Sennheiser MOMENTUM

  1. ale3hs
    Great closed headphones
    Written by ale3hs
    Published Nov 30, 2014
    Pros - Excellent sound quality across the band, comfortable, light, great build quality and looks
    Cons - Isolation not perfect
    Replaced my daily cans HD-25 -1 MKII, still use both but the momentum's are bit better i think. Only minor gripe is that the isolation isn't as good as the HD-25's but like I said, they do sound a bit more refined even before breaking them in. Can't go wrong if you're looking for closed over ear cans in this price range. 
  2. bpandbass
    A truly great portable all-rounder. Just make sure the comfort is there for you. (feat. quick comparison to the Sony MDR-1R)
    Written by bpandbass
    Published Nov 11, 2014
    Pros - Stable on the head, exquisite feeling, more comfortable than most supra aural headphones, linear, coherent sound, great bass performance,
    Cons - Not comfortable enough for long listening sessions, big case, cable coating material and pricey replacement, thin headband padding, expensive
    I will get my bias out of the way first: I really enjoy the sound of many Sennheisers, and in my opinion the Momentum Full Size is the best sounding portable I have tried, and the best all-round sounding consumer-targeted portable headphone on the market. 
    Appearance-wise the Momentum is, as I mentioned, an exquisite feeling headphone. It reminds me of that modernist British industrial design that is the Bowers and Wilkins P5 and P7, but more classic or vintage looking (cough cough hipster) and with aluminum instead of stainless steel. The headphone is basically an aluminum headband with two ear cups fastened on. The headband padding and earpads are made from lamb leather and the ear cup housings are made from glass-filled plastic. The ear cups are tension-adjusted by sliding them up and down on the headband; there is no ratcheting or click adjustment. My Momentums are the black model with red cabling, a black with red stitched carrying case, red stitching on the headband, and red cloth covering the driver baffle plates inside the ear cups. The ear cups are a matte finish, which does concern me about picking up scratches. The cable connecting the left and right channels is the same material as the input cable, and may worry some people as the wires are exposed and may snag on something and tear. As for appearances out on the street, the Momentum doesn't immediately look like a theft magnet or something that shouts "I'm super expensive". It's a bit like the Audi A4 of portable headphones. At first sight it might look like a much cheaper-priced retro style headphone like the Panasonic RP-HTX7, and to me adds to its value of being able to be used in public. Overall I wouldn't say the Momentum Full Size isn't as sturdy as the V-Moda Crossfade M100 or the XS, and the padding due to the delicate leather material is less durable than the Alcanatara on the Momentum On Ear. But the earpads are replaceable.
    The cable is a mixed bag for me. Sure it's a good looker, has a metal fob with 3 button iOS controls, a good microphone, and an aluminum jack with a 90 degrees of movement variable adjusting plug. But the rubber coating the cable is thin and develops kinks rather easily. I am also concerned about the lack of strain reliefs on the terminations to the ear cup, the input connector, and the remote fob. But after a couple accidental tugs rest assured there was no breaking and the connector simply detached from my phone. As for spares, the Momentum does come with a plain spare straight cable, but with no remote and no variable angle jack. And because the cables terminate to a 2.5mm connector on the ear cup with a bayonet lock, getting a replacement should you destroy the iOS cable requires you to buy a genuine Sennheiser cable at a cost of 70 dollars, or 50 dollars for the Momentum On Ear cable that has no metal fob body and a 90 degree fixed angle jack. Ouch.
    On the bright side there are plenty of manufactures (usually from China) on Ebay offering aftermarket cables made specifically to be compatible with the Momentum's 2.5mm connector, with iOS controls for a much lower price than a genuine one. And if you want to go crazy, I believe there are some cables purchasable for the Momentum made from pure silver or copper and silver. For an arm and a leg of course. The case is nylon coated, has a sturdy zipper, is padded inside with a hook and loop pocket to store your cable, but it's big in size and requires you to push the ear cups all the way to their top positions in order for them to fit into the slots. 
    Now onto comfort. The headband padding is rather hard and splits into two rails. This can cause some digging into the scalp if the headphones are not adjusted properly. I usually sit them flat on the top of my head and am usually fine. The headphone is also rather light so this helps. The Momentum was advertised initially as an around-ear headphone, but for most people it isn't. The ear cups are simply not wide and tall enough for most peoples' ears. I find that the hard cartilaginous areas of my ear tuck inside the cups and rest against the cloth inner walls, but the bottom of the pads rest on top of my earlobes. I have big ears, so if I don't adjust the cups just right, I find the hard areas of my ears pressing against the plastic baffle plates, which can hurt over time. Since they still fit around the larger areas of my ears, they are more stable and won't just slip off, but since they are very cozy and squeeze the edges of my ears, I find that I have to take the Momentums off every hour or so to let my ears breathe, and then I can put them back on and resume listening. Prolonged wear without a break causes my ears to become hot, sore and pinched. In my opinion, this is the biggest drawback that can spoil the overall experience of the Momentums and their initially lofty 350 to 400 US dollar price tag. They sound so good that you will want to listen to them for hours on end, but your ears will likely object to this prolonged listening session. 
    And finally the sound.
    I purchased the Momentum Full Size after briefly owning the Momentum On Ear and returning it due to not liking its signature. I found the On Ear to not only make my ears red hot and sore from as little as a half hour of wearing time, the treble was too splashy, the mid bass too overbearing and the vocals too withdrawn and the headphone rather unsatisfactory for genres other than pop, hip-hop, trance, dance and harder hitting house music. The Full Size Momentum is a much different sounding headphone. The Momentum to my ears has a linear enough response that from bottom end to the lower treble, there is plenty of information portrayed. If one looks at the frequency chart, the Momentum has an almost flat curve from the sub bass to the lower treble, where it begins to roll off. Now some people will argue that the Momentum is slow, muffled, and bass heavy. I argue that the people who say that are likely treble heads. For you guys I recommend the Bowers and Wilkins P7. 
    There isn't an up front treble that gives the Momentum an immediately forward and sparkly sound. So it may sound shelved in the vocal range or slightly echoey. But once your ears adjust to the sound signature, you will find that they have a sound that goes well with almost every genre. The treble still has plenty of detail, but is never harsh. To me it's more subdued than it is softer. 
    The mids have a liquid sort of sound to them that while they may seem polite, have plenty of energy in the vocals. The upper mids have a little bit of a glare or splash to them that may become blarey at higher volumes with trumpets, saxophones, and female singers, but for most of the music I listen to (soul, smooth jazz, Spanish guitar work, Japanese electronica, baroque, pop rock, house, hip-hop, Arabic pop and drum and bass), this isn't much of an issue.
    The bass is really where the Momentums shine. The bass from the lower bass to the upper bass has excellent presence, impact, detail and is never overblown. The mid bass to my ears has a bit of that Sennheiser wooden-like bloominess (like the HD650) that makes it a tad loose, but it never becomes one-note or droning like the Momentum On Ear became. The upper bass blends into the lower mids excellently without adding an overly chesty sound like the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 did to my ears, or adding too much forwardness to already forward mids, making the headphone sound honky (like the V-Moda XS). The sub bass is done exceptionally well. It has plenty of tightness, rumbles when it needs to (for drums and hip-hop) quick decay (the notes don't hang around and sound muddy), and isn't overemphasized. So it doesn't sound boomy, slow, loose or overly rumbly. The bass to my ears on the Momentum is exceptionally coherent. It doesn't have an overboosted upper bass with a woeful bottom end, making it sound honky or overly warm at times (like the AKG K240 Studio/MKII). It doesn't have a droning, over boosted mid bass like the Momentum On Ear. And it doesn't have a conspicuously powerful sub bass with a thin upper mid bass and sucked out upper bass, making it sound overly bottom heavy with an unnatural and lean transition to the midrange (like the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 on a solid state amp, the Sennheiser HD380 Pro, and Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro). 
    Sound character-wise, the Momentum reminds me of a closed back, slightly less hi-fi HD650 with a more boosted bottom end, a slightly less forward midrange and more shelved off-sounding vocals. If black on the Momentum isn't for you, there are two other color options. There is brown Momentum with oliveish/coffee brown colored padding and satin-finished cups, and the ivory Momentum with tan ear cups, medium brown headband, and black earpads and black padding inside the headband. I have read that with cleaning the leather on the brown Momentum can turn black or darker after a while. So if this is a concern, the black Momentum or ivory version with their black inside (i.e. the parts that touch your scalp and ears) padding may be a better choice. In retrospect, I wish I chose the ivory Momentum over the black model due to looks with my phone being white, but the black model is still a good looker, and probably blends in better with my blackish hair. 
    Quick comparison with the Sony MDR-1R
    The Momentum has a more impactful, fairly forward, and harder hitting sound than the Sony MDR-1R, which is a headphone with a more dreamy, sweeter, diffuse midrange, wider soundstage imaging, a softer treble, and a bass that dives off after the upper mid bass. The MDR-1R has a distinctly Japanese-style sound tuning (politer, laid back and tuned more by the ear), whereas the Momentum has more of an ear and frequency measurement-tuned sound. It's a more German sound but with warmth. The MDR-1R is softer and much more of a polite, relax-with-music-in-the-background sort of sound; whereas the Momentum is a more forward, demands-to-be-up-front sound, with a subdued treble. One suits a listening mood more than the other. While the 1R is more relaxing to listen to and more comfortable to wear, the Momentum grabs my attention more and is a funner listening experience. 
    1. Prolificaudio
      Awesome review man thanks it made a great read! Whats the opposite word for relaxed sound? Forward? Agresive? I cant figure this one out.
      Prolificaudio, Jan 14, 2015
    2. bpandbass
      Forward/Aggressive are two terms that you could you interchangeably as the opposite for relaxed. 
      bpandbass, Jan 21, 2015
  3. Hifi Man
    Average headphones, build quality suffers, looks like a retirement home
    Written by Hifi Man
    Published Oct 7, 2014
    Pros - They're comfortable. Sound quality isn't bad
    Cons - They're ugly, they aren't exciting, they're poorly built, they're not worth the money
    I got these headphones about a year ago. During this years I used these headphones on a constant basis. I had previously upgraded from the Sennheiser Amperior which hurt my ears (because the on ear design crushes the shape of my ears). Getting into the details
    Build quality:
    Where do I even start? The flimsy stainless steel headband. Some of the metal in the headband is cut out making it forked. Immediate when I first got it I was disappointed. It feels flimsy and it actually bends! I'm not kidding. I'm not talking about flexing. I think most headphone bands are flexible. I mean you can bend it into different positions. I shouldn't have to worry about bending my headphones. I have to mention this IN BOLD PRINT: The cables are crap. Both of the cables that came with the headphones broke within half a year apart of each other. There are two cables that come with the headphones. One with volume control and one without volume control. Both of the cables break near the plug that goes into your audio device. Cables that only last half a year are very bad. They don't work on android or old apple devices.
    The look:
    These headphones have leather on them. I didn't think about it when I first ordered them, because I was too enthralled with the good reviews to be thinking clearly. What the hell though, leather? Is this the stone age? Leather is very susceptible to wear. I had a leather jacket when I was younger and I couldn't wear it in the rain, I couldn't throw it in a wad, and it would tear and I had to get it fixed. It's not a practical material. The headband just curves around the head in kind of a unnatural looking way. It leaves a lot of space between the head and arches awkwardly. The earphone cups look average. You'd think I got these at a clearance sale at target for some headphones going for a faux designer look. I hate the way these things look. The Amperior (or the Aluminum as they call it now), kills this thing in terms of looks. I love the utilitarian look of the Amperior.
    I gotta give it to Sennheiser, these things are comfy. Much more comfortable than the Amperior. I can wear them on my head for quite a while and I never get hurt. So stars to the Momentum, for not causing me pain...
    The Sound: 
    So here's what everyone cares about. The sound. Well I'm not impressed. I tried a pair of Sennheiser Amperior headphones TWICE. The difference between the Amperior and the Momentum is the Amperior is fun, and the Momentum is dull. They're both detailed. The Momentum is laid back though. It has an edge over the Amperior in sound stage. It's not like the Sennheiser HD650 where I hear things coming out of the headphone and I have to take them off to see if the sound came from the headphones or inside the room. I listen to mostly extreme metal and hardcore punk type stuff, with the occasional indie rock, post rock, shoegaze, slowcore, folk, and whatever else thrown in for good measure. I'm kind of split between the sound of the Amperior and the Momentum though. Because while the Amperior was "fun", it wasn't actually that fun... it just had a brighter sound. The Momentums are not very bright, but they are a tad more spacious than the Amperior. I would choose the Momentums over the Amperior in terms of sound quality. Not sure if it gets much better in terms of portable. I'm just an average customer, not some tycoon who can test out all the brands. So I won't try to act like I have the last word on their sound over some of the experts in sound quality here at Head Fi. 
    In conclusion, I feel ripped off. I know everyone likes these headphones, but they just have way too many drawbacks. I wish I would have gotten the V-Modas back when I was deciding what portable headphones to get. The new V-Moda XS just came out and I might end up getting those. I'm not sure yet. Don't buy these if you don't want to feel ripped off.
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    2. julian67
      Glad to hear yours seem to be genuine. It's such a horrible feeling to find you have bought a counterfeit (I've been there with flash drives and microSD cards and batteries). However much you don't like the product it's better to have something real than a fake because you can at least sell it honestly, and Momentums (and Sennheiser's pro/premium products in general) do hold their value very well. Personally with a relatively expensive product that doesn't please me but which commands a decent price used I would just sell it and try something else and put it down to experience.
      julian67, Oct 7, 2014
    3. Hifi Man
      I got mine from VMinnovations in exchange for the Sennheiser Amperior sometime in June of last year.
      Hifi Man, Oct 7, 2014
    4. Prolificaudio
      I had to go out of my way just to tell you how hard your description made me laugh! "Looks like a retirement home." hahaha
      Prolificaudio, Jan 14, 2015
  4. MacroPower
    Descent headphone if you want something portable and stylish, but falls short overall, especially considering the price.
    Written by MacroPower
    Published Aug 20, 2014
    Pros - Very warm mids, great overall construction, fantastic design, descent isolation
    Cons - Lacks detail, almost no soundstage, earpads very small, expensive
    I've owned the Sennheiser Momentum for about a year now. Though it is aesthetically pleasing, and very sturdy overall, I can honestly say that it isn't worth the $300.
    I enjoyed the mids, which are very warm and smooth. However, treble sounds very veiled. I enjoy headphones that roll off a bit on the treble, but the Momentums just take it too far, yielding very muddy high frequencies. Bass is adequate, even without an amp, but again, the lack of detail hits the bass hard. I believe these headphones simply lack detail in all frequencies, and while the mids benefit from that by acquiring the warmness that acoustically pleasing, the other frequencies fall behind quite a bit.
    The soundstage is almost nonexistent. I have owned cheaper closed headphones and IEMs that produce a much better soundstage. The isolation is fairly good though, so I can't complain too much.
    The leather earpads are nice and soft, however, they don't do much to help comfort for those of us who have larger ears. The Momentums simply are too darn small to feel comfortable, and I had to constantly take them off and have a break because my ears were hurting quite a bit. If you wear glasses, it's a lot worse. They are very light, however, so if you have small ears, I'm sure these will work fine for you. The clamping pressure can begin to hurt your scalp after long periods, but this isn't too much of a problem (or, more accurately, it is simply a problem for so many headphones that it is easy to overlook).
    Also, the leather does wear down quite quickly.
    Though these headphones don't need an amp, I did have to turn the volume up to 90% on my iPhone to get to a descent volume. I didn't notice much of an improvement in sound quality when I did use an amp, however, they do become significantly louder. Sadly, due to the fact that they are a very slow, closed headphone, turning the volume up a little will result in a further loss in quality.
    As far as the design, these headphones do look very nice. They are sturdy, and I never found myself worried about breaking them. That alone might be enough to make this headphone worthwhile to some. However, again, I simply don't think it's worth the $300 it costs.
    Overall, it's just too expensive to recommend. Again, I own other headphones that are cheaper, sound better, and are much more comfortable than the Momentums.
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    1. goodyfresh
      I had a chance to demo the Momentum in a store the other day, listening to various tracks with it for about 20 minutes from my Fiio X3ii, and no matter what genre or track I listened to, I was struck by the same issues as you:  An almost complete lack of soundstage, and sub-par detail.  I get that these are closed-back over-ear, but my lord, there is seriously NO soundstage.  People seem to love these headphones, but I think you will agree with me that for the most part they have been seriously over-rated and over-hyped.
      goodyfresh, Aug 1, 2015
    2. theuprising
      Mids and bass have decent, mid-fi, level clarity something is wrong with your unit or your ears.
      theuprising, Nov 7, 2015
    3. 16 Bit Bowser
      Great review! The Momentums were my first "real" headphones, I like them mainly for that reason. By no means are they bad, but I totally agree ("other headphones that are cheaper, sound better, and are much more comfortable than the Momentums") Also the ver. 1 didn't fold.
      Nice Work!
      16 Bit Bowser, Mar 24, 2017
  5. HyperDuckling
    Best portable headphone
    Written by HyperDuckling
    Published Aug 6, 2014
    Pros - Balanced sound, Design, Build to last
    Cons - A little discomfort efter long wearing sessions
    Ok so, this was my first ever "hi-fi" headphone, and my first thoughts were "Why haven't I cared about audio before now?" I was literally blown away, coming from the cheap "gaming" headsets (Gamecom 780, Corsair 1400 etc.) these just sounded so much more clear and "clean". The bass reaches down quite low, without being emphasized, the mids are just perfect, and the highs are high without being harsh.Not only is the sound great, these things are also built like a tank, not only are the ear cups made of genuine leather, the headband is also made of one piece of stainless steel, so I don't see these breaking any time soon :)
    I started using it just straight of of my pc (Realtek ALC 889) and HTC ONE (m7), and I really enjoyed the sound. But then I got a little more "into" the whole head-fi world, so I bought myself a Firestone Fubar IV, and that little thing just increased the sound quality one bit. So if you're purchasing this for "on-the-go" I'd definetly look into at small portable amp/dac combo.
    Just to quote Tyle from Innerfidelity: "I dont think I've ever heard a headphone that does so much, so very well"
    - Now for the comfort issue I was talking about: If you have big ears (or just a little above average) the earcups could easily get to small for your ears to fit nicely, I personally don't find this to be a problem for short listening sessions (1hour) but for a long flight (or whatever :) these do get uncomfortable, and my ears start to hurt.
    - Enjoy your music :)
    1. HyperDuckling
      Btw. for music I listened to all kinds: hip-hop to pop to classical, all in FLAC format (1000kbps) or 320kbps mp3's :)
      HyperDuckling, Aug 12, 2014
  6. Tom22
    A Perfect All-Arounder: What more can you want for a portable headphone?
    Written by Tom22
    Published Jul 14, 2014
    Pros - immaculant design, durable headband, soft earpads, lightweight, beautiful sweet sound, great isolation (enough for bus, and subway)
    Cons - wanted a bit more treble sparkle and energy. more forward female vocals
    This was Sennheiser’s first stab at the lifestyle consumer market, and to say the least I think they succeeded beyond my expectations! The Momentums are a probably the most well rounded headphone (in all aspects) I have ever seen/heard. I think because of how well the Momentums executed in the all the sections I listed below, this makes the Momentum an easy recommendation for basically everyone. Click on the youtube link for a condensed video review
    Accessories/ Features
    The headphone come in a hard shelled carrying case rather large, about half the size of my 13-inch macbook pro (see the picture below).  Inside you see the case is perfectly molded to the shape of the headphones. Something to note, you can keep the cable attached to the headphone even when storing them away (a huge plus in my book, so you don’t have to detach and reattach the cable too often). In the middle you see an oval shaped piece that is attached with Velcro, lifting it you can store your cables and other accessories here.
    Something to note, you have to retract your headphones each time when inserting them back into the carrying case.
    The headphones come with 2 detachable cables both 1.4 m in length (perfect for portable use), both have a special twist and lock mechanism once inserted into the left earcup of the headphone. Something to note, the side that connects to the earcup is 2.5mm while the other end is 3.5mm (for your audio device). One is a stock audio cable with a straight jack. The second cable has a IOS remote and mic (3 button remote, for play/pause/rewind/fast-forward and Siri), made of entirely metal. The remote cable also has a very unique feature on the jack(which is made of metal), which swivels and allows it to be both a straight, 45 degree, or  l shape jack, so they can fit with whatever your preferences are. Very nice touch!
    Overall: 9/10
    Design and Build quality
    Upon unboxing the momentums (click the youtube video below) 
    You can see I absolutely gushed at the quality of the materials used to make these headphones.  The design is a very minimalist, yet slightly retro. It’s a headphone that screams quality, that can easily appeal to a wide population (that comes in black, brown, and ivory). A design that’s truly exquisite and timeless.
    The headband padding and the earpads are made of a sweat and water resistant leather. The headband itself is a 1 piece stainless steel band, very sturdy.  The headband is split at the top, to allow for better ventilation (reducing hotspots) and allow for greater stability.
    The earcups are made of a high quality matte plastic (doesn’t pick up fingerprints) and swivel to easily fit anyone’s head shape and size. That adjusts based on friction, sliding up and down. (once adjusted the headphone does not slide around unless intended).
    Every part that touches your head when wearing it is made of leather, metal.  Very premium indeed.
    Both cables are of medium thickness and with adequate strain relief and easily replaceable on sennheiser’s website.
    Overall: 9/10 (the size adjusting function (based on friction) is unique but I question its longevity, especially if your retracting and extending (when using the hardshell case)
    Comfort seems to be a hit and miss, as noted here on head fi, and many other reviewers, the earpads are small for a full size/over ear headphone, some stating their ears don’t fit inside making these into on ear headphone.
    My ears fit inside, the edge of my right ear touches the fabric on the inside, so those with bigger ears should definitely try these. The edge of my right ear touches the fabric on the inside, so those with bigger ears should definitely try these. However despite all this, I found the comfort superb, the combination of the soft, silky earpads and the light clamping force allows these to be comfortable while remaining secure. These like many over ear headphones do cause some sweating on a hot day, but for the most part the earpads are breathable and doesn’t lead to discomfort.
    The weight of these headphones are about 190g. making them very very lightweight for full size headphones. And even though the headband doesn’t have a lot of padding, because of how lightweight the headphones are this isn’t an issue at all.
    Overall: 8.5/10
    I felt the passive isolation was very impressive. These can be used in even the most demanding environments, from the library all the way to subway commuting. They won’t isolate as much as a pair of deep sealing earphones but for full size headphones, their very impressive.
    Overall: 9/10
    Sound quality: I continued to be amazed once I put these headphones on and started listening. These headphones really are a fantastic all- arounder. Every song I listened to, the Momentums reproduced marvelously.
    Bass: the bass on the momentums is slightly emphasized, and it reaches very low, and has adequate tightness, and is very nimble. It’s the kind of bass that played well with a wide variety of music both at home and on the subway (where its competing with the loud screeching wheels and people talking).
    Midrange: I found that for acoustic or ballad tracks the momentums reproduced the tranquil atmosphere beautifully, and was dry, and very natural sounding. I found the momentums did favour male vocals over female vocals, so the male vocals does have a bit more body and character. The female vocals have the same amount of clarity but they sound a bit thinner, this was probably done to prevent fatigue from of those powerful female vocals, which can be a bit much when listening on other headphones.
    Treble: The treble on the momentums is relaxing and does have a bit of roll off. Those that listen primarily to more electronic based music may find the treble a bit lacking in energy.  However, the treble is very articulate and the trade off for that extra treble energy allows it to never be fatiguing (a plus for long term listening).  I would like just a bit more sparkle on the treble for it to have a bit more air.
    Soundstage: In terms of soundstage, its rather vast and 3D sounding. I’m surprised at how open it sounds for being a closed headphone. Instrument layering is impressive and while remaining open at the same time.
    Overall: 9/10
    Portability factor
    These can easily be worn around the neck when not in its carrying case. With no restriction in head movement. See review below. The Momentums however don’t fold up, but I think this helps keep the weight down without losing durability. They were intended to play off Smartphones, and it does not require any external amplifier.
    Overall: 8/10
    Overall I felt that the momentums are an amazing set of headphones. It has easily become my first recommendation when some wants something that’s stylish, portable, durable, yet lightweight, while at the same time sounds amazing. Yes you can have your pie and eat it it.
    Total Score: 52.5/60 = 87.5%
  7. LukeRJ
    Pricey but worth every penny! Proud to call my own.
    Written by LukeRJ
    Published Jun 23, 2014
    Pros - Good materials, warm bass, powerful treble and fantastic build quality.
    Cons - Not Android compatible and can get uncomfortable after a long time.
    I am not very experienced with high end headphones but the second I put these headphones on my head, I wanted them. They are made of the best materials, smooth leather ear pads, aluminium cups, stainless steel sliders and leather upon the top of the headband too. The leather used is supposedly lamb leather. There is plenty of treble and ear-booming bass. I think the aluminium ear cups help aid the sound as if you put your finger on them, they vibrate boldly with the driver and makes a feel which you just can't get with plastic. They offer great adjust-ability not only because of the sliders but how the ear cups swivel around onto your ear perfectly. However after around 3 hours of wearing they get slightly uncomfortable and so I then wear them on-top of my ears almost like on-ear when they start to get uncomfortable and carry on listening no problem. The cable is virtually indestructible except a bit of plastic broke on the end of one, it took my full body weight at the time don't ask how I managed that but the wire itself still works fine. The cable is constructed using materials you will find in race suits and are acid resistant. I would have liked to see a cable with Android compatibility. Also the locking system on the cable entry to the headphones is very handy! But this does prevent you from just using any cable, not only because f the lock but the jack itself is a tad smaller than 3.5mm making it unique to Momentum headphones. Overall very pricey but worth every penny!
    1. PhilW
      PhilW, Nov 6, 2014
  8. SonyMDRer
    Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear Review... inspired by Lachlan !
    Written by SonyMDRer
    Published May 10, 2014
    Pros - Relaxing sound signature, lightweight, excellent build quality, beautiful mid-range
    Cons - The relaxing sound signature might not be for everyone
    First of all, I would like to thank Lachlan from lachlanlikesathing (Youtube Reviewer). Before I saw Lachlan's Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear review, I was never really interested in reviewing headphones. However, after watching his video review, it inspired me to make my own headphone reviews. And now, half a year has gone by... I cannot help but say, thank you because it has been a really fun journey.
    Okay, enough about where my inspiration comes from... Let's focus on the main topic, the review!
    What can I say? I think this is a great example of what a good closed-back headphone should be! Let me start by saying, this headphone is not for everybody.
    To begin, the build quality of this headphone is fantastic, it really showcases what one can buy with $299 as it demonstrates with excellent build quality and the material used for the headphone which included huge chunks of metal and leather padded on both the top of the headband and the earpads. I was surprised, with the combination of these materials, the headphone turned out to be so light and so very comfortable! I believe one can wear this all day long without having any neck fatigue. Furthermore, the headphone comes with a lot of accessories which included a very well padded hardcase for travel (although it is quite bulky, it appears to be very durable) and 2 cables (one of the cables have the Apple IOS controls, and the other is a place cable... both of which have locking mechanisms) and lastly, a 1/4" adapter.
    Now... with all the nice features in this headphone, it does not make a good headphone unless it is combined with the sound quality, and here it is where opinions will differ. The overall sound quality of this headphone is rather dark (not in a bad way), relaxing, and very laid back which means that the headphone has a really smooth low-end bass region, and a rather huge treble roll-off (which may steer some people away from this headphone). I argued that it may steer some people away from this headphone because you would lose a lot of detail in the treble region, and it would provided a non-energetic sound signature that may not please everyone. However, if you are after a relaxing headphone, then look no further, the Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear is here for you.
    For a more detailed review, please see my video review located here:
  9. messi
    Can headphones get any better than this in this price range?
    Written by messi
    Published Apr 8, 2014
    Pros - Build quality, balanced sound, perfect bass, splendid treble
    Cons - None
    These are my first pair of over-ear headphones (I have owned several earphones) and I am amazed by everything on these. Prior to purchasing them, I was looking for quality sound and stylish headphones and would rather have sound over style. I wanted headphones that aren't too hard on the bass and would like the bass to be above average and rounded (not exaggerated), plus treble should be just right. Options I have considered are ATH-M50x, AKG K545 and Sennheiser Momentum. I use them mainly for music like hip-hop/rap, trap and house on my phone & laptop and rarely (once/twice a month) use them for movies/TV shows on my laptop.

    First impressions matter: packaging is wonderful and it felt amazing opening the carrying case to take out the headphones. Also, they sound perfect with the genres I listen to. I don't need to adjust EQ for the bass or anything else. Perfect and rounded bass and the highs, mids and lows are 5-star. Comfort is 6/5 especially because my ears are a perfect fit. Build quality is 6/5 as well, love the leather and aluminium touches. I've got to be honest and say that I was very hesitant when buying these since I was very worried about the bass because when I tried them in my local store, the bass was very low and to the extent that I was ready to return them if I didn't like them. Surprised. Very surprised by the superior quality of the bass.

    Very highly recommended headphones for anyone looking for both sound quality and style. You really do tell they are worth the $300 you paid for.
    1. thatBeatsguy
      To answer your question "Can headphones get any better than this?"
      My answer to that is...most likely.
      thatBeatsguy, Apr 8, 2014
    2. messi
      Coming from a person who uses Beats. I was referring to headphones in this price range. May as well edit that.
      messi, Apr 9, 2014
  10. dodi
    I won!!! I won!!!
    Written by dodi
    Published Apr 8, 2014
    Pros - Light weight, awesome sound, great isolation.
    Cons - So beautiful everyone will try to steal them
    So for anyone who wondered about the David Bowie inspired headphone contest, there were 2 winners and I am one of them. I never thought I would own such a great pair of headphones. I have heard people say that the ear cups were a little too small, but they do seem to conform a bit after wearing. The great part about the small size is that I can lay down while listening to music. I cant do that with my other full sized headphones because they are just too bulky. 
    Another great thing is that these headphones do not seem to be starved for power when running off my phone, unlike my other full sized headphones. The sound isolation on these also seems to be very good so i am expecting to use these quite a bit on my 14 hour plane flight. 
    In summary, a beautiful sounding and great looking pair of headphones. The case is also a work of art. Great job Sennheiser, these headphones are perfect for my or any cell phone.
    1. kilspeed111
      Congratulations, I'm jealous haha!
      kilspeed111, Apr 8, 2014
    2. SantosLHalper
      Congrats!  Those special bowie momentums looked awesome!  
      SantosLHalper, Apr 14, 2014
    3. Johnny Sockhead
      Congrats you lucky Diamond Dog!
      Johnny Sockhead, Apr 15, 2014