Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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  1. Lan647
    "An excellent portable headphone! "
    Pros - Warm, smooth and engaging high fidelity audio. Gorgeous design with quality materials. Very comfortable (for me). Very light.
    Cons - Slightly excessive mid-bass and laid-back top-end may turn off purists. Soundstage isn't great. Remote volume up/down only usable on i-devices.
    On sound alone, the Sennheiser Momentums are worth every penny. But aside from being wonderful sounding, the elegant design is beautiful and luxuriant with stainless steel band, real leather and quality plastic cups in a nice, dark bronze finish. The standard cable is also very high quality, with a substantial metal remote attached to it. 

    The case isn't as large and bulky as I expected from reviews, and it's sturdy enough to keep the headphones safe under most circumstances. 

    They are very comfortable. The light weight and the materials inside the earcups ensure the fit is great, with minimal headband pressure and without heating up your ears. The cups are on the small side, so if you have large ears you can expect a tight fit. Isolation is very good, not class leading but good enough to shut out most unwanted noises. 

    Sound wise, Sennheiser really nailed this one. The Momentum is one of the best sounding portable headphones available at any price; they even are good enough to be compared to the better sounding sealed headphones out there meant for home use. I've been through most of the competition from Logitech, Ultrasone (specifically, the ED8), Sony, AKG, B&W, Focal etc and the only headphones I've heard that actually better the Momentum on audio quality alone are the recently released KEF M500s and B&W P7s. 

    The sound of the Momentum is a little on the mellow side, with a mid-bass presence definitely (but tastefully) north of neutral and a treble to the other way around. And it's actually a good tonal balance for a portable headphone; because when out and about a bass boost is preferred in most scenarios, and the laid-back treble makes the Momentum forgiving with poorer recordings. But the great thing is that the bass isn't TOO much and the treble isn't TOO laid-back. And the Momentum has very good clarity so while the tonality is definitely dark and mellow, details and upper harmonics don't get completely smeared as there is plenty of detail resolution available. Putting aside the ups and downs (literally) at the frequency extremes, the Momentum is a very transparent sounding headphone. 

    While always with a slightly thick texture, the bass of the Momentum is well defined and quite tight for a sealed headphone. Extension is very good and it doesn't feel very bloated or slow. And the treble is very good for a portable headphone, too. It has its issues, but for most people I think it will be appreciated, especially as it's so forgiving. 

    And the midrange is among the very best I've heard from portable headphones. Rich, natural, yummy and open sounding. While the headphone does lack some soundstage depth and therefore can sound a little congested overall, the midrange itself on the Momentum doesn't feel closed in at all. The midrange transits into the treble very well. I have issues with the slight thickness due to the bass and the lack of upper midrange air and presence due to the recessed treble.  But other than that, things sounds very nice and inviting. 

    With the Momentum, Sennheiser made the ideal on-the-go headphone. You get a transparent and natural sound that you can listen to for hours and that suits portable use, and you get this great sound in a portable, comfortable, practical and beautiful package. 

    Great job, Sennheiser!
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  2. Ibrastix
    "Beautiful even just to hold it in your hands"
    Pros - Amazing quality and design, sound is more than great powered just by the iPod.
    Cons - a little less comfortable at first, but now it is really comfortable.
    These headphones are surprisingly nice to look at.
    The build quality is just awesome. the materials and the looks surprised me when I saw it even though I had extensively researched it before I bought it.
    the sound did not disappoint at all either, pure, full of layers and details.
  3. sdonati84
    "Very good closed can"
    Pros - Very good audio quality, refined, balanced, never harsh or sibilant, "open sounding"
    Cons - Small cups may be a deal breaker for those with big ears
    These sound really good for closed headphones: very good detail, good bass, fantastic mids, good highs without beeing too bright or harsh sounding. Jumping from v-moda m80 I found these more detailed and extended, expecially on the highs. The sound is also more airy and the soundstage more extended.
    I also owned v-moda m-100 and while I think both are very good, I find momentum best for rock genres (like muse, radiohead,...) and as all-rounder  while I found m-100 best for dance, techno and electronic genres.
  4. guyuemuziye
    "Easy to use, easy to enjoy "
    Pros - Comfortable, balanced sound, excellent mid-range, very easy to drive
    Cons - Not very portable, ear pad is a bit small, sound stage could be better
    I'll add more when I have time...Sorry...:)
  5. the wizard of oz
    "Review Status: Work In Progress"
    Pros - SQ. Detachable cable. Light. Isolation. Real leather. Carrying case
    Cons - Provided cables: feel flimsy. Synthetic carrying case.
    Will post more soon, but I tried them briefly, and was impressed.
  6. drewmcmanus
    "Inline controls won't work with Android phones"
    Pros - Great sound
    Cons - inline controls are dead to Android
    This will be a very brief review because unless I discover otherwise, I will be returning these headphones to Amazon because the inline controls for smartphones do not work for Android phones; or at least my Motorola Droid 3. For $350, this shouldn't be an issue. The Sennheiser website has no info on phone compatibility but I purchased on faith given the company's rep (plus I've owned three sets of Sennheisers previously and have always been happy). 
    I'm simply shocked that a set of cans designed expressly for mobile music players won't work with the stock music player for the most widely used OS out there.
    Beyond that, the pads are very tiny, they barely fit over my ears; that's a minor complaint as it would have been entirely livable if it weren't for the dead inline controls.
  7. Z3disD3ad
    "Sennheiser Momentum"
    Pros - Comfort, noise isolation, detachable cables with mic, superb quality and materials, practical, GREAT SOUND.
    Cons - No gold connectors
    The Momentum have a great classic retro quality style and fantastic sound to boot. Out of the box, the headphones are setup for a great listening experience for a majority of my music including R&B, classical, rock, Jazz, 80's, 90's, trance. Of couse, with a DSP you can tune it to your liking and the Momentum handles it very well. The case, although big, offers the protection it deserves. Not sure how Senn could have done that differently. Something unadvertised is the "noise-isolation" resulting from the ear cups - it actually works just as well (if not better) than some digital noise cancelling units. Yes, the ear cup sits on the ear and will touch the circumference, this is by design and offers the noise-isolation whilst being smaller and more practical.
    The only gripe I have is that the connectors are not gold plated.
    Quite frankly, I was blown away by these 'cans', very happy indeed. In my view - straight into the Hall of Fame for these.
    >> I can't reply to comments below for some reason, I'll try to reply by editing this review <<
    EDIT 1: The unit comes with two cables - one with and one without the inline remote which I thought was a useful touch. I walk around with these headphones and listen to them whilst on the move indoors and outdoors. Prospective buyers should be fully aware of the "context-of-use" before buying these. For example, if you are considering the Senn HD 650 then they are a completely different headphone for just sit down and listen. Please be aware of this when comparing headphones. The earpads are made from a high-quality english lambs leather. Yes, not Pleather that will rot away after awhile but the softest lamb leather you could imagine. I cannot imagine how anyone can get these headphones around-the-ear unless you are a tiny dwarf, and trust me I've seen dwarfs with large ears so these are definitely around-on-ear hybrid. I use the headphones with a software DSP and playback of lossless/hq-mp3 files on an iPhone. A DSP can seriously improve listening experience and these headphones are highly capable across the frequency spectrum. I have never felt I wish it could have more bass/treble. It's just right for me. If you try these headphones in the shop you might notice the weak volume (i know i did). Just check "sound-check" and "volume limits" are off. I have great hearing and 70% volume gives a pleasant listening experience. 
  8. GSARider
    "Sophisticated look & great sound!"
    Pros - All day comfy, good bass response, stylish, excellent case, replaceable cable
    Cons - case bulky,
    Very impressed with the Sennhesier Momentum's. Sound is fairly balanced with clear highs & lows. They're stylish without being 'in your face' like various brands such as Beats. The quality of the leather on the earcups is impressive and I'm finding that I can use them for a couple of hours at a time with no discomfort.
    Using them straight into my iPhone 4S and 320kbps tracks from spotify is giving me excellent sound and I'm happy to use these without my Fiio E17 so that I can make / receive calls whilst out & about. Call quality is good and no one has commented on external sounds or sounding distant.
    Sound isolation is surprisingly good and I'm happy to use these on my daily train journey into London and home. It also helps that the Momentum's are relatively lightweight compared to other headphones that I've used.
    I love the case supplied, it's well thought out, lightweight and the biggest plus being that there is no faffing around having to remove the cable to put them away, a small compartment takes care of that. It is however slightly too bulky for my normal work bag - however I did buy that to tote around a MacBook Air + iPad, so it is smaller than most.
    Overall they are stylish in an under stated way and sound is pretty impressive and I'm happy to use the Momentum's on a daily basis.
    Bought in the UK for £250
    Video review and pics below



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