Sennheiser PX 100-II Supra-Aural Mini Headphones - Black

  1. JoeDoe
    Excellent Portable Solution
    Written by JoeDoe
    Published Dec 16, 2013
    Pros - Design, SQ, durability, case
    Cons - None so far
    The PX 100s are certainly a supra-aural can to be reckoned with. If they were about $20 cheaper, they'd beat all of the Koss offerings for best value in portable headphones.
    The bass: thick and meaty without being muddy. Works as well with Jay-Z as it does for the LSO. Even though it is solid, it never feels congested. There's enough space to make it feel natural.
    Mids: Just slightly behind the bass. Still nice and rich with good clarity. Guitars and male vocals sound quite natural without any sense of artificiality.
    Treble: Very clear without sibilance. Very forgiving yet still quite detailed. Better than any other sub $100 portable can I've heard.
    Soundstage: Best I've heard from a sub $100 portable. Whether coming from my DX50, iPod 5.5 or C3, the sense of space presented here is quite refreshing. 
    Imaging/Separation: Right on par with the soundstage. Certainly above average, although never to the point of seeming "fake" or "enhanced."
    Overall, the PX100s are getting more head-time than any of my Grados save the 225s. They are worth every penny, especially if you can pick one up second-hand. The folding design makes them easy to carry in pocket and their light enough that they can be worn for hours at a time. Isolation is quite good, although not to the point where your life would be in danger when you cross the street. If there's a better portable solution for this price, I haven't found it. Certainly recommended!
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  2. re41verse
    The ULTRA Portable
    Written by re41verse
    Published Sep 24, 2013
    Pros - Phenomenal Sound for the price, Unbeatable comfort (IEMs be damned!), Most portable headphones I know of
    Cons - A bit veiled sound (can be fixed by EQ'ing), lack of a hard case
  3. jump3r
    god of headphone for the price
    Written by jump3r
    Published May 31, 2013
    Pros - tight bass,clear mids,comfortable,fun headphones..
    Cons - recessed highs. and nothing
    for me they r the best portable headphones i have ever bought in my life. well i am only 19 now. i hv done a hd515 review too.there u can see where  rate these headphones.these r the fun headphones.. with everything almost right.. well i consider this as portable audiophile headphones.(imho ). well u can go to this link for the detailed review by katun. he did a very good review.well u will find me there too.
  4. SaturnVuk
    Stunning (They defy all logic and reson!)
    Written by SaturnVuk
    Published Apr 18, 2017
    Pros - Truly wonderfull sound quality right through the sound spectrum.
    Cons - None
    Goodness me ! ! !
    Where on earth do I start with these headphones. Firstly I would like to "qualify" myself for this review if I may. I would like to class my self as an "audiophile" on a budget. I LOVE good sound quality, and am constantly in search of ways to improve this with the budget that I have these days. This has not always been the case, I have in the past had very hi end and expensive headphones, speakers and amps.
    I currently have the AKG K92 which I am VERY pleased with and would recommend as a super well made reference headphone. I run my headphone on a mixture of PC, phone devices and my Marantz amp. I enjoy BOTH "flat" unequalised sound and having the ability to "tweak" the equalization of frequency's with my Kenwood duel channel 10 band graphic equalizer with spectrum analyser. I enjoy ALL types of music particularly the following artists and bands Genesis, Pink Floyd, Pet Shop Boys (especially extended versions), anything produced my Trevor Horne (especially the Two Tribes extended mixes!) Queen, and I have a great fondness for tracks by Will I Am (Scream and shout) and Jason Derulo - "Want To Want Me" I also enjoy a large selection of that "boring" stuff classical music.
    Okay so in addition to my AKG K92 I also have the Sony MDR XB450 YES I LOVE Bass when it is delivered with detail punch and clarity BUT I ALSO like to hear the music as close to a "flat" unequalised response as possible!!! (sometimes, I like to switch between the two!)
    Okay, back to the Sennheiser PX 100-mk2, about 3 years ago I had the original mk 1 version which I really did like, but unfortunately stood on them, anyway in my search for the best possible sound quality for the best possible price, I was drawn back to these headphones, by looking over some of the reviews, especially one in particular, I'm a member of Head HiFi the same review was also posted on there. To sum up, what he was saying was this.......these headphones he uses as his No1 set of headphones and was comparing them and holding them up to MUCH more expensive headphone (stuff I could never afford!!!) Its a VERY long and detailed review, probably even longer than this one is going to turn out to be!!!
    It got me thinking.....YES I remember with my old px100 thinking GOD these are good ! ! ! BUT I think probably been a little snobbish about the size of the headphone thinking, yea yea they are good BUT they cant really be that good because of the size of them.....can they ???
    I have received my new PX100 mk 2 now.........I have to say and concur with EVERTHING that was said in that review......... these headphone really are FIRST CLASS of the VERY highest order!!!
    How Sennheiser have managed to pack such a high quality first class audiophile sound into such a small driver is completely beyond me!!!
    The spectrum of sound and the quality that it is delivered with is simply BREATHTAKING....the ONLY limit to the sound quality of these headphones is the one created in your mind from seeing there size and your mind been incapable of believing that it is possible for such a high quality of sound to be created from something so small!!!
    Don't get me wrong I LOVE my AKG K92 they really are brilliant, but I have to say and this is no bad reflection on the AKG K92 rather a nod to just how far the Sennheisers have been able to achieve something, and a sound quality which defies all logic and reasoning when you look at the size of them........The Sennheisers have just as good a sound depth and detail as the AKG k92 and dare I say this, yes I would say ever so slightly better!
    The ONLY thing that matters to me is the sound quality, the bass response and delivery of these headphones is beyond really unbelievable !!!
    I do not care that they are open and leak sound, I do not care that the jack lead is not a fancy gold plated one, I do not care the cable look so thin, I do not care the earphone pads look cheap, I don't care they feel flimsy and fold every which way but loose.........
    When I snap them into position, place them on my head and plug them in, I smile, at the quality, the comfort, the sound stage, the depth of bass, the clarity of the mid range and highs created by these little wonders of sound engineering and sound quality ! ! ! PERIOD !
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    2. smial1966
      These are a lot more comfortable to wear if you swap the flimsy foam ear pads for the thicker ones from the PX200. :)
      smial1966, Apr 18, 2017
    3. SaturnVuk
      Nice one, thanks for that, it amazes me that Sennheiser for afew pounds more, have not released a premium version with better earpads, a thicker and better quality lead and a gold connector, I'm not complaining, like I said in my review is just the sound quality that interests me....but I'm sure they would be onto something if they did, I think it would help some audiophiles to see them in a better light and see past those cheap looking pads etc.....hay ho 
      SaturnVuk, Apr 18, 2017
    4. SaturnVuk
      Ive just been an Amazon and picked up some black soft leather pads for the PX200 and PX100 for £1.52 (including delivery lol) the original Sennheiser ones were £10
      Thanks for the recommend !
      SaturnVuk, Apr 18, 2017
  5. Pat the dog
    Excellent headphones
    Written by Pat the dog
    Published Jan 2, 2017
    Pros - Deep bass, lightweight
    Cons - Leakage, prone to cable breakage
    I've been through 9 pairs of these (more on that later). They're may go to headphones for running and commuting. Warm, smooth delivery and deep bass. Perhaps a little heavy on the low-mids, but I like it that way.
    These are open back headphones which means no external noise isolation. For safety reasons, this makes them especially suitable for running, walking and even cycling (at low volumes). But they're probably less suitable for train commutes where leakage could be a problem.
    The main problem with these headphones is that the connection inside the cable eventually breaks leaving one channel dead. I've experienced this on 8 pairs (the 9th pair got chewed through by my cat). Fortunately, the guarantee lasts 2 years and Sennheiser (NL) are quick to send out replacements. So I see these as a consumable product that needs to be replaced at least every couple of years.
    Having trouble tracking down the "i" model recently. Perhaps it's being discontinued?
  6. ElMarcado
    Mini HD650
    Written by ElMarcado
    Published May 26, 2015
    Pros - Fantastic bass quality and quantity, Mids, Detailed and smooth treble, Airy with no closed-in feel
    Cons - Clamping force is a bit high (but this is a portable mini-headphone, so if they don't clamp enough they will fall), sometimes uncomfortable
    This is one my favourite headphones. They have fantastic build quality, are inexpensive, require little voltage to be driven properly, are small and discreet, and sounds better than some pricier headphones (IMHO). 
    They also are completely non-fatiguing, and great all-rounders. They don't make bright and thin recordings sound even worse, but instead make them much more listenable. A complete win from Sennheiser. Bravo.
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    1. Rearwing
      Absolutely, my first step into this hobby came with these. You can also swap the pads out for custom made pleather ones which also add another dimension to the sound quality.
      Rearwing, May 27, 2015
  7. DerlinStiles
    Favorite on-the-go headphones
    Written by DerlinStiles
    Published May 20, 2015
    Pros - Build quality, sound quality, can hear surroundings, thick bass, comfortable
    Cons - Thick bass is pleasant and fun, but not ideal for critical listening
    My PX100-ii's just failed after 3 1/2 years of use... and I immediately repurchased. I am a professional musician and own much more expensive headphones and headphone amps for mixing and critical listening, but these are what I use on a daily basis for exercise, work, and travel.  These paired with a Sansa Clip are the perfect exercise rig!  The accentuated upper-bass/low-mids might not be to everyone's liking, but for exercise and travel I prefer this sonic signature. I love that with the PX100-ii's I can hear my surroundings.  I tend listen at low to moderate levels and, with traffic and other environmental noise, I find that more balanced headphones can sound thin.  I also don't notice cable microphonics while running like I do with my in-ears.  Are they perfect?  Well, mine did eventually fail, perhaps because I got rained on on a recent run, so maybe they're not very water resistant.  But I have been sweating on them for 3+ years and have been rained on several times before, so maybe that's not fair.  They also might start to get uncomfortable on my ears after long periods, so maybe there is a little too much tension or the pads could be a touch thicker, but mine were 3+ years old and I had never replaced the pads.  As for comparing them to the original PX100's... I  remember them being lighter and a tad more comfortable, and I remember being a little disappointed when discovering my PX100-ii's were bassier- but like I said, I grew to appreciate this.  And I much prefer the updated cable configuration (single cable to the left ear) on the PX100-ii's. The 3.5mm plug is sturdy and small (good for recessed jacks) and the cable is a good length.  Lastly, I will simply say that these sound excellent!  They may not be the most balanced headphones, but I find the "thick" bass quite pleasant.  They are great for low level listening and are never harsh.  Even poorly recorded material tends to sound decent through these (which is one reason I would NOT use these for any mixing/critical listening duties!).  IMO this is a case where they "got it right"- I hope this model is still available for the next time I lose or break mine!
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  8. HeretixAevum
    Better than it's predecessor and priced accordingly
    Written by HeretixAevum
    Published Nov 29, 2013
    Pros - Sounds fantastic, Very comfortable, Sturdy build quality, Attractive aesthetic design, Super portable, Serviceable
    Cons - Doesn't isolate, A hair less comfortable than before
    This will be a very brief comparison review with the PX100, my review of which can be found here:
    This is the most striking difference between the PX100 and PX100ii, with the latter being the far better off. The PX100 has aged noticeably, and the updated version really does look far nicer. Sennheiser have updated the aesthetics of a classic without resorting to gaudy, flashy design choices. The PX100ii is sleek, modern, dark and stylish. I think it's a really great looking headphone. I especially like the little Sennheiser logo on the arms, as well as the new cup design. The original PX100 looks a bit cheap in comparison.
    Build Quality
    Both headphones are very well built for their respective price points, but the more expensive PX100ii improves upon the build at nearly every turn. The PX100ii is a little bit larger and bulkier in it's body, so it feels much nicer in the hands and is better re-enforced. It feels more expensive and a bit fancier, a more premium headphone in it's construction. Both headphones have fantastic durability considering they're such small headphones, but the new PX100ii can old be better in this regard with it's beefed up build. Add to this durability a nice quality finish, and you feel as though you get your money's worth.
    Comfort & Ergonomics
    The PX100 was previously the only on ear headphone that I considered truly comfortable, and it's now joined by the PX100ii. Both of these on ears are very comfortable. If I had to give the edge to one, it would be the original PX100 for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's a bit smaller and lighter which gives it's feathery feel (that both models possess) the edge. The other factor is that the articulation of the swivel feature is a little more flexible on the PX100. It seems to align slightly better with the angle of my ear than the PX100ii. However, I should make it clear that these differences are marginal. I still find the PX100ii very comfortable, exceptionally so for an on ear headphone. Ergonomically the two are basically identical, but I'd give a small edge to the PX100ii since it's a single sided cable, which is a little less cumbersome and annoying with portable application.
    Sound Quality
    I heard some very mixed reports about this headphone which almost turned me off buying them entirely. Some very vocal people complained about the new PX100ii sounding vastly inferior to the original.
    To my ears, the PX100ii is a tuned up, more refined improvement at every turn of the original. The bass at first sounds like it's actually been toned down slightly, which I think it may have been a hair (and I do mean a hair because the PX100ii is certainly still warm in the bass) but with closer listening I think what makes it sound arguably less in quantity is that it's tighter and more controlled, so it doesn't bloom or bleed the way the PX100 does. The treble response is also improved, in that it seems higher in resolution as well as a bit boosted over the PX100 in quantity. Don't fear though, this is totally un-problematic regarding fatigue. The PX100 is what I'd call dark, and the PX100ii is what I'd call polite. There's more there (and in higher quality) but it's not going to set off anyone's tinnitus. This superior treble response makes the PX100ii more detailed, as well.
    While I think the mids themselves sound fairly identical, the clearer treble and more controlled bass does result in there being a more coherent sound through the midrange. Basically the mids are less disturbed than they were before, allowing you to appreciate their quality. The only negative thing I have to say about the PX100ii in the sound department, and I'm nitpicking here, is that it's less efficient than before. I have to turn the volume up one or two notches on my phone to reach the same listening level on the PX100ii as I did with the PX100. However, that's not to say these are hard to drive. You can still reach loud listening levels with these on portable players, just not quite as loud as before.
    The PX100ii are an awesome update to one of my favourite headphones. I think they're better in nearly every way, with a few little hairs to split that don't detract from the experience in any significant way. A fantastic portable headphone that leave me way happier and more satisfied as an owner than significantly more expensive (yet flawed) portables that I've owned. 
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  9. bpandbass
    An excellent beginning audiophile's gateway drug from standard earbuds.
    Written by bpandbass
    Published Nov 8, 2013
    Pros - Fun bass, compact, surprising soundstage, jack is phone case-friendly, non-fatiguing, good for all genres, discreet
    Cons - a little plebeian looking, upper mids and treble are a little veiled, some rattling with super low frequencies, no noise isolation
    There's not a whole lot I can say about these. I think they are an excellent compact headphone to have in a bag on the go, they are affordable, sound good with everything, and are a definite step up from the crummy earphones that come with most cell phones and iPods.
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  10. Armaegis
    improvements on a winning formula
    Written by Armaegis
    Published Dec 9, 2010
    Pros - ultralight and comfortable, single sided cord
    Cons - no hard case, more expensve than its predecessor
    I just picked up a pair of PX100-ii today. I've been missing the PX100, and I've been curious how the sequel improves on the first one. First impressions (comparison to original from memory)...
    Sound: the bass is a tiny bit louder and kicks harder, mids a little more laid back but a bit cleaner, highs the same. Running a frequency sweep, I think the highs on the ii are maybe a bit less wobbly. On fast bass heavy songs, the bass tends to bleed a bit into the mids. Other than that though, it just adds some emphasis to the midbass. Soundstage feels maybe a tad wider, but I might be imagining it.
    Build: a bit thicker, it just feels nicer in your hand. The one sided cable is also a nice change. Folds up just as tiny as before. I miss the hard case though.
    Comfort: If the PX100 rated a 10 on Joker's scale, this one is a 9.5 because it's just a smidge heavier. The clamp feels a bit stronger, but as these are new I'm sure that will loosen up. Otherwise, it just melts away and you forget it's there.
    Verdict: Sennheiser had a winning formula and didn't mess with it. The build is much improved, and the sound is tuned slightly towards the bass which is what the major demographic listens to anyways (though to be honest the sound signature is similar enough that it might actually be identical and it's just the placebo effect talking), while still retaining that warm midrange texture of the original. The price is up a bit, which puts it into competition with a lot of good cans, but I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone. If you already have the PX100 though, no need to upgrade.
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