Sennheiser PC 330 Gaming Headset (Black)


New Head-Fier
Pros: Competent audio quality, in-line earcup volume control, auto-muting mic, long cable
Cons: Flimsy construction, extreme clamping force, legendarily uncomfortable earcups
This headset is quite possibly the least comfortable thing I have yet experienced. The clamping force is extreme, and the supra-aural design means that the earcups are directly pinching the ears while it's worn. No amount of flexing and stretching really helps with this, and while the material the earcups are made of is relatively comfortable in itself, nothing can prevent the serious pinching issues present on these. Working an eight hour shift with these on absolutely destroys my ears to the point where they're tender to even touch at the end of the day. I simply cannot stress enough how uncomfortable these are.
As for sound quality, they're... Adequate. They certainly aren't what you would expect coming from Sennheiser, coming in closer to the territory of most Turtle Beach headsets I've listened to; That is to say, they're somewhat tinny and grainy, with muddy bass that doesn't really have any power to speak of. This is acceptable with VoIP and some gaming usage, but they certainly don't excel at music playback.
Really, that's about all there is to say about them. They're plastic, they're uncomfortable, and they're merely acceptable in audio quality. At least the (rather thin) cable is long enough to reach behind the computer.