Sennheiser HDVD 800 headphone amplifier was built to sound so brilliant, so crystal clear and so...

Sennheiser HDVD800

  • Sennheiser HDVD 800 headphone amplifier was built to sound so brilliant, so crystal clear and so free of distortion that you can be mistaken for sitting right in front of the audio source. Creating a level of acoustics that surpasses everything that has gone before was the vision for this audiophile headphone amplifier, a fitting partner for Sennheiser HD650, Sennheiser HD700, Sennheiser HD800 or indeed any other fine headphones. In contrast to the Sennheiser HDVA 600, the HDVD800 includes a high quality DAC and sounds even better.

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  1. TheManko
    A great amp that deserves a better dac than the one it comes with
    Written by TheManko
    Published Sep 19, 2013
    Pros - A great companion to the HD 800, plenty of inputs and ouputs, looks nice
    Cons - Not ideal for low ohm headphones, the dac sounds no better than mid-range gear
    Having owned the HD 800 for more than three and a half years now I've spent untold hours looking into ways of bringing the best possible sound out of them. When Sennheiser announced the HDVD 800 it made my future upgrade decisions easy. I took the chance of being an early adopter, getting it before any reviews were out and hardly anyone had even posted impressions. Now several months later I feel comfortable expressing just what it's really like owning in practice, and how it stacks up to other gear. My perspective might be a bit limited, as I haven't heard nearly the same scope of gear as other more well known head-fi posters, but I've heard enough that this should at least be somewhat useful to someone considering the HDVD 800 or other similarly priced gear out there.
    The HDVD 800 is Sennheiser's all-in-one balanced amp and dac combo for HD 800 owners. Sennheiser has done things to optimize the amplifier in the HDVD 800 for the HD 800, such as tweaking the output impedance to 43 ohm, as that tilts the sound balance slightly as to give the HD 800 a bit more bass oomph. The downside of upping the output impedance like this is that low ohm headphones like IEMs can start sounding quite muddy and overly bassy. How this affects any pair of headphones depends on its impedance curve, so have a look at the pdf charts on or if you're worried about that. Headphones where the impedance is a straight line, like the Audeze LCD-2 shouldn't be affected at all by this.
    So finally on to the important bit, how the HDVD 800 sounds. When it comes to the HDVD 800 amplifier section (I'll get to the dac later) I think Sennheiser nailed it. I've never heard the HD 800 sound as good as it does with the HDVD 800, and it solves the problems I used to have with the HD 800. It has nudged the sound in the right direction as to make them highly enjoyable to listen to over long periods, without me ever thinking the sound is too cold or analytical. I used to own the Violectric V200 which is touted by many as the ideal companion to the HD 800 as it has a smooth top end. The problem with the V200 is that the smooth sound comes at the price of a seriously compromised sound stage. Instead of the sound stretching far outside your head and creating the illusion of the music existing as separate layers with "air" between them, the V200 creates more of a flat sound that exists close to your head. At the same time as I owned the V200 I also had the SPL Auditor, which produced an enormous soundstage as I described above, but the Auditor had the problem of sounding a bit too cold and sterile. Music just didn't sound quite natural with it, so I constantly switched between the V200 and Auditor, not being completely happy with either. The HDVD 800 thankfully sounds much better than either of those amps ever did. It has the big soundstage, and it also has the natural tone and balance. Best of both worlds, and not inferior in any way to either. Simply better.
    Then we get to the negative parts of the HDVD 800, the dac. For the price you might expect to get a "end game" solution, where neither amp nor dac leave anything to be desired. This isn't the case with the HDVD 800 though. Where Sennheiser put the most effort and money is on the amp, and that is clearly audible when you plug other dacs into the HDVD 800 and compare. The markup going from the HDVA 600 to the HDVD 800 is about €300 where I live, and the dac in the HDVD 800 sounds about as good as a €300 dac. I compared it to a Asus Xonar Essence ST sound card which uses a the same dac as the HDVD 800 dac, and the results were nearly indistinguishable. The HDVD 800 was slightly more refined and smoother in the higher frequencies, but I had to listen for it. The first few seconds there didn't appear to be any difference. Not exactly the result you'd want.
    When plugging in a higher priced dac like the Violectric V800, Xonar Essence One Muses Edition or Hegel HD10 the HDVD 800 dac starts sounding like an insult to the amp it's attached to. The balance of the HDVD 800 dac is well suited for the HD 800, as it's quite bassy. On first listen you might actually like the dac a lot. But when you live with it for months like I did the limitations start to become a bit too obvious. The soundstage is always about the same size, and instruments are in about the same place, no matter the recording or artist. And the bassy sound which is nice at first comes at the cost of detail, as the bass is "one note", ie vibrating bass strings sound muddy and indistinct, while a better dac with the same amp suddenly makes the same bit of music actually sound like a vibrating bass string. With a better dac the subtle difference between all recordings are laid bare, and it becomes a greater pleasure listening to music as you can pick out every single little detail which makes the tracks unique. With the HDVD 800 dac many details blend together and are obscured, so you end up with a limited range of possible sounds you can hear. I often see reviews of great gear where the author describes the gear as "getting out of the way from the music". It's one of many audio review phrases that makes me groan, but in the case of the HDVD 800 I feel it's highly appropriate to turn the phrase around and say that the HDVD 800 dac gets in the way of the music. There's just so much great sound to be heard from the HDVD 800 amp that you won't hear with the dac it comes with. Unless you have serious space limitations I'd recommend getting the HDVA 600 instead and then taking that money and saving up for a better dac in the ~$1000 range or more, since that would bring you significantly better sound.
    Overall I'm happy with how the HDVD 800 is making my HD 800 and LCD-2 sound. As an amp it sounds wonderful, and the fit and finish goes well with the HD 800. They look and sound like they belong together. If only the dac was better I'd feel more comfortable giving it a recommendation without reservations. As it is now though I'd recommend listening to it first if you can, just to make sure you're ok with how the dac sounds. If you're a bit unsure I'd recommend the HDVA 600 instead, as the amp is identical to the HDVD 800, just without the dac section. It lives up to what I'd want a high end headphone amp to sound, look and feel like. If only the dac was a bit better.
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    2. gnomen
      Given what you say, would the Hugo be a better one-box solution then?  Is it likely Sennheiser will upgrade the HDVD800 with a better DAC any time soon?  Thanks.
      gnomen, Sep 24, 2015
    3. TheManko
      That's a hard call, especially since I haven't heard the Hugo myself. Just going by specs the Hugo amp is much weaker than the one in the HDVD 800, because it's designed as a mobile dac & amp combo. I'm sure the dac is better, but I'm not sure it'd be enough to make up for a weaker amp. The only way to know for sure is to listen to it, or to trust others opinions. As for whether Sennheiser are going to upgrade the HDVD 800, I haven't heard anything about that. They tend to release products when they feel like it. The HD 800 has been around since 2009, and the HD 650 and HD 600 for much longer than that. I wouldn't hold my breath for a HDVD 800 upgrade, especially if they don't show an upgraded version at CES.
      TheManko, Sep 24, 2015
    4. ddl8
      TheManko have you noticed drastic changes of how amp section of hdvd 800 sounds over time, in other words any break in effect?
      ddl8, Dec 31, 2015
  2. GSARider
    Beautifully made and great sound
    Written by GSARider
    Published May 12, 2013
    Pros - Fantastic quality, beautiful sound
    Cons - Needs balanced XLR Cable to really shine
    I first listened to the HDVD800 in Vegas at the CES Show in January 2013 and wasn't sure if it was worth the £1500 asking price, mainly due to the noisy environment at the show. Having spent some time with it at the London Head-Fi Meet and the chance to try it with the balanced XLR Cable with the HD800's, I was completely sold and knew I'd have to get one asap. Fast forward a couple of weeks later and courtesy of Custom Cable, I have one on my desk.
    Balanced cable isn't on general release yet from Sennheiser, however I have one on order. Now even without and using the standard HD800 cable, the sound is open, neutral and a pleasure to listen to. Not to mention the simple understated looks of the Amp itself with the viewing window on top. Simply a classy looking amp.
    Sound wise, it's simply incredible. A very smooth and neutral sound with enough power to keep me happy.
    Video made in my study below...
    I'll update the review once the balanced cable arrives.

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    2. GL1TCH3D
      Honestly I didn't like the HDVD with my HD800. Especially not for the price.
      GL1TCH3D, May 12, 2013
    3. mikebirm49
      GL1TCH3D: That's a little vague. What did you dislike about the combination? Do you own the HDVD800? Have you listened extensively? I have mine for a couple of weeks and love the sound in unbalanced mode using my 600s, 650s, 700s, and 800s. I'm waiting on the balanced cables to be released by Sennheiser before reviewing the HDVD800.
      mikebirm49, Jun 24, 2013
    4. FlyinPigFetus
      I'm interested in how this amp sounds with the balanced cables, make sure to update us once you get them
      FlyinPigFetus, Sep 12, 2013


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