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Sennheiser IE 7 Earphones


Recent Reviews

  1. akgK340owner
    Counterfeit? Highest end not musical
    Written by akgK340owner
    Published Nov 21, 2013
    Pros - Most of frequency range.
    Cons - Very high frequency notes sound dull, like hitting metal rods together. Mechanically: short penetration; hard to stay in.
    These are normally over $400 on Amazon, where I got them for $100 "opened, but unused" with high expectations corresponding to the $400 price. They had all the tips, but with two mounted on the 'phones and four in the case; no grill cleaner. The problem I found, but which bothers me a lot, is that the highest notes on one of my favorite recordings, Philip Glass's Mishima soundtrack (which is like a tuneful test record), sound like a clicking, not ringing. They sounded like this on my CD, vinyl and iTunes versions, through my TX-NR708 ($800) Onkyo receiver phono input and through a TC-260MC phono amp and FiiO E09K headphone amp, and iPad3 for iTunes. Those notes are musical with my Sennheiser RS270's and AKG K-340's, and Definitive Mythos XTR50 speakers.
    I haven't looked for the sound of such highs in other recordings, and maybe the effect doesn't occur with all IE7's, but I am disappointed.
  2. i2ehan
    Written by i2ehan
    Published May 3, 2012
    1. headphonatic
      Nice review, very descriptive.
      headphonatic, May 3, 2012
    2. i2ehan
      Thanks! Glad you like it! Hope it wasn't too much of a challenge. :wink:
      i2ehan, Jun 6, 2012
  3. SursumCorda
    Great sound, terrible design
    Written by SursumCorda
    Published May 3, 2012
    Pros - Clear sound, crisp, 'fun' to listen to
    Cons - badly designed
    DISCLAIMER: I am not an audiophile. I am an audio appreciator. I hope.
    I had these for one year before the sound seemed to "drop" in volume/quality on the right side. However, I had been frustrated with them for quite awhile before then due to their shortcomings in design.
    I give this an overall positive value simply because the sound on these is really quite good.
    High - Clean
    Mid - Full, rich, good body, well produced
    Bass - Good. Not booming, but good. Not messy, but it lacks a bit of 'presence' to give it oomph.
    Actually, it was these IEMS that got me started on really appreciating music on a whole new level. They brought things out of the song that I'd never heard before. At one point I thought something was distortion only to realize it was the creaking of the chair as the artist played the harp in the recording!
    I'm putting these together, as it's the poor design for the IEM that kills the comfort! They are awkward to get in,and (for me) can fall out rather with very little effort/exertion. The cord is put behind your ear with little pieces of plastic that can easily slide up or down the cord, requiring you to readjust it every time you put them on. The design of the housing did not suit my ear at all, and it always felt really awkward when I put it in.
    The isolation was almost non-existant. Pretty much everything bleeds through. Probably in part because it sits right on the top of your ear canal and doesn't go into that far. There was some sound isolation, it's better than an earbud that doesn't go into your ear, but not by very much. A crowded space will go right through any isolation the IE7 is trying to provide.
    If it fits your ear, great. If not, it'll mean a LOT of fiddling for you.The sound is great, the design is terrible. Get another brands IEMs and try some of Sennheisers over-the-ear headphones. They're way better.
    (May I recommend the HD650?)
  4. AstralStorm
    Fat sound, but great soundstage
    Written by AstralStorm
    Published Aug 17, 2011
    Pros - Excellent comfort, cable and build quality, good sound quality overall
    Cons - Bass-slanted and warm sound, slight veil, over-the-ear only, too "fat" timbre, possible fit issues for people with small ears
    Bass is slightly boosted with a bit of extra warmth thrown in, but nowhere near the amount present in IE8.
    Mids sound a bit aggresive with some 3.5k boost.
    Highs are present, though not exactly delicate. Some 6k hump exists. Extension is ok, but the highest lack volume.
    In general, the response is bass oriented, which is easy to correct with an equalizer. Timbre is a bit fat on this one. Not smooth, but a kind of "substantial", heavy-handed sound with not a lot of microdetail.
    Comfort is excellent.
    Isolation is mediocre - the vented design and shallow fit take its toll.
    A decent set of tips is included in the package - single flange, biflange of 3 sizes and smallish olives. Cable is perfect, thick, tangle free and supple, with high quality straight 3.5mm jack, zero microphonics. Both ends are well strain-relieved.
    Soundstage is huge and pretty far away, but intimacy is correctly rendered. Positioning precision could be better.
    If not for the heavy handed detailing, these could be called an older brother of VSonic GR07. Sound signature is similar, with more bass emphasis and definitely no sibilance in the Sennheisers, but some slight veil.
  5. Pwn3r4Life
    Great Value
    Written by Pwn3r4Life
    Published Aug 7, 2011
    Pros - Isolation, Build Quality, Warranty, Case, Amount of Tips
    Cons - Comfort, Ear Fatigue
    I love these headphones as they are among the best I have heard (noob right?). I would compare these headphones to sound the same as Beats by Dre Pro Headphones with slightly less emphasis on the bass. Now they have great quality overall but more bass oriented. I found the bass to have good transparency until I listened to more modern music which i found it to be slightly over powering.
    Amp is completely unnecessary.
    1. DefQon
      The IE7 is superior 360' compared to any Beats headphone or earphone.
      DefQon, Aug 20, 2011
    2. Pwn3r4Life
      DefQon, I know that, I just see the Beats Pros as having a similar sound signature and clarity to the IE7s.
      After some further listening I would like to update my review.
      Highs come through good, not as good as a BAE but still great vocals. Some sparkle on female vocals and piano. Treble is out there, could use some sparkle. Mids are fine, nothing special there. The bass hits hard. Quick with silicone tips, warm with foam tips. The comfort was downright awful for me, as it is with me for any in-ear now. Best genre for these headphones is rock. Due to good bass and not letting up on vocals.
      Pwn3r4Life, Jul 22, 2012
    3. extrabigmehdi
      Interesting comparison with the beat pro. Anyone saying that the beat pro sucks haven't heard them. Actually I think the IE7 have mooore bass than the beats pro, and I usually use an eq to decrease bass on ie7.
      After eq-ing the ie7, they become all rounder.
      extrabigmehdi, Jul 17, 2013


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