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The MOMENTUM headphones makes the famous Sennheiser sound quality tangible. It is reflected in...

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

  • The MOMENTUM headphones makes the famous Sennheiser sound quality tangible. It is reflected in the material selection of these refined headphones – the use of supple, breathable leather for the headband and earcups, displays our commitment to style. Reflecting its technical excellence is the use of high-performance neodymium magnets for extraordinarily rich and detailed stereo sound. Also, the circumaural capsules ensures perfect listening enjoyment without ambient noise.
    For excellent connectivity, the headphones are fitted with a 3.5 mm stereo jack and with nominal impedance reduced for mobile players. An additional cable with an integrated smart remote and microphone is included for easy management of tracks and calls.


    Closed design – Closed circumaural headphone design isolate against ambient noise
    Ease of use – Integrated smart remote with in-line microphone for ease of use
    Finely selected materials – Luxurious and tough breathable leather headband for optimum sweat and water resistance
    Premium comfort – Soft and supple finest leather earpads for excellent wearing comfort
    Maximum durability – Metal-constructed earcup slider for maximum durability and custom fit
    Convenience at its best – Hard carrying case for maximum portability
    2 year warranty

Recent Reviews

  1. PinkyPowers
    The Jefferson Airplane of Headphones - A Review of the Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear
    Written by PinkyPowers
    Published Feb 26, 2016
    Pros - Raw, spacious, carefree sound. Excellent build and materials. Beautiful design.
    Cons - Microphonic. Lacks sonic refinement. Hardwired for Single-ended cables.

    Sometimes there’s this manic impulse that takes hold and makes me buy stuff at the drop of a hat. I wrestle with it all the time. A horrible need reveals itself for that missing piece of your system, and suddenly you can’t sleep until you place that order.

    I can’t give you a logically compelling narrative as to why I bought these headphones. I’m just glad I did.

    Most of my listening is done at the office, where I sit at a bench all day working with my hands on electronics, testing, repairing, etc… Most of the time it doesn’t take a great deal of thinking. For the first nine months at this job, I was alone with naught but my thoughts, day after day, as my hands toiled. There are no words to describe how darkly weird and kinky it is inside the rickety confines of my psyche. So it became necessary to always, always, ALWAYS have a means by which to distract the villain who governs my subconscious. There would likely have been global ramifications had I not decided to put something in my ears to help the days pass.


    Slowly, I’ve upgraded, piece by piece, to Summit-fi territory, and currently use the JH Audio Angie for most of my work/mobile listening. At home, hooked up to my fully balanced desktop rig, are the Audeze LCD-2.2 Fazor, and the Sennheiser HD600.

    As diverse as they may seem, these headphones share a lot in common. They are all capable of warmth, without ever losing their air, detail, and imaging. This is the signature I look for in all of my equipment. I am neither a bass nor treble-head. I want everything in balance, with a nice rich timbre tying it all together. The mids are primarily where I find this happens. So perhaps I’m a mid-head?

    At times I simply don’t want to put something in my ear. Maybe I’m not up to messing with fit and seal, or there’s earwax I just don’t feel like dealing with. Or maybe I’ve just had Angie in for too long. She never grows painful, but after four or five hours your ears do get tired. The point is there are plenty of reasons I desire a portable over-ear solution. On-ear was never an option. No matter how soft the padding, that constant pressure inevitably turns to white-hot agony after about an hour.

    For a time I thought the B&W P7 was the headphone for me. Certainly, the Oppo PM-3 has a strong allure. Indeed, I’ll most probably get the Oppo eventually. As I researched the matter, the Sennheiser Momentum 2 kept calling to me. Worshiping as I do at the altar of the HD600, I can’t imagine where this attraction came from. Also, that retro aesthetic is killer.


    What clinched the deal was when the price suddenly dropped all across the internet, from $349 down to $249. On top of that, I had accrued $50 worth of Amazon credit. So from a certain perspective, I got a set of phones, which I was willing to spend full retail price on, for only $200. That’s half what those other two choices are going for.

    Upon first laying hands on them, I was filled with wroth and dismay, for I was certain they had sent me the On-Ears by mistake. These things are just so small! Then I tried them on, and my ears fit perfectly within the circumference of the pads. The Momentum 2.0 is comfortable. They have a luxurious feel. Genuine Leather, stainless steel, highly sturdy construction. I never fear accidently breaking these. Is it possible? Probably. But a normal fall shouldn’t do it, and you’d have to really work at it to snap off the cups or destroy the headband. Again, stainless steel.

    I must admit, at first the M2 sounded underpowered playing from my Astell & Kern AK120II. Not that it couldn’t be driven loud enough. By 90/120, the SPL was already where I like it. No, it merely seemed hollow to my ears. Angie presents a fuller sound, as does my backup IEM, the ATH-IM03. The LCD-2 and HD600 are powered by the beefy Audio-GD NFB-28, so they too are driven to their fullest. The Momentum felt like it had untapped potential from a DAP. Yet the whole bloody point of this purchase was to use it with my AK! As you might guess, I was distraught.

    It took a few days before I grew accustomed to its sound. Call it hardware burn-in or brain burn-in, but I eventually discovered a lust for the Momentum’s sound. On my desktop amp the music is meatier through the Senns. What I hear from a DAP is a lesser M2. Nonetheless, there’s still that sparkle, engaging bass, and glorious timbre. In other words, the Sennheiser sound is intact.

    The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 renders an almost loose, sort of raw, easy-going sound. It’s the Jefferson Airplane of headphones. It would take very little to make this signature awful. For these Senns, though, it’s all brought together with that sweet character as the fabric of this tapestry. I can understand why someone wouldn’t like these. They’re not tight or controlled, or all that smooth. They aren’t dark or bright. They’re just a little warm, reckless and wild. If you’re akin to me in any way, that fun, effortless sound that never fatigues is surprisingly welcome.

    On the Shanling M2, which I have here for testing, they lose some of their vibrancy while growing warmer and somewhat creamy. The combination is lovely.


    You may find this rather predictable, but no less than three of my co-workers own Beats. Solos, I believe. I gave two of them a little time with the Senns. They know nothing about them, probably never even heard of Sennheiser, and I told them only that I wanted to hear their impressions on how they stacked up. The first co-worker said the M2 sounded clearer. He thought it must be because his Solo was a few years old now. I merely smiled. The other man said it sounded pretty good if you don’t mind sacrificing bass. I nodded knowingly, thanked him for his impressions, and took the Sennheiser back.

    I don’t have extensive experience with Beats, though I do try them out every time I find myself at BestBuy or MicroCenter. The M2’s bass is more textured, and though not as exaggerated, quite fun and heavy in its own right. The mids are clearer by a large margin, with a degree of detail and personality Beats can’t match. Neither is great with treble. Where the M2 really dominates Dr. Dre is in tonality, which is Sennheiser’s specialty. Both the HD600 and M2 possess this natural, earthy quality other manufacturers would kill to achieve.

    The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, like Beats, is great for mobility. The carry case fits inside my messenger bag, along with two IEMs and my AK120II, and all the non-audio boring stuff. I take these cans whilst walking or jogging. Often I’ll wear them on my long drive home from work, instead of using the car stereo. When I’m out shopping or doing errands, you may see a hairy man with cream-colored cans bound to his head. They even sound surprisingly capable and bass-y from my Galaxy S6.


    Yes, I’m awfully fond of these babies. They’ve proven to be everything I needed, filling that over-ear void in my arsenal of portable gear. To pull me away from IEMs like Angie, they have to be comfortable as hell and sound really ********* good. And while Angie sounds better in a lot of ways, the Momentum 2.0 holds its own, and offers that singular full-size over-ear flavor that IEMs can’t match.

    I still desire to try the Oppo PM-3, or maybe something bigger and better yet. We’ll see. Right now, this niche is met, and by the sexiest of the lot.

    You’ll see that custom cable goes through some changes in these photos. I was honing my DIY craft and figured this was a fine headphone to experiment on.



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    1. Sennheiser
      Sennheiser, Mar 22, 2016
    2. PinkyPowers
      In the first week of owning the Momentums, a co-worker stopped me and said, "You look cool," pointing to the headphones upon my dome. He said it in a mocking way, but I noted he never commented on all the Beats floating around the office. The Momentums really stood out.

      He stopped me again today, inquiring about these stylish beauties. I let him listen for a bit. Then he asked about the price, and cringed. Then he asked how much he might be able to find them for used.

      PinkyPowers, Mar 22, 2016
  2. heavyarms
    An Allrounder. Stylish and enjoyable for most genre of music
    Written by heavyarms
    Published Jan 23, 2016
    Pros - controlled mids and bass
    Cons - not true over ears for large ears, costlier
    I got the pair 6 months ago and I am loving it.  It's my portable pair and even though it doesn't fold you hang them around the neck (only good thing about the small ear cups)
    Design & Aesthetics:
    Build quality is top-notch.  They feel sturdy on head and I thew them in my backpack several times.
    I would like to label them modern with a subtle Retro touch.  Looks great on head.  Isn't bulky at all.  The cable is also thin and won't cause discomfort.  The bundled case is hardshell type covered with suede type material.
    Comfort:  When I got them I didn't find them comfortable for long listening sessions.  The ear cups weren't big enough to be truly called over ears.  However after using for couple of weeks the clamping force reduced (I did use force to reduce strain on the headband - Steel bands rock) and the leather pads helped a lot.  Now I can use them for long hours - 4+ hours comfortably.  
    p.s I do wear glasses.
    Usage:  They are easy to drive and hence I use them without amp.  I tried with FIIO E07K DAC/AMP but wasn't worth to carry around additional bulk for a tad increase in performance.  
    Summary:  I am not going to talk too much over the sound quality as there are quite a few reviews with detailed analysis on same.  I would recommend these pair of headphones to anyone who would want a stylish, portable, all-rounder headphones and with a budget of $200-$220
  3. zambz
    A really well built warm sounding headphone
    Written by zambz
    Published Dec 3, 2015
    Pros - Incredible bass, neutral mids, amazing quality build, excellent accessories
    Cons - Lacks sparkle in the treble region, can be a bit uncomfortable after a while on bigger ears
    I recently bought myself the Momentum 2.0 over-ears and have a lot of good things and a few bad to say about them.
    I really love their build quality, the feel of the buttons on the provided cable and the excellent case provided.  The leather pads smell and feel wonderful to the touch and it's clear that Sennheiser have not held back on the best quality materials here.  I feel comfortable travelling with these and listening to them everywhere I go including the train, work and walking.  The ear cups are still a little small for me and slightly touch my ears which gets uncomfortable after an hour or so.  I do usually have to give my ears a rest to let the discomfort go away.  They also clamp a pinch on the tight side which I presume may loosen over time, but mine hasn't yet.
    Overall, I personally feel that these headphones shine with electronic genres and a lot of modern pop which has a lot of electronic elements.  The bass response is extremely solid and just the perfect amount for EDM without being over the top.  I just enjoy listening to dance music with these headphones, they have this wonderful punch and extend extremely low such that you feel the rumble of any sub bass.  I really love the mids too, they are really neutral and not recessed so vocals and instruments are represented very clearly.
    My biggest gripe with their sound signature is the treble.  It's really laid back and rolled off such that you really lose clarity.  I find that this is most important for genres that use a lot of acoustic instruments and real drums such as country.  I can't say that this headphone would be my first choice if you're primarily listening to such material.
    The soundstage of these headphones is good but not great.  I have heard closed cans (SRH-840, BeoPlay H6) with wider soundstages, but the Momentums do have a decent width which works really well for music such as EDM where you are mostly focused on the centered kick drum and sub bass in the tune.
    Overall, I recommend this headphone with a few caveats; do they fit your ears comfortably?  are you OK with a rolled off treble and slightly more narrow soundstage?
    For a good comparison of a headphone that has a more open and sparkly but less punchy sound to these, check out the BeoPlay H6s which are much more mid and treble focused with a less present but tight bass.
    1. PinkyPowers
      What's your source? On a decent DAP I find them extremely clear and detailed. I've used mine with the X5 Classic and the AK120ii, and both deliver a very clear, clean and open sound.
      PinkyPowers, Dec 3, 2015
    2. zambz
      Hello PinkyPowers, I incorrectly posted my review on the Momentum instead of the Momentum 2.0 page.  I have tried various sources, but ultimately they are unamped.  I have tried via my iPad, HTC One M8 and MacBook Pro.
      This may be relative to other brighter cans that I find these a bit dull.  Perhaps try to compare them against the Shure SRH-840s or the BeoPlay H6s to see what I mean :)
      zambz, Dec 4, 2015
  4. uncopy87
    Written by uncopy87
    Published Nov 4, 2015
    Pros - Good for its price
    Cons - overrated
    I personally think it has great sq and all. but compared to my bose 25 its not better imo. And bose is much more comfy and much more sound isolated. 
    But this could just be my opnion. And i have only had this for 2 days.
  5. Cathcart
    A "consumer" headphone a notch above the rest
    Written by Cathcart
    Published Oct 14, 2015
    Pros - Resonant, full bass, sweet mids, excellent build quality, aesthetics (subjective)
    Cons - Small ear pads, bloated at times, lack of treble extension, expensive, isolation
    BACKGROUND: I listen to a wide variety of genres, including classical, rock, funk, jazz and more. This is my first review on Head-Fi.
    I was on the search for a good closed headphone that sounded good (of course) and didn't make me look like an alien with lobotomy machines on my head. After looking around a bit, I decided on the Momentums. They go for a street price of $220 on Amazon (for the ivory ones; the other colors are cheaper). However, the SRP of $350 is quite a bit steeper. I've had these for 6 months now and these are my thoughts on them.
    When the Momentums arrived, I was greeted with premium packaging that - thankfully - reflected its premium price. The very substantial box opens by pulling a fancy tab at the side. A clever little compartment under the box's cover contains all the literature - the manual and warranty included - and is handy for keeping the paperwork away neatly. Then in the lower portion of the box nestles the Momentum case, resting on lots of foam filler. The Momentums are inside the case.
    The package includes two cables - one with an Apple remote and lovely machined swivel jack, and another stock universal cable. Very classy. Sadly, the beautiful jack is only on the Apple cable. The cable will still play on most Android devices, but the volume controls won't work.
    The Momentum's hard case is a zippered affair with the Sennheiser logo subtly embossed on the top. It has one problem, though: it's gargantuan. It's the kind of thing that would probably warrant being carried on its own rather than being stuffed in a bag. At least it looks fine. Inside the case, a mold for the Momentums is found, though unfortunately the headphones have to be adjusted to the smallest size in order to fit in it. One of my favorite things about the case is the Velcro compartment that holds the extra cable and the 1/4 converter (oh, yeah, it comes with that too).
    The first thing I'll say about build is that there is practically no plastic on the Momentums aside from the cups. The brushed stainless steel headband exudes quality. The leather on the pads and band is actually genuine from Britain, and it only adds to the phones' premium feel. One thing I've noticed, however, is that the adjustment slider on the left has loosened ever so slightly, meaning the headband may not be perfectly even on your head. The effect isn't very noticeable, but it's still worth noting. Thankfully I wear these on the largest size mostly so I generally don't experience the problem.
    Fit, Comfort, Isolation
    Here is where it gets a bit messy. You will probably have read the reviews that complain about the size of the earpads and the poor fit. I will tell you right now that the earpads are indeed small. Not enough to affect me too much (I have medium-small ears) but some have said the the discomfort is "unbearable" for them. Fit these before you buy them. Or buy them from a store with a good return policy. I myself don't have these problems unless I listen for more than 4 hours, but better safe than sorry.
    The cups are also small enough not to isolate too well. I can hear conversations loud and clear. With music on, I can even faintly catch the hum of the electric fan (though I always turn it on to the highest setting). This kind of takes away from its use as a portable headphone.
    The market for consumer headphones is huge, and it seems Sennheiser was targeting this audience with the Momentums, so I conducted all tests on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Exynos version with Wolfson DAC).
    Bass is definitely boosted (sometimes to the point of bloat) but hits satisfyingly hard. On "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" by Arctic Monkeys, the impact is definitely felt throughout the song. Bass detail leaves a little to be desired - particularly on "The Sinister Minister" by Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Victor Wooten's soulful bass line isn't done complete justice because of slight mud. Resonance is excellent, though, giving a more powerful presentation but a bit of boominess as well. The bass is for those who value impact over detail in the low end.
    Mids are sweet, providing a pleasant experience. Female vocals in particular seem to do well. On "Quelqu'un M'a Dit", Carla Bruni's almost murmured French comes off as playful and fun with just the right rasp. Meanwhile, "Dope Nose" from Weezer's album Maladroit gets a really nice crunch on the guitar. The piano on Jacky Terrasson's "November" sounds very pleasing. However, some voices can seem boomy on a bad day; an example is on Green Day's cover of "Working Class Hero", where the vocals seem chesty. Overall, though, I like the Momentums' mids.
    We run into a few problems when it comes to treble. Lack of extension and sparkle make the Momentums sound dark. "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits plays great on these cans in general, but I do find there to be a certain airiness and shimmer that is lacking. Darker sound does make the Momentums more forgiving with poor source files, though.
    Soundstage is better horizontally than vertically. It at least avoids the in-your-head feel that would probably ruin these cans. They are still closed, though, so don't expect to be placed in the middle of your favorite band.
    The Sennheiser Momentum are a great choice for anyone in the market for good portable cans with a more refined version of consumer sound. While they are a tad dark and boomy, bass is still visceral and the buttery mids make up for it. Even more positives come with the build quality, style and accessories. Overall, though, it's more than the sound that makes these cans worth getting. Sennheiser has pulled off "premium" very well with the Momentums and the whole experience of owning them contributes to the purchase. That's not to say they sonically slouch, though!
  6. istirsin
    Definitive Value (Comparisons to MH40, P7, & H6)
    Written by istirsin
    Published Aug 21, 2015
    Pros - Value, Size
    Cons - Bass, Fit
    Disclaimer: First review. I'm as excited about writing this as you are about reading it from your computer/tablet/phone that is framed on the wall for all future generations to abide by as law.
    Accurate ratings
    Pretty comfortable even with glasses on. The ear pads are soft leather but they're not so comfortable that you'd lose yourself in them.
    My ears do start hurting a bit after 2-3 hours. 
    *Note: This is all considering these go around your ears. See more in "Design".
    Isolation is good and pretty typical of a closed-back headphone.
    One of the better looking portables and have a certain factor of classiness, especially in brown.
    Hit-or-miss design. They may or may not go around your ears due to the small ear cups. My ears are slightly below average and they do barely fit me. 
    The detachable cable uses a 2.5mm connector when most connectors are 3.5mm so replacement cables are a bit harder to find. The cables look fragile near the strain reliefs but they hold up quite well.
    These are light and the footprint of these is comparable to on-ear headphones. They easily go around my neck. It's also easy to toss them in a bag (without the bulky carry case) without worrying too much because of the flexible metal headband. They don't fold but I never needed them to. Great portability in my opinion.
    *Note: Over time the single metal headband has loosened up a bit and the seal isn't as good as it used to be. I still get enough isolation on the bus but i do have to turn up the volume 1-2 notches higher.
    Treble/Highs: Rolled-off like most closed portable headphones, so they sound recessed. Can be remedied by using a treble boosting EQ but this can drastically cut down listening time due to the listening fatigue caused by high frequencies.
    Vocals/Mids: The strongest part of the sound. Pretty clear, no complaints really. 
    Bass/Vocals: Bass: Bass is clearly emphasized but not to bass head levels. Whereas the quantity is a good amount for base appreciators, the quality is lacking as it sounds loose and bloated. Basically, you'll notice the bass more than anything else but it won't have a satisfying impact or get your foot tapping.
    Soundstage/Imaging: Average, maybe even below average, but they never sound congested.
    Overall these will sound good for any genre of music.
    Strongest point by far.
    At the current Amazon listing of $160 - $180 USD these are great value as they easily beat the similarly priced ATH M50/M50x in overall sound quality and portability. You'd have to spend at least $400 to get a noticeable improvement in sound quality from good looking portable headphones. 
    Personally I prefer in-ear monitors at this price range (e.g. RHA MA750) because they can offer better balance, and especially better highs, without EQing. The Momentums are still a great bet if you prefer a a more-or-less full-size headphone.
    Master & Dynamic MH40: The MH40 is better in every way in comfort and design but are more seal dependent (so no glasses). They have a retro look and are the best looking headphones I've ever used. They also have a rolled-off treble but the bass has a very satisfying impact and the soundstage is better. The overall sound signature is more dynamic, punchy and in your face. These are much more fun to listen to and are my favourite headphones for moving along to music. Overall a step up in sound quality.
    Bowers and Wilkins P7: These fold up nicely but they're too big and uncomfortable around my neck. Comfort is good, but not as good as the Momentums. Isolation is decent but not the best since I could make out full, but muffled conversations even with music on. They look the most upscale and classy with a nice leather finish. The sound signature is V shaped so the vocals sound noticeably pushed back and is the least favourable for me in presentation.  The sound is cleaner and clearer with more bass and much better treble and soundstage than the Momentum or MH40. Bass can be a bit boomy at times and isn't as as impactful or clean as the MH40.
    BeoPlay H6: These have a similar cool and classy look like the Momentum but do it better, and with better comfort to boot. Isolation is better than the P7 but slightly less than the Momentum. Sound signature is neutral so it's very analytical and the least "fun". Treble and soundstage are either as good as the P7 or better. They have the best vocals out of all the headphones and thus sound a little cleaner and clearer than even the P7. The bass there but it's underwhelming and not emphasized in the slightest. It's not loose like the Momentum or boomy like the P7, but it definitely makes these boring to listen to without an amp. These are the only headphones that require an amp to be brought to "life" but the sound shoots up more drastically than any of the previously mentioned headphones amped.
    *Note: all of the above headphones are $400 USD 
    1. Tom22
      impressive first review! keep it up! i think a lot of the momentums are hovering around $120-140 now... amazing deal for them beauties 
      Tom22, Aug 21, 2015
    2. istirsin
      Thanks! I saw them on buysonic for $110 too. It's crazy that I spent almost 3 bills when I got it haha.
      istirsin, Aug 22, 2015
  7. trebleisking
    really good all round portable headphone with awesome design and comfort
    Written by trebleisking
    Published Aug 10, 2015
    Pros - design, comfort, mids, bass, clear, isolation
    Cons - soundstage, thin cable, treble is a bit rolled off, expensive
    I'm going to preface this review by saying that I don't consider myself and audiophile and that these are my first proper pair or over ears, coming from some fairly nice IEMs.
    Design: I bought the ivory colour variant of these headphones and I think they look great, the perfect stitching on the headband, the torque screws used in the construction of the headphone, the polished plastic on the earcups and the little things like the colour matched cloth on the inside of the earcups combine to make this a very attractive set of cans. They are also very sturdy with the metal headband and earcups feeling quite durable. Unfortunately the cable is not quite as good, as it is very thin and the strain reliefs are not particularly good. One of my favourite little design features of these headphones is the jack, it can be rotated from straight to 90˚ and any point in between and is very handy. The momentums also come with a very nice, colour matched, hard carrying case. The case is very nice and I appreciate the inclusion, however it is a bit of a pain that the earcups must be adjusted to the smallest setting to fit in the case.
    Comfort: I have seen people complaining about the size of the earcups, saying that they are too small for an over ear headphone and I understand these complaints but it isn't something that has affected or bothered me. The headphones are extremely light which makes them comfortable for long periods of time (I regularly wear these for around 3 hours). Due to the lightness the momentums get away with the barley padded and rock hard headband. The lamb skin leather on the earcups is very soft and supple and once broken in is fantastic. One extremely minor gripe I have with these cans is the clamping force, they clamp very lightly and for a portable headphone I feel that this is a slight problem as they don't feel the most secure when moving around.
    Treble: The treble on the momentums is very clear but is slightly recessed and rolls off quite quickly. The majority of the time I have no major problems with this, but some of the really high notes in guitar solos lack the impact that I would like. Due to this I don't know if I would wholeheartedly recommend this headphone for classical music.
    Mids: These headphones really shine in the mids, they are not recessed at all (unlike so many other headphones I have tried in this product category) and are crystal clear. Male vocalists sound fantastic and I really enjoy the mids of the momentums.
    Bass: Straight away I'm going the say that these cans probably aren't for you if you are a bass head (I am not at all), as there is not a huge amount of base. However what is there is tight, punchy and doesn't bleed into the mids and I find the bass adequate for any sort of music.
    Soundstage: This is probably my biggest complaint with the momentums, the soundstage is almost non existent. If you are looking for an open sounding headphone these are not what you want, they sound like you have two speakers strapped to your head and it is hard to determine where instruments are in recordings. 
    Isolation: The isolation is a strong point of the momentums, they don't leak much sound at all and once music is playing background noise is not really an issue, but due to the shape of my jawline the bottom of the earcups don't seal perfectly against my head which stops the isolation being perfect.
    I am extremely happy with the momentums and would recommend them to anyone who wants a good looking portable set of headphones as long as you are willing to pay the admittedly high price of admission and don't want loads of treble or a big soundstage.
  8. YoYo JoKeR
    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0: Regained its Momentum
    Written by YoYo JoKeR
    Published Jul 31, 2015
    Pros - Strong Build, Comfortable, Decent Sound Quality, Portable
    Cons - Flimsy Cable

    Me: I am an amateur musician & avid admirer of music. I would like to call myself a music enthusiast, rather than an audiophile. I was inspired by music since childhood, and as the time passed, the passion of music grew in me, and that subsequently led me to join Head-Fi. I usually like to listen to Indian Classical Music along with Bollywood songs. My main listening genres include classical, vocal, instrumental, jazz and sometimes pop.  With time, my sonic preferences have very much grown. I avidly admire transparency, accuracy along with neutrality, I mostly listen to full sized open back headphones and my favorite headphone is AKG K812, which I run from solid state amplifier. I prefer & admire transparent solid state headphone amplifiers simply because they provide best possible accuracy, transparency & reliability.
    I am an average consumer & a humble enthusiast, I like to pen down my thoughts, & I love to express my feelings. I do not receive for any sort financial benefits through this review. My articles are a purely honest writeup aimed for fellow enthusiasts here at Head-Fi community. My profound thanks to Sennheiser for arranging a sample unit of  Momentum 2.0 for my evaluation.

    Intro:  The brand which needs no introduction. Sennheiser is a world leader when it comes to Audio, I am a proud owner of their HD600 headphone since many years. Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. is a private German audio company specializing in the design and production of a wide range of both consumer and high fidelity products, including headphones & headphone amplifiers.
    The company was founded in 1945, just a few weeks after the end of World War II, by Fritz Sennheiser and seven fellow engineers of the University of Hannover in a laboratory called Laboratorium Wennebostel . The laboratory was named after the village of Wennebostel in the municipality of Wedemark where it had been moved to due to the war. Its first product was a voltmeter. The company was renamed 'Sennheiser electronic' in 1958.
    In 1968, Sennheiser released the world's first open headphones. The introduction of open headphones had an impact on the headphone market as they were able to produce a more natural sound that many users preferred. The original open Sennheiser headphones, the HD 414, propelled both the Sennheiser headphones brand, as well as growth of the company with over 10 million units sold, remaining even today the best selling headphones of all time. In 1980, the company entered the aviation market, supplying Lufthansa with headsets.
    In 1987, Sennheiser was awarded at the 59th Academy Awards for its MKH 816 shotgun microphone.  In 1996, Sennheiser received an Emmy Award for its advancements in RF wireless technology. Also in 1996, Sennheiser became a private limited company (GmbH and Co. KG). Since then, Sennheiser has maintained its tradition of high quality audio technology, and still maintains those high standards today.
    Professor Dr. Fritz Sennheiser passed away in 2010. In October 2013, Sennheiser received the prestigious Philo T. Farnsworth Award at the 65th Primetime Emmy Engineering Awards in Hollywood. 
    Momentum headphone are closed back & primarily designed to be used for portable/mobile purposes. Momentums are easy to drive, are efficient. Momentum 2.0 are the improvised version of original momentums with optimized design.
    Specifications of Momentum:
    18 Ω
    Jack 3.5 mm four pole
    Frequency response
    16 - 22000 Hz
    Sound pressure level (SPL)
    110 dB
    THD, total harmonic distortion
    < 0.5 %
    Contact pressure
    2,8 N
    Ear coupling
    Cable length
    1.4 m and1.2 m detachable
    Transducer principle
    Dynamic, closed
    190 g
    Load rating
    200 mW


    Packaging and Accessories: The Momentum’s arrive packed inside a  premium black cardboard box. Once the box is opened, There is a portable case, inside with the momentum is resting.
    List of accessories in the box, which include the following:
    Headphone Cable: About  a metre and half long, terminating in 3.5mm, 4 pole. Contains volume controls and a mic.
    User Manual: Contains instructions to operate the Momentum and other warranty information.
    Carry Case:  This rubberized case can be used to store or carry the momentum’s  are when not in use.
    Points awarded:  9/10 (Excellent packaging, great quality, ample accessories, but miss the 6.5mm converter)

    Design and Build:  Sennheiser Momentum has a top notch build quality. It employs metal constructions in important areas like frame.  For padding & cushioning, genuine leather is used. 
    The headphone itself is not as big as it looks in pictures, it is very compact & nimble. Headphone length adjustment is fine and smooth, we can adjust the length freely without any notches. Finishing is excellent, no rough edges.  Cable has a mediocre build & design. Cable feels flimsy. Headphone connection is 2.5mm type and have twist it in the headphone, sometimes not very reliable. 3.5mm right angled jack can be connected to audio source. Sennheiser missed to provide a 6.5mm converter to connect momentum to headphone amp’s. The Momentum is foldable and hence perfect for travellers & music enthusiasts on the go.
    Points: 8/10 (Excellent build on headphone, but cable connector is not reliable. Cable is flimsy)

    Comfort:  Though designed for portable & casual listening,  Momentum’s are decently comfortable to wear, but not suitable for longer sessions.  These ear pads are very soft & flexible in nature, which ensures in better comfort & adoption without compromising consistency, and also in durability of the pads themselves.  Momentum feels light in weight, which is a plus for comfort. 
    7/10 (very good, but lacks room for ears being an over ear design)

    Sound:  Momentum tries to give maximum possible sound quality even when on move. It almost succeeds in its objective, Lows: are punchy; have a strong impact. , the lows go very deep with punchiness. They also have an appreciable amount of body & quantity. Mids are presented in slightly warmer tone. Highs are Clear & alive. It has  Fairly good amount of space to prevent fatigue while listening. I would say decent soundstage for a closed headphone. Not too airy, but not congested either.

    Comparison: Let us take a brief look at other popular top notch & excellent performing headphones available in similar price point. I consider MH40 headphones by master & Dynamic to be a worthy mention & a competitor to Sennheiser’s Momentum.  You may read  my review on MH40 here http://www.head-fi.org/products/master-dynamic-mh40/reviews/12581
    Master & Dynamic MH40's: These are too priced similarly to that of Momentum, and these too are designed to be efficient, music on the go & over ear closed design. Build wise, MH40 wins hands down. Its build and design is far more superior than that of Momentum. In terms of comfort, Momentum wins with a good margin due to its light weight & foldability. With respect to sound, MH40 provides a more ‘audiophile’ grade smooth & refined signature with warm presentation. Momentum gives out a clearer presentation with better clarity. Overall, I would prefer MH40 over Momentum 2.0 as MH40 triumphs Momentum in terms of Build & sound quality. Momentum is  very efficient, reaches loud volumes from weak sources too. but slight compromise has to be made in terms of quality. Again this is intended for portable uses, so it is fine.

    Conclusion:  A good set of headphones for music enthusiasts on the move,  build quality is very good except the cable, which is flimsy. Sonic performance is satisfactory for a portable headphone. The momentum is definitely comfortable & light. Sennheiser has done a good job these. The momentum is primarly a headphone primarily intended for "On the Go" situations with smartphone or DAP as a source.
    Overall I would rate Momentums  7 out of 10

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    2. twister6
      @kar13 : apples and oranges?  More like humans and aliens lol!  One is a full size set of cans with a warm smooth bassy signature, geared more toward Beats generation, while A83 is a 3-way hybrid with dynamic and BA drivers tuned for a more critical audiophile listening.  I don't have Momentum 2.0, but do have Momentum 2.0 Wireless (reviewed on head-fi, search a link in my profile), and there seems to be a lot of resemblance to wired version and wireless version (in wired mode).  I personally prefer wireless because internal DAC changes the sound to make it more balanced, more detailed, and with more expanded staging - biggest difference being a tighter scaled down low end.  A83 is your choice if you like a detailed clear sound and still don't want to sacrifice a bass, offered by their dynamic driver.
      @YoYo JoKeR - great review YoYo!!!  Keep up a good work!
      twister6, Jul 31, 2015
    3. vaibhavp
      if you want top tier sound go for fidue.
      if you want fashion accessory go momentum. you can buy something from HD5XX series if you want comparable sound minus good looks/portability for much lower price. 
      vaibhavp, Aug 1, 2015
    4. kar13
      @twister6 thank you for the input!i am and will never be a beats guy unless they rebrand senn hd800 and sell them at 200$..lol
      detailing and top notch transparency is essential for me.as for the aliens jury is still out on their existence..lol
      @YoYo JoKeR thanks..these are only for home.i already have fidue a73..i don't know if these will be an upgrade over a73 in sound quality.
      @vaibhavp for me sq is very imp..looking for a signature that is equal to or better than a73 in transparency, maybe with a touch of warmth..
       if you guys have other suggestions, please let me know...
      kar13, Aug 1, 2015
  9. Chiek
    Life in Technicolour
    Written by Chiek
    Published May 30, 2015
    Pros - Portability + magnificent sound
    Cons - cups are too small for people with big ear flaps
    This pair of beauty have unseated my AKG 551 as a my favourite portable headphones to go with my ipod touch while I enjoy my spotify playlists.  
    Coldplay´s "Life in Technicolour" is an excellent track to test drive headphones. After a good listening of my other headphones, Momentum brings out the colour in the song more vividly and brightly.  I wear them proudly boasting better taste than people who wear beats. Utter unashamed snobbery. 
  10. De1taE1even
    Buttery mids, but boomy midbass and rolled off treble
    Written by De1taE1even
    Published Mar 24, 2015
    Pros - Build quality & looks, good mids
    Cons - boomy midbass, rolled off treble, ear cups too small
    I like these headphones, but they've been ultimately replaced by P7's, due to their shortcomings.  The Momentums have a good presentation overall, but just isn't the kind of sound I'm looking for.  I do like a fair bit of bass in my headphones, but I like it to be controlled.  The Momentums seem to be a bit loose down low, and are boomy in the midbass (250ish range).  The mids are very well balanced and revealing, and are definitely their strength.  Vocals are fantastic through these headphones.  However, the treble rolls off pretty quickly.  This, paired with the boomy midbass, and I didn't like them for many of the genres I like to listen to (Rock, Metal, House).  Vocal and classical music would be a great match for these.  All that being said, my overarching biggest complaint with these headphones, are the ear cups.  They're simply too small.  I have small ears, and they still wouldn't fit all the way in the cups without a lot of moving around and settling.  Even once my ears were finally seated inside of the cups, my ear lobes were bent, so I'd constantly find myself messing with the fit because my ears would get bothered.  If you have very small ears, you'll probably find the fit to be very nice, and comfortable.  All other ears will be displeased.


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