Sennheiser IE 7 In-Ear Monitor Earphones

General Information

The incredible, all-new IE 7 brings you intimately close to your music with critical detail via the dynamic transducer system, outstanding customized noise isolation and convenient accessories. Enjoying music should be simple- the IE 7 is the epitome of functional design. The sophisticated lines of the IE 7 are ideal for the latest musical masterpiece or audiobook when on the move. Included are three sizes of ear adapters that ensure a perfect seal to block out ambient noise and reveal the details of your music collection without the discomfort of most other in-ear headphones. The ear adapters can be mixed and matched to suit any ear, guaranteeing a customized fit. Painstaking effort was made to measure optimum cable lengths and ear adapter sizes to ensure an ergonomic, simple use with no cable-tangling-hassle. The IE 7 stores quickly and safely in the included carrying case.


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