Sennheiser OMX 90 Style Series Clip-On Earphone with Volume Control

General Information

Sennheiser OMX-90 VC earphones are high quality clip-on earphones with individually adjustable ear clips for optimum fit and comfort. The new damping system produces a detailed sound pattern for a special listening experience. High quality materials produce an elegant look, sound and feel. The OMX-90 VC also has an in-line volume control and comes with a convenient carrying case.

Latest reviews

Pros: Good sounding pair of earphones, Hard plastic case
Cons: Can be uncomfortable, Bad noise canceling
The build quality of these earphones are perfect: from the very first time you hold a pair of these in your hands you know that they won't fall apart any time soon. But this build quality leads to some issues: the housing is pretty heavy and this can make the use of these clip-on styled headphones pretty uncomfortable for some people. Noise canceling isn't really good but keep in mind that this isn't an in-ear earphone.
The product came with a set of accessories and a shell-shaped hard plastic carrying case.


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