they are not fancy looking but they arent bad neither. I remember that i purchased them like 3 years ago and they still work well.

Final thoughts: Really good choice for who is looking for a in-ear with low budget. But with this value, you shouldnt look for a miracle to happen in terms of sound quality.
Pros: Portable due to Y-Split cable and L-plug.
Cons: A bit muddy, small soundstage
These are decent IEMs. One way to describe them is 'exceedingly average'. There's absolutely nothing special about them. Nothing that's so downright bad, but nothing that's really great either.
They don't sound fantastic in any way. The soundstage is a bit too small for me, and the bass is rather pushy. 
Maybe one more thing that's worth mentioning is that they're pretty durable. You can throw these around, give them as much abuse as you want, and nothing's really going to happen. 
Pros: Thumping Bass - Great Value - Hardwearing (to say the least)
Cons: Muddy Mids - Not Brilliant Clarity - Some May Say Boring?
Seeing as this is my first review for Head-Fi; I thought I may as well start with my first IEM, and with it, the start of my addiction. I bought these over a year ago and never got around to talking about them, they were my first step into the world of In-Ear earphones and one I've loved. Anyway, enough of my mementos down to the review: 
They come in plastic boxing, pretty standard for cheap earphones. Also with 3 sets of ear tips (Small,Medium + Large). No case, but to be expected. It looks neat and tidy, tips may get lost when opening the packaging though. They arn't brilliant quality, my Sony Hyrbrid's seal and feel a lot better but they get the job done.
Fit and Feel:
The're small enough to be forgotten about, which is a good thing. The tips are rounded enough not to come loose either. An L-Plug is included at the end which is brilliant along with a Y-Split, the cable is a soft matte feel which is very nice, semi-tangle free as well; it means they feel very solid and it's been proved over a years of abuse. They're still kicking. Isolation is excellent, better than my Brainwavz and Sony's. Not a lot can be heard at all. Be careful crossing the road. I personally like less isolation (I'm strange.) I have'nt tried changing the tips. I've found no need.
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The Sound: 
The sound is slightly flat. And not they're strongest point. The bass is deep and thundery and extends may up the range, its slightly one dimensional and feels a little boring. Boomy, not punchy. The Mids are almost pushed back, but not really, just a bit flat. The highs are there, nothing special, called for when needed. They don't extend very high. They're not very clear to be honest. They're muddy in places and don't evoke excitement. Soundstage is small, inside your head for sure, intimate but has decent width.
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At this price range, there's a fair few. Soundmagic's PL11's are still around, offering superb bass for the money. Along with JVC HA-FX67 Air Cushions and the excellently balanced Visang R01.
When your spending £20, many earphones sound the same. Bassy lacking some clarity. The Sennheiser's are a good choice, with thundery bass and decent width there's nothing wrong with them. The stylish design and longevity are where they really shine. At pocket money prices, you really can't go wrong.
A bit confused between CX200 Twist-to-Fit and Street II. Are they the same? If not, are Street II also "twistable"?
And, a question about sleeping. It was mentioned several times, that CX-200 is perfect for listening in the bed and falling asleep is no problem. Turning your head while lying it on the pillow with your ear doesn't create discomfort, because CX-200 is built this way and is small.
Are there any other in-ears that have got those traits while producing sound of a better quality than CX-200?


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