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Sennheiser MX 470 Stereo Headphones with LiveBass

  • This new collection of affordable a dn stylish headphones provides a wide variety to consumers, particularly young sound lovers. There are six models each for men and women.

Recent Reviews

  1. kylefrikkentoth
    Very happy with these earbuds
    Written by kylefrikkentoth
    Published Dec 28, 2010
    Pros - Nice sound, smaller size, variable earpiece covers
    Cons - Cable looks weak, but definately isn't
    I got these as a christmas present, and I'm very happy. I would have paid the $79.99 for these myself in a heartbeat. The problem with the design I had, was kind of a personal thing. I like to sleep with good music, but can't with headphones. But I sleep on my side so earphones and MOST earbuds kinda hurt, or don't work out. These, were actually very good, although I had to adjust my pillow a bit. They come with 6 different covers. Small rubber skin, large rubber skin, and foam. I use the foam ones, because they make them fit perfectly, yet you can BARELY notice them. Very good Sennheiser, I'm pleased.
  2. Loquah
    Good value earbud
    Written by Loquah
    Published Sep 8, 2010
    Pros - Simple, affordable, good sound, excellent fitting options
    Cons - None, considering the price
    These are a simple and solid budget earphone. The design is fine and the look of them is nice even if it's not amazing. I previously owned a pair of much more expensive Audio Technica ATH-EC700 earbuds and would take these Sennheiser's any day over the EC700s. Of course, the MX470s don't have the over ear support, but the sound is much more enjoyable.
    I haven't done any major sound comparisons on these phones, but I also didn't buy them to be world-beaters. I use a pair of HiFi Man Re0s for high quality listening or noisy environment listening. I bought the MX470s for environments where I need to hear what's happening around me and for that they are exceptional.
    The sound is balanced and clean from top to bottom even at lower volumes. The bass is clean and present, but not boomy and the top-end is clean, but never hissy with sibilance.
    Many earbuds are too large for my ears so I was pleased that the MX470s are a little smaller than many others, but the good news is that they come with 2 different rubber surrounds for larger ears and also 2 pairs of foam covers to soften the sound and improve comfort.
    It's nice to receive a god sized storage pouch with a budget set of earphones too. The MX470s come with a nice soft bag that's big enough for 2 sets of earphones.
    There's not a lot more to say because these are budget earphones. They're excellent for the money and an easy listen. Much better than many more expensive earphones because they're simple, clean and balanced.
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