Sennheiser HD170 Digital Wireless Headphone System

Sennheiser RS170 Digital Wireless Headphone System

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  • Sennheiser HD170 Digital Wireless Headphone System

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  1. Mcmusicans
    "Good quality and versatile"
    Pros - Surround and Bass Boost
    Cons - fatiguing, short range
    These are enjoyable headphones as the surround really envelopes and clarity shines. Overall sound lacks a little richness, highs are overpowering. Nice punchy bass, not too much. After 1.5 to 2 hours they are fatiguing as most wireless headsets are. They are very light weight and comfortable. Having trouble with range in my house. It disconnects at 25 to 30 feet. Great for music or movies and even iphone. Bought refurbished from Dakmart for $170 and after 6 mos of heavy use, no problems.
  2. paulmaszlik
    "First Wireless Headphone"
    My first Wireless headphones.
    It has very good audio quality when you listen loseless music.
    After hours (2-3) of music listening its really uncomfortable, press edge of my ears.
    Overall very good headphone. [​IMG] I hope i can use for years.
  3. CDPlayer
    "A disappointment"
    Pros - Sound fairly decent
    Cons - Cut out when input volume is low; cups are too shallow for my ears, manual switch on
    I'm using these to listen to our TV; they are connected to the headphone out.
    I bought them to replace my failed Sony MDR-RF4000K, but I'm not too sure if it was worth it. Compared to Sony, I can't really say there is *any* improvement, maybe only when playing GT5 - Sony had a very weird problem when sound was "travelling" between ears, possibly because it was dolby-encoded? Not sure, but these don't seem to have the same problem.
    However, these come with their own set of problems, which Sony didn't have:
    - There is no auto on/off switch - you have to at least manually switch both base station and headphones on every time you want to use them, which is quite irritating in a dark room;
    - There are too many lights - base station is full of them, and there's one on the phones themselves, and two of those are constantly blinking;
    - Buttons are hard to operate by touch;
    - When source sound level is low, they start hissing/humming and then cut source sound off. The only way to get them to perform acceptably was to turn down volume on phones themselves and put source volume right up;
    - The cups are very shallow and press against my ears (which was impossible to check in the shop, as there were none on the demo), so I can't use them for very long (same as with Sony);
    - Sony's design of base station and headphones is notably better as it is much more compact and non-intrusive.

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