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  1. MAntonSim
    My First High-end Earbuds
    Written by MAntonSim
    Published May 26, 2011
    Pros - Crystal Clear sound with excellent details and surprisingly wide soundstage for an earbud. Not for bass-head but definitely a keeper for details lover
    Cons - MX760 has good level of comfort, but it's a bit too big for my ears that it hurts after 1 hour of listening.
    This is my first earbud after decades of not using any earbud.  I had good opportunities to try several earbuds before getting MX760.  Note:  Players: iRiver Clix, Creative ZenPlus, iPad.  My review MX760:
    Build: It's plastic but sturdy enough for long usage and travelling.  Not exactly has a bling factor, but what inside that matters.
    Comfort:  Fits well.  Cable with extension helps a lot if you are using small pocketable MP3 (short cable) or iPad (long extension).  But the size is not for the small ears. It keeps hurting me after +/- 1-2 hour of listening.  I don't use the foam, it hurts me worse.
    Bass: It's tight, very tight, no boom.  It has average impact, but the tightness gave you the details of all the percussions played in the music. I think it is the most natural sounding earbud in term of bass definition.  Not for hip-hop listeners, definitely good for Jazz, Acoustic, some Classic Rock
    Mid: Average but always there.  Vocals are clear.
    Treble:  It can give you the details.  It does smoothen the treble a bit so less ss and sh from the high end frequency.
    Soundstage:  This is where the earbud caught me by surprise and very enjoyable.  For a small piece of earbud, it has the biggest soundstage I have ever heard.  I can clearly tell and locate where the musicians are as presented.  Amazing.
    With iPad:  Use no EQ with Lossless format, it's a great combo
    With iRiver Clix: a bit of adjustment on SRS WOW settings to get the most enjoyable sound
    With Creative ZenPlus:  always use Rock EQ coz other settings sound not very exiting to me, except for WAV or lossless format, then no EQ.
    Summary:  I think MX760 is at par with Yuin PK1 with easier drive (Yuin needs Amp).  It is the best sounding earbuds that I have.


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