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Review OF The Sennheiser IE200
Pros: 1. Pleasing and balanced tuning
2. Non-offensive tonality
3. Good technicalities
Cons: 1. Imaging
2. Resolution

Review OF The Sennheiser IE200



Sennheiser, A German company that has been in business since 1945 and is well known for providing high-quality studio and professional electro-acoustic products like speakers, headphones, and in-ear monitors has outgrown its capacity to produce these products and has turned to more reasonably priced options in order to reach a wider audience of customers while still maintaining the promise of current-day true superior sound quality. They flourished in this market because they are renowned professionally for high-quality microphones and other electronic equipment like Bluetooth headphones and earbuds that are more geared towards a customer-friendly approach. Nevertheless, being an audiophile, I am more interested in IEMs and headphones, thus I will be examining their newest entry-level IEM, the IE200. But first, let's discuss certain concerns before evaluating.



*Since I received this unit from my fellow audiophile Pulkit Dreamz, I am grateful to him. And as I've said in all of my evaluations, the same is true for this one: all of the concepts I've expressed below are entirely my own, original ideas that haven't been influenced by anyone else. If interested, go to this link.
*I am not associated with the connection, and I receive no financial assistance from anyone.
*For the remainder of the review, I will refer to these IEMs as "IE200."
*I am using different Ear-tips for convenience and better versatility.
*Finally, I will only evaluate the IE200 based on their performance, even though I will explain how it feels and seems physically and aesthetically.


A single 7mm transducer is housed inside the IE200 single dynamic driver IEM, right in front of the nozzle. Plastic makes up the exterior, which seems flimsy and cheap yet, much to my surprise, is more adaptable. The little shells are comfy and conceal well inside the conchae despite their diminutive size. The distinctive aspect or characteristic of the IE200 is that the air pressure port is set up so that using various types of eartips on the nozzle results in a variety of sounds. Even still, it's unfortunate that none of the eartips availed with the IEM were able to securely seal. A braided cable with mmcx connectors and a 3.5mm termination connection is included with the IE200. Together with the cable, the ie200 includes two different types of eartips: foam and silicone, which come in small, medium, and large sizes. Together with the other accessories, a pouch is also provided. I was unable to convey my impression when using the provided eartips because of a poor seal. About the technical performance, the frequency response ranges from 6 Hz to 20 kHz, the impedance is 18 ohms, and the sound pressure level is 119 dB. Total harmonic distortion is also less than 0.08%. The IEMs only weigh 4 grammes, which makes them quite light. They were also incredibly comfortable and light to wear.


*source of the above image: link


The ie200 sounds almost like its big brother ie600 with a more tonal warmth and less resolving technicalities. The whole response from my point of view is smoother and pleasing than the ie600 in other words, the value these hold at the price they're being offered, is simply no-brainer choice for any audiophile. The German audio engineering savors the taste of the market mostly dominated by chi-fi market. Ie200 definitely holds its position greatly beside it's competitors. Coming back to the sound these produce, the treble is extensive and smooth with good details. The mid range is very forward in the mix whereas the bass has a pleasant approach to hits and slams in the mix. The whole experience is not neutral sounding but mostly balanced. Lately Sennheiser's being manufacturing highly appreciated stuff. I admire their products and vision. Especially the Ie200 which is brutally dominating over the price segment they're being offered. Let's dive deep more into the sound.



The treble is astonishingly praiseworthy as a single 7mm transducer is able to hold the balanced sound while producing such extension and air in the sound. The exposure of the treble is not something new as a few under or around this price provide such a tonality. The differences comes when the technicalities comes into play. The response becomes rich and details without producing nuisances in tonal balance. The upper treble sounds extensive and airy with good details which are vividly clear to listen to. The vocals have a little shy approach but keeps harmony between the instruments and itself very well. The vocals sound have a realistic persona. The instruments have a more forward approach where it seems not to be edgy or sharper but anyhow brings out good details without being emphasizing the dynamic range. The instruments do have a lush presence but comes out beautiful and informative. I should also point out that these aren’t the detail monsters but usually the tonality suffers of those IEMs with great technicalities especially those with dynamic drivers. The lower treble sounds a little spicy yet retaining the tonal performance and not being metallic or odd sounding. The vocals have a lively approach where as the instruments works in harmony with the vocals while producing a forward presence with better dynamics and soft timbre. There hints of a little hotness with instruments playing in high octaves. All in all the presentation of the treble region is ecstatic and vivid with smooth flow of presentation.

Mid Range

When it comes the mid range, only things that came to my mind was spaciously staged and smooth flow of elements. The sound in mid range is centric which shows its dynamic prowess. The sound is melodious and beautiful. The upper mid range acts almost like the lower treble, but sounds more dense and rich in warmth. The natural timbre of both instruments and vocals is pleasant to listen to. No offensive characteristics come to take place. The vocals have a denser note presence whereas the instruments try to sound more expressive. Although both sound expressive enough to separate the presence of each elements. The instruments have a more rounder and warmer approach with polished appearance, I love how swiftly and smoothly each and every note takes place. The melodious pact in the mid range surprises me a lot. The lower mid range acts not so shy nor dull. The instruments have a shine to them, the vocals are clean but not clear in details and texture. The bass lines have a good thick note as well as feels vivid. The note weight and density makes the sound less dampened and dense. I find the response to be very favorable to all as the balance between the lower mid range and the upper mid range is elegant as the lower mid range builds the foundation to push the higher frequency to bring pleasurable tonal timbre with warmth and excitement. The overall presentation of the mid range is polished, melodious and warm with good extend to details and richness.


The bass plays a wonderful role in the overall mix. The bass has the absolute and necessary exposure in the mix with good depth and presence. The emphasis is over sub bass than the mid bass. Although the mid bass hits you with thick slams and the presentation is more warmer than being tonally cool with more exposure of sub bass rumble and punches. In the mid bass region the bass lines have a dense and staggering notes hitting nicely not so forward but easily listenable. The presence of all elements happening in the mix is simply achieved by the IE200. The sub bass sounds phenomenal, the bass is extensive and goes deep and the impact of such performance brings out great punches and rumbles. The tonal persona of the bass is no match to any I have heard in this price segment. The bass sounds so rightly placed yet the clarity lacks a little but keeps the fun and excitement over over the listening period. The bass texture and the details aren't the best in this price range as the bass sounds a little puffy and grained which almost sounds rough and loose, yet the bass is nicely controlled which although bleeds into the lower mid range a little but from my perspective keeps the smooth and warm characteristics going on to the higher frequencies. All in all the bass region is pleasantly fun sounding packing a good amount of slams and punches which hits you hard and softly at the same time.

Technical Performance

The technical performance of the IE200 is good for the price, I mean they aren't the best I have heard but they keep up with the performance. The stage is wide and far, the imaging is nice and clean with separation enough in notes to keep them at breathable positions. The resolution is good with alright details retrieval and the speed of notes are quite fast pacing. I must say with such a good tonal understanding a single transducer or DD you may call, keeps up with technicalities is mid blowing.


Soundstage, Sound Imaging & Separation

The soundstage is wide and far and every note or element is rightly positioned with providing good holographic exposure. The imaging could be better but to be honest it is very suiting to my taste because of such a beautiful tonality. The separation is commendable as the elements have enough space to breathe and perform where they are placed distant enough to be easily pinpointed as to describe where the sound is coming from.

Speed & Resolution

The resolving power of this IEM is not the best in the range of this segment but keeps the competition on their toes, the detail retrieval is nice enough to keep the listener fascinated. The attack of notes hits fast and accurate yet the decay of notes a little underwhelming due to which it gives more a natural feel to the overall sound.

Sound Impressions


Tempotec V6 - while pairing with the V6, IE200 sounded a little relaxed and smoother than any source I have paired it with. The treble sounded smoother and silky with nice details. The mid range felt more expressive but still centric. The bass wa controlled and pulled a little back and yet the impact remain the same but just a little back in the mix opening more space for the mid range and treble to be playful, keeping the listener excited and in happy mood. The technicalities felt the same but I found the stage to become more rounder giving off a more 360 degree dilemma. I find the pairing of IE200 with the V6 suited to my taste


iFi Hipdac - Listening IE200 through the hipdac sounded fun and spoiled in a sense that the IEM acted bearing no limitation. Th treble felt more sharp but less detailed. The mid range felt more forward with a little muddied lower mid range. The bass felt more rich and dense with more mid bass exposure yet the sub bass felt enhanced a little too. The technicalities specially the stage felt more immersive and closer retrieving more details as the elements felt more approachable. The fun and excited experience I had with this pairing though I still prefer the IE200 with the V6.


Tracks Used

Earth, Wind & Fire - September
Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove
Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere(Remastered)
Toto - Africa
The Police - Every Breath You Take
Daft Punk - Tron Legacy (End Titles)
GOJIRA - Amazonia
Fergie - Glamorous
50 Cent - In Da Club
Skrillex - XENA
Skrillex - Torture You
The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather
Luna Haruna - Overfly
Blck Cobrv - Candy Shop
LMYM - 0 (zero)
Indila - Love Story
Marina Hoiuchi - Mizukagami no Sekai
Wayne - Not Enough


The IE200 fundamentally alters the IEM game, causing particular disruption in the Chi-Fi IEM market, to sum up this review. I genuinely recognize these IEMs' potential. How a 7mm driver can provide true fidelity sound and fill me with so much vigor and excitement astounds me. I have no trouble recommending these IEMs to anyone searching for a finely tuned, perfectly balanced IEM with superb tonality and excellent technicality.



Headphoneus Supremus
Outstanding Budget IEM
Pros: Outstanding value
Balanced/coherent sound
Tight and plentiful dynamic driver bass
Great cable
Cons: Aftermarket cables are tough due to recessed MMCX socket (does add strength)
Intro and Disclaimer

I have been a Sennheiser fan since I was a kid. I still remember jamming out to Collective Soul (on MiniDisk!) with my HD555.

A few months ago, I did a review of the Sennheiser IE600. At the time, I felt like it set the bar its price point. I still feel like that is the case. I have not heard anything since that has provided the level of sound. Clarity, comfort, plentiful yet controlled bass, great accessories, and stellar build all make it an amazing buy. When the opportunity came to try the IE200, I jumped at the opportunity.

Sennheiser gave me the IE200 in exchange for my honest review. At no point did Sennheiser influence my decision. My thoughts are my own.

Gear Used

Chord Mojo 2 (No Eq)
Sennheiser IE200 Stock Med Silicone Tips
Sennheiser IE600 Stock Med Silicone Tips
Westone W20
Brainwavz B400


The packing for the IE200 is sparse in comparison to the IE600. Considering the price difference, this is to be expected. You get a similar looking exterior box to the IE600 just a bit smaller. There are no complaints from me. I do not care too much about packaging, especially at this price point. I would rather have the funds go into a lower price or into the product itself.



The IE200 comes with three foam tips, three silicone tips, carrying pouch, the IE200 and cable.

Unlike the IE600, the IE200 only comes with one cable (3.5mm). It’s different from the newer Sennheiser IEMs. It is a thin braded cable. It has a nice feel to it and is resistant to tangles.

The tips are the same as the IE600. I was getting a good fit with the medium stock tips so I decided to not tip roll. The stock tips are part of the tuning of the IEM. Inside the bore, there is a little bit of foam. I didn’t notice this when I did my IE600 review. I bought the IE600 with my own funds after sending the review sample back and did notice the sounded took another step up with the stock tips.

Sennheiser is working on a balanced cable to work with the IE200. It's expected sometime in the spring of 2023.



At this price point, I have zero complaints about the build. They are made from plastic compared to the metal on the I600. That said, the plastic feels extremely high quality.

Also, there is a tuning system built into the IEM where there are two positions for the tip. I will go into more detail later, but you can tweak the sound to your preferences. A small port is exposed when you have the tips pulled out a bit. It does alter the sound.



I have the best luck with IEMs that fit within the concha and are held in the ear by the anti-helix. The IE200 does it perfectly. It keeps the tip firmly in the ear. I can wear these for hours with no discomfort.

Overall sound signature

All the following impressions are with the tips fully covering the nozzle. I’ll write up the alternative position later in the review.

Bottom line, the tuning of the IE200 is fantastic. It seems to play well with every genre I threw at it. There was never any sibilance or other harshness even at higher volumes.

I forget where I saw this, but I remember seeing an article where Sennheiser/Axel Grell started talking about multiple driver headphones and their limitations. He felt that a single driver is the best way to reproduce sound. As far as I know, Sennheiser has never produced a multiple driver IEM. I didn’t think much of it at the time but the more I time I spend with the IE200 and IE600 the more I’m starting to agree. I have many high-end multiple driver custom headphones. Don’t get me wrong, they sound fantastic for various reasons, but I do hear what Axel was saying. I feel like there are no gaps in the sound. Multiple driver IEMs can’t seem to touch the level of coherency of a single driver. The transition from the lows to mids to highs is seamless. It also sounds a lot more natural to my years. Just my two cents.



For my preferences, the bass was just right for basically every track I threw at it. Never boomy or overpowering the mids. The control is amazing. These are very well tuned IEMs. It also reaches very deep. When needed, there is plenty of kick but never bloated which you don’t always see at this price point. I have a few test tracks that are overly warmly recorded and the bass overwhelms the rest of the track but they were cleaned up with the IE200.


Both male and female vocals sounded clear and neither too forward nor recessed. To my ears, everything sounded natural.


I tend to like a little more treble. It gives stringed instruments a little more attack and cymbals a little more metallic sound. I think the tuning plays it a little safe on the treble. That said, that makes them very easy to listen to. It’s a tradeoff. I never felt like it was seriously lacking but it does deliver a little less detail when compared to the IE600 which does have a bit more energy in the upper registers.

Stage and Imaging

As I mentioned in my IE600 review, I’m not great at explain stage. The IE200 never felt overly wide but it also never felt like all the sound was in my head. I would say average stage for an IEM. Instrument placement was very precise. It might be a bit flatter than then IE600. The best way I can describe it is that the IE600 has a more elliptical stage where the IE200 is a bit flatter. Imaging was good and nothing ever felt out of place with my usual test tracks.



Each comparison is done against the IE200. Please keep in mind that the IE600 is FOUR times the cost of the IE200, the Weston W20 was almost double at its release. The B400 was added into the mix because it was around the same price as the IE200 but came out a long time ago and has since been discontinued. In its day, I really enjoyed the B400 sound.

Afterglow – Emancipator
IE200 – Nice sub-bass rumble at the start of the track. Reaches nice and low. Very controlled. Cymbals are a bit recessed but still present. Never harsh and easy to listen to.
IE600 – Slightly taller stage. Same bass characteristics but a bit more quantity. A lot more presence in the treble. There is more depth and clarity to the sound. Great track for this IEM.
Westone W20 – Less rumble in the sub bass and a bit thinner overall. Staging is a bit more narrow but sightly taller.
Brainwavz B400 – More bass energy that the W20 but less than the IE200. These have aged well. Narrower but taller stage.

Lindsey Stirling - Elements (Orchestral Version)
IE200 – Very pleasant sound. Sound feels spacious. Good clarity.
IE600 – Stage feels more open and taller. There is better sense of clarity due to the higher level of treble energy. The violin is a little more lively. It basically takes all the aspects of the ie200 and raises the bar a bit.
Westone W20 – The piano sounds a bit strange. Again, bass reaches deep but lacking the quantity of the IE200. More congested then the IE200
Brainwavz B400 – The narrower staging is much more evident on the track. Less energy in the bass but these still sound great and have aged well.

Grateful Dead - Touch of Gray
IE200 – Neutral and even sound. Kick drum is nice and tight. Vocals are not forward or recessed.
IE600 – Again, it takes all the strengths of the IE200 and brings them to the next level. The stage feels a bit narrower but taller. The sound is a little more “in my head” versus the IE200. Not a good thing or a bad thing. Again, there is more bass and treble energy with vocals being similar.
Westone W20 – A lot less authority in the bass. Sounds a bit flat.
Brainwavz B400 – They make the IE200 sound a bit more V shaped. Kick drum does not have the same authority.

Angus and Julia Stone - Yellow Brick Road
IE200 – I’m really liking this track on the 200. It really shines. Instrument placements are precise. Vocals are a bit forward in this track and it comes through with these IEMs. Very natural. Nothing about the track is harsh even at higher listening levels.
IE600 – Bass becomes a but boomy and again the stage feels a but more in my head. Still a very pleasant listen but I like the IE200 a bit better for this track. The flatter signature of the IE200 plays a bit better with the way this track is recorded. It’s not bad by any long stretch.
Westone W20 – Vocals are much more forward and in my head sounding. They aren’t brighter but they still lack the relative clarity of the IE200. I like this track with these. Not as much as the IE200 but it’s still good. It plays to the W20’s strengths.
Brainwavz B400 – Bass bleeds a bit into the mids here with the B400. Vocals are again a touch more forward and intimate.

Alison Krause - It Doesn’t Matter
IE200 – Very even sound. Nice rumble on the low end. Vocals are so clear and natural. This track also shines with these.
IE600 – First off, I notice more clarity and a slightly narrower stage when compared to the IE200. I feel like her voice is bit less forward. There is sharper attack in the guitar plucks. There is a touch of sibilance in the vocals but nothing offensive.
Westone W20 – Less bass. Vocals are again a little more in my head versus the IE200.
BrainwavzB400 – Similar trend here. I still really like these IEMs.

Eric Clapton - Old Love Unplugged
IE200 – The trend continues with another easy to listen to track. Nice even sound.
IE600 – I remember loving this track when I did my original IE600 review. The added weight in the bass and extra energy in the treble play well with this track. The stage is bit better. You get a more “live music” feeling to the track. Seriously enjoyable.
Westone W20 – Similar difference here. The sound is just lively and flatter overall.
BrainwavzB400 – Narrower stage gives a little less live feeling to the sound.

Dual Tune

This feature allows you to position the tips at two different settings on the nozzle. When you place the tips on the outer setting, a small port is exposed. I tried this feature on multiple tracks and it does work. Generally, on the outer setting the stage widened, the treble became more extended, and bass was reduced. It’s not a gimmick. It really lets you tailor the sound to what your preferences are in general or for the specific music you are listening to. EDM, us it with the warmer signature. Classical, go with the wider signature. I will be using this feature with these. You may also want to keep in mind that using this feature with aftermarket tips may be an issue. The stock tips have the detents in them to keep them in place.


To my ears, the IE600 is an amazing IEM. The IE200 takes a bit of the same magic to a lower price point. It is an insane value at its current MSRP of $149. I have a ton of high-end customs that are getting less use than my IE200. If you need a cheaper IEM to take on the go or you’re on a limited budget, I can’t think of a better IEM. It does so much so well and plays well with every type of music I threw at it.


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Great review thanks! I’ve been considering a sennheiser IEM and think im set on trying the 600 after reading the comparisons


Previously known as TheDeafMonk
Sennheiser IE200 A Ultimate Chill Fix
Pros: - Tiny & Solid Build
- Sub Bass Extension that nicely transitions into bass.
- Presents a nice stage with great depth and height. With all prerequires being met. Tips/Power/Source
( Vocals are nicely replayed* With Correct Tips
- Macro Dynamic are great in bass boosted profile, with correct tips and power.
Cons: - Needs a cable out of the box that won't strangle you or vice versa. If you wear glasses the plastic ear hoors makes all kinds of noise and is super distracting.
- Needs a mod to block the "Tuning hole and vent slot" Not a super big deal a 3mm x 15mm piece of black tape and a few minutes of time to fix a major design flaw.
- Needs Power to sound good. Just off of a phone is very bad.
- Sennheiser Proprietary MMCX connectors. Though a very good connection with benefits not easy/cheap or abundantly easy to source out new cables especially if you only have one product that needs this connection.
- Micro dynamics suffers with vents blocked a bit compared to the first position with the vent hole somewhat exposed with the chanel.
- Upgraded Tip Dependent.
- Source Sensitive. Warmer sources to me sound to not bring out the highs or micro dynamics
-Power Pig to get the correct dynamics out of the IE200
Now let's get into it: The Techy Stuff
The single dynamic driver is an 7mm Dynamic Driver. Bla Bla Bla…
More information can be found here and non-affiliated link:

Subjective Part of my Audio Review - Sennheiser IE200
Purchased by me from $199.95 CAD

Hello Ladies & Gents: Thanks for reading my feedback.

I share my impressions as I hear them with my ears.
As all our ears are different shapes & size so what I hear as bright or bass heavy -you might hear as dull and Vise-Versa; just something to be mindful of.

What makes my ears happy as a sound signature is a slightly more aggressive L shape. I love my Bass Sub and Mid Bass love it all actually; and in large quantity. With the Bass, I prefer a faster decay the faster the better so as to not bleed into the mids., I am treble sensitive and prefer a slightly darker warmer replay with good treble extension.

I prefer the fast speedy bass of the Beryllium Coated Driver of my Xenns Mangird UP and KiwiEars Cadenza. Of course, there are exceptions in the market - as I also find the bass of the Bio Diaphragm used in the Yanyin Canon special - has some special sauce like an 8" subwoofer that feels like a 12" Has the slam and some serious sub-bass! And the super cool Copper Alloy Shell IKKO Obsidian OH10 does some magic to the bass.

My music Library is widely varied and depends on my mood. See track list below.

Sources: E1DA SG3, Shanling UP5, Geshelli JNOG J2 with AKM4493 chip. Truthear SHIO (Dual Cirrus Logic 43198 DAC Chips)
DAP/TRASPORT: From Lenovo Laptop with Tidal, iBasso DX160 (Dual Cirrus Logic 43198 Dac Chips), Samsung S22 Ultra with DSD Files.
Amps: LoxjiP20 & XDUOO MT-604 tube hybrid amps and Topping A90D Amp 4.4 Pentagon Balanced Out - Unless stated
Tips Used for the IE200 after tip rolling. - I Found for me the DUNU S&S L tips for me were fantastic once you block the vent port with tape then all that was left was stage and comfort.
I always use Wide Bore Tips and the S&S tips are in there but because of their longer nature without taper you can get a deeper insertion works for the IE200 nicely.

My Format has changed with community feedback. So now I will list the music tracks I used & why with my musical impressions of the playback using that track. I hope this will give you some context for my library and give you some contexts to compare using the same tracks.

Let's Begin:
Honestly first impression were less than favorable. Kind of funny , I normally use in a portable set up first but because the IE200 only comes with a Single Ended - Non balanced option and my sources and cables were very limited. I started off on the desk with the AKM J2 and Topping A90D.

That’s when I used the Shanling UP5 single ended output from my phone and listened to a ESS dac and knew we were going in the right direction
It was only after I went to my listening chair and just used the iBasso DX160 did I do a double take. So I had a suspicion the IE200 was really source sensitive.

After some more burn in the next day I swapped out the AKM j2 with the iBasso as the source with the CS chip strait to the A90D and two things became immediately clear.
The CS source added in just a tad of the weight for male vocals and proper instrument tone while providing the more resolving clean nature needed to make female vocals sound right. Thanks Melissa Ethridge.

My observations were the AKM in the J2 was just too warm and the ESS 9219 in the UP5 a tad too clean and bright. Much as I preference with this IEM the ever slight weight the CS dacs was the perfect middle ground. I can't speak for other reviewers but sometimes I wonder if they put in the time & effort to give whatever they are reviewing its due respect?
Since I didn’t have a balance IEM cable with Special Sennheiser MMCX ends, I again reached out to my Hakugei Ali express seller and he made me my favorite cloth cable for $25.
If you're interested leave a comment and I post the link.

So final set up listening was done with the iBasso DX160 to the A90D and out single ended. DUNU S&S tips and a few Oktoberfest beers.

#1 "Bring Me Some Water" by Melissa Ethridge
(I like this track to hear Melissa's voice and see if the transducers (speakers) reproduce her voice to how edgy I think it should be.)
Great I mean really nice depth and when I got the right tips and source her voice was perfect.

#2 "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones
(I use this track because I love hearing how well the IEM can give me a sense of stage and placement. At 28 Seconds you can hear Mic change his position and face towards the Mic on the left side with the overall stage outside of your head)
My notes have big Stage Height with a happy face and another note wicked 3D!

#4 & 5 "House Of Broken Love" & "Rock Me"
(80'S Baby, Double Kick drums at the beginning of the first track I am listening to how fast it hits how solid is the bass and what's the decay like. An ideal replay here would be fast, powerful bass with nice note weight to feel it in your chest so to speak if you were at a concert.) ( With "Rock Me" same thing but I am listening for the bass guitar drops on this track it should be quite low)
Ok for the rest of the these test tracks I started comparing to my EJ07M's as I started to realize the cheaper ones I had and not even close in the same league as the IE200.
That being said my re-tuned sub boosted Ej'S didn’t and the IE200 were very close in texture and actually the IE200 had a tad more quality and texture.

#6 "Chemical Mentalist" The Crystal Method
(Bass, more bass fast and lots of it - How does it do end of the story - Huge Smile or poo emoji?)

#7 "Its Time" by Labrinth, Sia, Diplo
(3 very different singers and their voices come together. I use this because it’s a cool track and at higher volumes lesser IEM's get sibilant.)
Vocals sound great by all 3 singers no sibilance at all with the IE200

#8 "All My Friends Are Here" Joe Satriani
(In this track you can hear Joe playing dead Center with the busy and very separated L & R licks added in and then he brings you back to center with some crazy and very hard-to-play Descending A Major rifts! As Joe described this song as "A rock guitarist trying to control a wild beast"
Great Snap, here I wish the Senny had more extension in the ultra-highs.

#9 "Blue Line" by Massive Attack
(16 seconds in someone taking a big hit of the Sticky Green Stuff - does it come through as a realistic effect? Also listing for how well the baritone vocals sound?) Such a soft vocal track here is hard to reproduce.
Wishing it has a bit more vocal energy on this track. A really great sense of depth with the way the vocals are presented

#10 "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" Annie Lennox
(A Bach-inspired Hammond Organ M102, I seriously love it and its unique sound with Annie's voice this is so cool)
The IE200 did a great job on her voice , sounded natural well done

#11 "Yesterday's Yesterday" Another song by Joe Satriani
(This is a cool track. Joe Eric & Jim whistling at the beginning with 1000 insect buzzing overlay is trippy. Then the three of them play a different guitar L C R Just a fun track to listen to how different IEM's reproduce this song)
The IE200 made this a fun listen on a fun track.

#12 "Shape Of My Heart" Sting
(in this track I am listening to the sound of the guitar pulls and slides. How well does the IEM give an emotional presentation of the mix between the vocals and the bass.
Here I felt the guitar plucks couls have been snappier and more resolving showing its weakness on the driver.

#13 "Wishing You Would Stay" by The Tea Party with Holly McNarland
(Love this track. With this song and this band, it was the first time having a guest vocalist. Holly McNarland has a great voice and I have seen her live a few times front and center getting sweat on. Listening for Holly's voice being forward in the mix and not sibilant.)
Both singers vocals were excellent with the correct tonality and weight. Sounded natural.

#14 "Avenue A" Tom Cochrane and Red Rider Live from the Symphony Sessions
(This track with more resolving IEM'S you can hear the guitar pulls and slides with a sense of open spaciousness and grandeur)
On this track its cool when you notice something in a song you never noticed before. In this track I could hear 2 Different mics on Tom. One on the Guitar lower and Left and the other higher on his head level. I guess that goes back to the IE200 really neat way it presents its stage.

#15 “Summertime” Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald
( This Track has both legendary artists Simply listening to Louis and Ella’s voices and of course, the Piano and trumpets how accurate and lifelike )
Again what a beautifully done stage presentation. I was wishing for more resolution with this song on the clarity and vocals but a bit of a trade-off with less high frequency energy

#16 “Eden” Hania Rani
( The way Hania has recorded this track with the mics on the strings in the body of the piano is incredibly unique and such a unique presentation you can hear the string's tension at the beginning, Bass kicks in at 1:40 and goes low that’s what I am listening for )
Piano has nice note weight and I actually prefer the IE200 over the EJ's on this one.

#17 “Blue Train” Poncho Sanchez
( Trumpets here are silky or should sound that way with good timbre, overall mix how does it present, and of course Poncho’s drums )
So Musical how the Senny replayed this track beautiful and special. Wicked stage high and wide.

#18 “ Wake Up “ Oliver Mtukudzi
(Oliver Mtukudzi is an African Musician and prolific guitarist and Vocalist. He sings with a mix of South African styles sometimes in English sometimes mixed like in this track and includes the traditional drumming styles of the Korekore. TUKU MUSIC at its finest – Listening for vocals, bass lines, and clarity – and because it is just fun! Right at the beginning you have some very cool snaps and instrumental )
Oliver's voice is spot on nice & smooth, all female back up was very well done. This music and IEM you can listen to endlessly.

#19 “ My Girl “ Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
(Listening for instrument placement and stage and this track gives a good sense of dynamics and excitement with lots of dynamics in the mix )
At 1:30 you can hear drums go from back right to center distinctively getting closer and then panning left ever closer with all that and a great width and 3D stage

#20" The Day That Never Comes" Metallica from S&M2
(Bonus track I throw in for the toe tapping impression:wink:
MY NOTES: - Kick Drums amazing this track the bass actually plays lower with more authority than the Ej"s like What! OH HELL YEAH! Play this one loud.


The overall presentation of the IE200 was a fun sounding IEM. The bass is not lacking and not often I felt I was left with wanting more. A few tracks I wished the IE200 had two of the drivers per side but not often.
The Stage is the real most notable thing I liked on the IE200. Great width and fantastic depth and height. For me with these tips I really liked the way the Senny presented the stage in a really smooth way.
Overall the IE200 I found gives you a very natural organic presentation across the board when it comes to instruments as well as Vocals.
Now on the critical wish list. The IE200 is not the most resolving IEM and that also I think gives the Senny some of its special sauce. And the only thing I would change is giving it a bit more resolving power by boosting the ultra highs and giving the IE200 more treble extension.
I think the IE200 will develop a cult like the IE600 has done to audio enthusiasts the world over. IF AND BIG IF here people are willing to take the time to Tip Roll/Source Roll if possible and buy a cable hopefully balanced so you can pump juice into this thing.
If you put the effort in and know its quirks you going to end up with a super comfortable IEM you can listen to forever and have a big grin on your face.
The IE200 is simply inoffensive and is special in the way it serves you the music I think its worthy for your stable and worth the money.

Thanks so much, Cheers from the Tone Deaf Monk.
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I am addicted to the ie200. I can't believe the head filling sound of this set.
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1000+ Head-Fier
Sennheiser IE200: Lovely Vocals & Excellent Midrange Response!!
Pros: Comfortable Fit
Lovely Vocals, rich, clean, and well-textured
Quick and clean lower-end
smooth, in-offensive treble
decent detail retrieval
solid imaging and precision
Immersive sound presentation
Cons: Cable still has some microphonics
requires tip-rolling to sound its best
design for the ear shells is very simple
Sennheiser doesn’t require any kind of introduction today. The brand is well-known to both regular consumers as well as serious enthusiasts. After all, they have developed the legendary HD6X0 and HD8X0 series of headphones for which they have my personal respect. But I am not here to share something related to their headphones, today, I am here to bring you a review of their latest launched IEMs, the IE200. Apart from the HD6X0 and HD8X0 series of headphones, Sennheiser’s “IE” series of in-ear monitors are also famous among audiophiles. The IE200 is the latest addition following the latest-generation design as the IE900, IE300, and IE600. This is the most affordable of their latest offerings with a price tag of roughly 149$ in the international market and 15,000 Indian Rupees. And from what I know, it houses a 7mm micro dynamic driver just like the other models in the series(IE300, IE600, IE900, and now IE200 are said to have the same driver). Since I am a big fan of the series(with IE600 and IE900 being my absolute favorites), I bought a unit of IE200 for myself. After spending a good amount of time with the pair, I can safely say that the IE200 is a lovely set to listen to. Let’s not waste any more time and begin with the review.

A Short Disclaimer:-

The unit was bought by me from a local retailer in my country, you can check out more details on their website from the link below. It’s a non-affiliated link, I am sharing this particular link as the guy(owner of the store) is super cool and usually discusses audio with me all the time. Also, all the impressions in this blog are my own, I might be biased based on my personal listening preferences, but I try my best to depict the sound of the pair in its most raw form.

Unboxing & Accessories:-

The package of IE200 is identical to the other IEMs in the IE series. It’s basically a simple rectangular box with an image of the pair printed right at the front. Sennheiser’s headphones also have a similar package design. Inside we have a simple foam layer where our pair sits comfortably. It’s attached to its stock cable that has a 3.5mm termination. We get a single-ended 3.5mm cable along with a bunch of ear tips and a carry pouch. Yeah, no case is included in the budget offering of the IE series. Good thing is that Sennheiser has included both silicone and memory foam ear tips in the package. And we all know how good their silicone tips are with a piece of foam placed in the nozzle.

I have also posted my unboxing on my YouTube channel, you can check that out from the link below.

Package Contents:-


>Stock 3.5mm cable.

>Three pairs of silicone ear tips.

>Three pairs of memory foam ear tips.

>Small carry pouch.

>IE200 user guide.

Design & Build Quality:-

IE200 has a compact, sleek form factor just like its elder siblings from the IE series by Sennheiser. The shell design is minimalistic and simple, you get plain ear shells with engraved Sennheiser logo on the face covers. Even though the pair has the same design and form factor as the other products in the IE series of IEMs, they each look completely unique. IE900 has a premium CNC machined look, IE600 has a brushed metal finish, IE300 has a textured finish, and the IE200 has a clean, simple build.

The biggest change in the package is with the stock cable of the IE200. Instead of the regular sticky cable with the other “IE” series models, this one here has a braided finish. It’s quite thin and still has some microphonic issues. But atleast it’s not sticky now. So I am half happy here. Other accessories are of good quality.

Fit and Isolation:-

I love the super compact form factor of the “IE” series IEMs. I mean they always fit me nicely, the compact shells sit comfortably into my ears and the isolation is also quite good. Even though the stock ear tips are quite good, I find the IE200 to give me a better fit, and a more comfortable listening experience with Azla Sedna Earfit Light and JVC Mushroom tips. Mushroom tips are my absolute favorite with the IE200.

Some Tip-Rolling Suggestions:-

JVC Mushroom Tips: Open, Livelier sound with improved sub-bass presence. It fits like a charm as well. I feel it enhances the vocal presentation as well compared to the stock silicone tips. My absolute favorite recommendation for the IE200.

Azla SednaEarfit Light: Improved lower-end presence, sounds good as well, but not as comfortable as the JVC Mushroom ones.

Driving the IE200:-
Sennheiser IE200 works fine off a smartphone, although it find it to sound better with dedicated DAC/AMP and Audio players. I tried the IE200 with my colleague's M31S and it was sounding pretty decent off it as well. But once I plugged it into my sources such as the Hidizs XO, the Astell&Kern SE200, and the Sony ZX707, the result was even better. It synergizes well with my Sony and delivers a rich, smooth sound that I personally prefer.

Sound Impressions:-

Coming to the sound part, I would like to mention that all the impressions in this blog are based on my experience with the pair with JVC Mushroom tips. Sennheiser IE200 sounds quite open with a lovely tone and precise definition of instruments. IMO it has a bit of focus on the midrange, not entirely a mid-centric output, but the midrange feels lively and a bit more pronounced compared to the other lower and top end. It has a smooth neutral tone to its sound that gives a lifelike listening experience. It has a rich musical tone to its notes. The lower end sounds refined and clean with a hint of boost in the mid-bass region. With my Mushroom tips, the bass response is deep and extended. Stock tips not so much extensions especially in the sub-bass region. It has a good punch, and good speed as well. Sub-bass presence is a little on the lighter side, I would rate it to have a neutral-ish bass response. It’s not over-exaggerating yet delivers a good and clean lower-end response.

I personally feel that the pair focuses a bit on delivering a lovely midrange, the vocal definition and instruments are super amazing. I love listening to my regional Bollywood tracks they mainly have some mid-bass punch and vocal-focused music. I was listening to “Humnava from Humari Adhuri Kahani”, and the vocal definition was excellent, the track sounds lively with lovely vocals being presented with simple slow music in the background. Vocals also have a bit of upfront presentation, I feel the upper mids and lower-treble(1kHz-4kHz) region is a bit lifted. It doesn’t sound harsh or anything, in fact, I love this upfront, intimacy the vocals produce on the IE200. I remember testing my absolute favorite “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, “Half of my Heart” by John Mayer, and “Shape of my Heart” by Sting, and I just adored the vocal clarity and performance of the IE200. Simply amazing in this regard!!!

Treble response with the IE200 is smooth, I mean it just sounds inoffensive throughout the frequency band. I just couldn’t notice the pair going sharp or sibilant at any given point of time. At the same time, it delivers good details for its price point as well. Treble region might sound soft for some, but for me, it sounds perfect, smooth, crisp, detailed, and inoffensive. Checks all the right boxes for me.

The resolution and imaging of the pair are also quite good. It has a precise definition for instruments with proper placement on the soundstage. The sound field of the pair is a little on the intimate side, I won’t say it sounds super wide or huge, it just sounds correct and has enough air to not sound congested at all even for busy tracks. It has a pitch dark noise-free background, that allows for details and music to pop out beautifully.

Comparison with Other IEMs:-

In recent times, I have given some time to the LETSHUOER S12, a planar magnetic driver IEM with a price tag of around 170$. It’s priced closely and houses a single driver as well. Yes instead of Dynamic we get Planar driver here, let’s compare these two.

>IE200 has better comfort with lightweight and small ear shells.

>S12 has a punchier sound, and IE200 has a little leaner bass response in comparison.

>IE200 has exceptional clarity for vocals, they sound rich and lush.

>Treble on the S12 is more energetic, it sounds more detailed as well. Might sound bright to some. IE200 is smoother and inoffensive.

>Soundstage on the S12 is bigger, IE200 has a more intimate presentation.

>IE200 is a great set for relaxing, comfortable listening sessions, and S12 is a good option for fun, engaging sound.

Final Words:-

Sennheiser IE200 sounds wonderful, it packs some amazing vocals and a smooth inoffensive sound with a comfortable fit. With proper tip-rolling, like with JVC Mushrooms in my case, the pair literally disappears into my ears. What I like the most about the IE200 would be its clean, neutral-ish sound with lovely vocal presence, what I think could be improved would be that I would like some more sub-bass presence in the output.

Well, that’s all about the IE200 from my side, I hope you guys liked reading my writeup, I will soon be coming up with a video review on my Youtube channel shortly. Do subscribe to me on my YT as well!!
Ordered the Mushroom eartips. Do you think they'll also suit the IE 600?


New Head-Fier
Gateway Drug to Audiophile Tuning from the house of Sennheiser
Pros: Value for money
'Correct' tuning
Light and tiny shell
Female Vocals and coherent sound
Cons: Light on sub-bass
Fit dependant. Tip-rolling is a must.
The new toy is in the house. Sennheiser IE200. Thanks to The Audio Store for bringing these offerings and the super fast shipping.
Declaration: This is my own unit and all the opinions are my own.

This is a fantastic little device that Sennheiser has created that undercuts many of the ChiFi offerings from reputed brands like Moondrop, Tanchjim and Ikko.
The intent is clear, giving a taste of the 'audiophile' tuning at an affordable price.
It sounds very 'correct'. It is not a traditional V-shaped tuning, at least to my ears. However, it does provide enough fun to the listener in terms of sufficient bass presence and shimmer at the top end.
As seen in the pictures, I'm using the stock cable, which are not the best in the market but are not too shabby, I don't intend to change them. I'm driving them through my trusted Questyle M15 from the 3.5mm port.
A word of caution before I proceed with my impression. Please try it with different tips before coming to a conclusion about the sound. I honestly hated the first listen with the stock silicon tips. It sounded anaemic at the lower end with a 'tinny' presentation.
Then I tried the foam tips, and they transformed the IEMs into a different beast altogether. The issue was with the fit and the foamies addressed all my concerns. I'm currently pairing them with these foamies, although the best pairing was with the Azla Sedna Earfit Light. The shells are super-light and tiny and get lost in my ears, making them a perfect bed-side companion for night-time listening.
Coming to the sound, they have impressed me so far, in the 5-6 hours I've sat with them since today morning. I took them through the paces with all genres under the sun and as expected, they passed all the tests with flying colours.
The bass is tight and present wherever required. The emphasis is more on the mid-bass than on sub-bass, and they never leaked into the mids. Mids, though not recessed, could have been a little more forward, especially with male vocals. Female vocals sounded exactly how they are supposed to sound. The treble region doesn't have any spike, although some tracks did sound minutely more 'spicy' than 'shimmery' for my taste. More so with the Azla than the stock foamies. That's why I'm using them with the foamies.The stage has sufficient width and enough depth. Nothing to rave. As I mentioned before, it sounds correct. It does nothing wrong. It can do no wrong.
This is a gateway drug to the rabbit hole that we lovingly call 'audiophilia'. With the legendary Sennheiser build quality and at the price it has been launched, this is a no-brainer recommendation for someone looking to taste what a properly tuned DD set is supposed to sound like and can accomplish with one 7mm driver that competitors with 12-20 drivers can't even fathom.
If you are a seasoned audiophile and understand your precise taste then there are other IEMs that are specifically tuned to perform better in certain areas where some do stage better, some are technically superior, some do vocals better, but if you are looking to get just one IEM below INR 20k and do not intend to have buyer's remorse down the road then this is your best bet.


P.S. - The iFi Go Link is crazy good for the price. It has fantastic synergy with the IE200. I'm surprised what iFi has managed to achieve at this price point. Clean, warmish-neutral sound output through the 3.5mm port is a terrific implementation of the ESS 9219 DAC. I've been a long time iFi fan boy and I honestly did not miss the Burr Browns in this tiny little device. Bonus, they provide a lighting to Type C and a Type A to Type C adaptor in the package. Makes it versatile to be used right out of the box.
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Thank you for the purchase and review -- don't forget to try the dual-tuning feature if you haven't already. It's like getting two tunings in one housing.

Chaitanya Ronanki

New Head-Fier
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Any hi-fi enthusiast
Pros: 1. Upgraded Tangle Free cable
2. Impressive High-Grade superficial Sound
3. Deep and Loveable Bass
4. Best Comfortable Fit IEM in the world
5. Well-balanced Treble
6. No distortion even at full Volume
7. The built quality is very good and the packing is too.
8. Perfect All round IEM for 150$
Cons: 1. No Hard Pouch
Sennheiser IE 200 ( Please keep the price in mind before reading the review. All my thoughts are at that price level only )

This is my review of IE 200 Already listened to all IE Series IEMs 300 & 600 at the audio store. Personally, I owned IE 900 for my regular music sessions.

IE 200 is the perfect gem IEM for the price bracket of 150$ and even more in my viewpoint let's discuss it.

Comfort: IE 200 comfort level is the same as all IE Series high end of 300,600 & 900. Thanks to the R&D Team of Sennheiser for making the IE series more comfortable than ever given by other IEMs.

Accessories Quality: The packing was fantastic as all IE Series have and felt WoW! after seeing upgradeable cable with tangle free better than all cables of IE Series. There were all forms of ear tips with great quality as the usual stuff.

The most upgrade thing found in the overall box is the Cable wire. Top-notch quality for the given price bracket.

Sound: In one word "High-Grade superficial Sound" Once you plug into any mobile with a DAC AMP dongle or any DAP it's going make you love instantly. Even directly you play with your mobile it's going give exact pure sound no point in using any extra devices until you feel to have some extra texture on sound nodes.

The most impressive part of IE 200 is the separation of left and right channels. Any track you play is going to divide the instrumental separation on top-notch. Never listened to any IEMs in this price bracket that had that level of separation.

The sound stage: was enough for this IE 200 to drive that enjoyable wide sound keeping the price in mind. All IE series Vocals will be perfect and the same IE 200 also had the same in delivering.

BASS: Fantastic! Mindblowing! Extraordinary Dont know what word needs to use. It's pure, Instant, and, loveable. Really can't express it in words but truly love the bass in IE 200. Become a fan of this bass.

Treble: As I know many IEMs will have issues with treble but Sennheiser has done a great job here too. It's on the spot not going up and down but perfect.

Conclusion: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Blindly open your wallet for IE 200 this is not going to make your expectations down. it's full meals you have everything to taste. It's very hard for any company to deliver everything in one IEM for a small price. Kudos to Sennheiser and the team for coming up with IE 200 Series.

It's actually a risk for any company to launch an IEM to have all flavors at one price because other line series will get affected but here it was very clear Senhisher wants to deliver top-graded sound for all consumers to enjoy Audiophile sound at a small cost.

They achieved what they expected their consumers to feel on the sound side and quality side.

Comparison with IE 200 VS IE 600:

IE 200 is perfect but when you compare it with IE 600 there will be obvious little changes the price of both IEMs needs to keep in mind.

Vocals are a little backward compared with IE 600.
Treble is fantastic at IE 200 compare with IE 600.
Bass is awesome at IE 200 compared with IE 600. The soundstage is better in IE 600 than in IE 200.
Separation part little high at IE 600 but mostly you won't get feel much difference. Until you feel like comparing.

My personal recommendation is to pick IE 200 and if any thoughts to upgrade in the IE series in near future directly jump for IE 900 series. Then only you feel like perfect upgraded sound in all aspects too.


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Pritam Halpawat

New Head-Fier
A Grand & Rich Sound Experience at an Affordable Price
Pros: •Affordable price
•Braided cable
•Dual tuning feature
•Musical sound performance
•Comfortable fit and design
•decent soundstage and good imaging
•Easy to drive
•Well-balanced sound with deep and emotional bass, thick and natural-sounding mids, and clean and transparent highs
Great for both high-end IEM users and beginner music enthusiasts
•Sleek and low-profile matte black design
Good packaging comes with a pouch and multiple ear tips
•Can be used with different devices such as laptops and mobile phones
Cons: •A hard carrying case is not included with the IE 200.
•The soundstage width is slightly smaller than that of the IE 600, but this is to be expected given the price difference.
The Sennheiser IE 200 is a great addition to Sennheiser's audiophile lineup, offering a rich and grand sound at an affordable price.

The packaging of the IE 200 is simple and minimal, with the outer box being the same as other IE series IEMs. Inside, you'll find the IEMs, a braided cable, three pairs of silicon eartips, three pairs of memory foam eartips, and a small carrying pouch. Unfortunately, a hard carrying case is not included.

The design of the IE 200 is sleek and low-profile, with a matte black color that sets it apart from the white sparkling design of the IE 300. The plastic material used in the IE 200 is the same as that used in other IE series IEMs, and the fit and comfort are on par with the IE 900, 600, and 300. The new braided cable is well-built and ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities.

The sound performance of the IE 200 is impressive, with deep and emotional bass, thick and natural-sounding mids, and clean and transparent highs. The bass is present without overpowering the mids and highs, making for a well-balanced sound. Male and female vocals sound great on the IE 200, and the highs are smooth and transparent. The sound has good height and depth, though the width is slightly smaller than that of the IE 600.

The soundstage is also a bit smaller than that of the IE 600, but this is to be expected given the price difference.

The Sennheiser IE 200 IEMs feature dual-tunable ear tips, which I initially thought would be just a marketing gimmick like many other brands offer. However, after testing, I found that the tuning feature on these IEMs actually work well and provide a noticeable change in sound output. I first listened to the track "Mohabbat" by Arooj Aftab with the ear tips in the standard position, and then switched to the second, outer/open position. In the standard position, the bass had a thicker and weightier feel, making the music sound grander and richer. In the outer/open position, I noticed that the mids and highs were more pronounced, while the bass was thinner and more recessed. The ability to easily change the sound output was impressive, and it really showcases the skill of the Sennheiser R&D team. Overall, I enjoyed using both tuning options and found that it depends on the track to determine which position works best.

The IE 200 is easy to drive, and I found that it sounded great even when used with an Apple dongle or a Questyle M15.

Whether you're a high-end IEM user or a beginner music enthusiast, the IE 200 is a great addition to your collection.

Overall, I am highly impressed with the IE 200, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a well-priced, high-quality IEM.

Unboxing Sennheiser IE 200 Video 📺


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@Pritam Halpawat You hit all the right points! If you have any standout tracks that you auditioned them with, feel free to share 'em here.
Pritam Halpawat
Pritam Halpawat
Pritam Halpawat
Pritam Halpawat