Open-Aire headphone receiver for RS 180 digital wireless headphone system with selectable ALC...

Sennheiser HDR 180 - Supplemental RS180 Wireless Headphones (Charger/Transmitter not included)

  • Open-Aire headphone receiver for RS 180 digital wireless headphone system with selectable ALC and balance control.

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  1. hpoppen
    Very good wireless headphone
    Written by hpoppen
    Published Sep 30, 2013
    Pros - Very comfortable, affordable, great for movies
    Cons - Somewhat analytical for classical music, influences wifi connectivity of laptops etc., buttons on the phones tiny.
    I bought these headphones just before starting redecorating my house. I have used the headphones while painting my house and it was a great experience. The digital connection between transmitter and phones was never lost, not even when they were separated by two floors of armoured concrete. These phones only lighty press on your head, you can easily forget that you're wearing them. That happens to me somtimes after the music has stopped; sometimes I forget to take them off.
    Using them for many many hours continuesly doesn't ever deplete the two tiny batteries. They are said to last 24 hours on one charge; this may well be so. The transmitter is also the charging station, just hang the phones on it and the batteries recharge quickly.
    After listening to it for two years now, I am still enthousiastic about the soud quality. The maximum sound volume is limited, but more than sufficient for normal listening purposes, even when playing dynamically challenging classical music.
    The phones have a somewhat analytical sound and can be unforgiving for imperfections in older recordings. But the sound never tires since there is very little distortion and a nice neutral sound, nice bass, a little emphasis in the treble region but nothing serious. This is another reason why you can wear it for hours without getting tired of it.
    These phones are really fantastic when playing movies, they provide almost the same sound as a well equipped cinema.
    WiFi-connections do not deteriorate the connection between the headphones and the transmitter, but vice versa the WiFi-connection between your router and your laptop will be lost when you use these headphones.
    The pro of digital connection between phones and transmitter is, that the sound quality cannot deteriorate when the connection deteriorates; it either plays full quality, or it is silent. I never experienced any errors in the digital connection that influenced the sound quality.
    After two years of extensive use I see no wear and tear, battery life is still very good (batteries can easily be replaced if necessary, but I never had to). Great value for money.


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