Sennheiser OCX 685i SPORTS In-Ear Canal Headphones - Black

  1. RyanDN
    Good sounding headphones with poor design
    Written by RyanDN
    Published Jul 6, 2014
    Pros - Good sound, cheap
    Cons - Bad build, headphone easily detaches from plastic arm, easily comes out when sweating (Probably fixable with third-party tips)
    I don't have any headphones to compare them to, as these are some of my first good quality headphones. They sound great, they're pretty comfortable, if you wear them around the house, or just walking around, they stay nicely in your ear, however if you do something that makes you sweat, they don't stay in your ear well. I'm guessing this can be fixed with custom tips, but I never bought any. After a few months of use, the ear-bud detached from the plastic arm that wraps around your ear. I put some glue, which worked for a few months, but than it can undone again. These headphones served me well, but there are better sport headphones out there.