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Sennheiser's RS 160 wireless headphones frees you to move about the room while still enjoying the...

Sennheiser RS 160 Digital Wireless Headphones

  • Sennheiser's RS 160 wireless headphones frees you to move about the room while still enjoying the "wired" sound. By pairing exceptional headphones with a compact transmitter (which runs on either AC power or batteries), the RS 160 is a great choice for in-car DVD viewing or rocking around the house while enjoying the up-close-and-personal vibe that you get from good headphones. In fact, you can get up to 60 feet away and still enjoy audiophile quality sound. And there's no fuss when tuning thanks to the automatic (and interference-free) pairing between the headphone and the transmitter. The RS 160 wireless headphones have it all!Sennheiser RS 160 Wireless Headphones Features at a Glance:KLEER uncompressed audio transmission for interference free receptionAudiophile-level transducer systems with powerful neodymium magnets for clear and detailed audio reproductionCompact, portable transmitter - also runs on battery powerMulti-receiver mode- Up to 4 Sennheiser KLEER headphones listening to the same sourceDigital volume control with mute functionLeatherette earpads and headband cushions for outstanding comfortNo complex set-up required - just plug into the analog audio outputs on your audio sourceKLEER technology will not interfere with wireless networks or other 2.4 gHz devicesMulti-country AC wall adapterHeadphone charging cableDetachable audio cable with 1/8 inch connectors(2) AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries2 year warrantyGo wireless with Sennheiser's RS 160 wireless headphones!

Recent Reviews

  1. JonDekievit
    Great set of headphones for the price.
    Written by JonDekievit
    Published Jan 10, 2014
    Pros - Very clear audio considering they are wireless. Good bass, good mids and highs. Very comfortable. Long charge. Good range. Very portable.
    Cons - Retail cost.
    First review so go easy on me. [​IMG]
    I got these from Futureshop during their boxing week sale. First impression was quality. The packaging, although it's nothing fancy, it's well made and completely sealed. All this means is the first person to touch them, aside from assembly, is you. Which is very nice, zero chance of purchasing a returned pair without it being very obvious. 
    The package contents included some manuals I've yet to reference as these are very easy to set up. Also included a multi-continent wall plug. Comes with 4-5 interchangable charging plugs. I've never purchased anything that came with this, so I was quite impressed that instead of offering these as aftermarket add on's, they just give them to you. Also included a set of rechargeable batteries which are again of excellent quality. They say to let them charge for 24 hours before using, but who does that? I used them right away until they died, only about 2 hours. After charging for approximately 8-12 hours for the first time. I was able to use them for approximately 20 hours before needing a recharge, and I listen to my stuff rather loud so I was very impressed with how long the charge lasted. It also came with the transmitter, audio cable and the headphones. Not much to say about the transmitter. It's a nice looking little unit, easily fits in your pocket and takes 2 AA's or an outlet power source. Very portable and can easily be hidden if you don't want another piece of hardware on your desk or entertainment centre. One interesting thing about the transmitter is that it has an amp built in. You're able to adjust the volume right on the back of the transmitter.
    On to the actual headphones. I would like to note that these are my first pair of high quality head phones, but not the first pair I've used. My buddy has a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50's upon many others. These sound almost identical to the M50's, minus the fact that these are a little more bass heavy, but it's far from overwhelming the rest of the audio. The highs are very clean as are the mids, even at very high volumes there is no distortion or clipping. The bass is not heavy, but it's also far from light. I would personally call it the right amount of bass. My buddy with the M50's says they are a little heavier on the bass but I guess this comes down to personal preference. They are extremely flexible and seem to feel very durable and solid. No odd rattles or creaks. The comfort of these headphones is absolutely stellar. My ONLY complaint in the way of comfort is that the section of the ear pads where your ears fit is a little small. However, I have large ears so this could be more of an issue of mine rather than a fault of the headphones, therefore I don't think it should be held against them. I simply took off the ear cushions and stretched them over the bottom of a glass for about 2 hours. Now they fit perfectly. The wireless range of these headphones is very impressive. I work for an ISP where we have our own servers, multiple wireless routers running at all times, a few microwaves and hundreds of cell phones in one building. I'm able to walk about 20 feet away from the transmitter, with multiple walls in between me and it before these start to cut out despite all of that interference. At home I can probably get about 30-35 feet away before they cut out. One other very nice feature is that when they cut out, there's no static, simply just stops transmitting the audio.
    I didn't give the design the full bar simply because although they are far from ugly looking, they could be prettier. I would have also preferred that the headband was one cushion rather than two smaller cushions.
    My only real complaint about these headphones is the retail price of $299.99 plus tax. That's a little rich for my blood. Luckily I was able to get them on sale for $135 tax in [​IMG]! I believe Amazon's regular price is about $200 so it's a bit better, but still, keep an eye out for sales. Also as I said this is my first review, so if you have any questions I didn't cover please feel free to ask me. I'll try my best to answer. 


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